USA Men’s National Team vs Costa Rica, World Cup Qualifier: Open Thread

The US men’s national team faces a must-win match tonight against Costa Rica in their path to try to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

After losing 2-1 to Honduras in February, it’s imperative that the USA team gets three points tonight in Denver (live on ESPN at 9:45pm ET) especially given the USA’s next opponent — arch-enemy Mexico, where trying to get three points against them may be too much to ask.

The most pressure tonight is on Jurgen Klinsmann’s shoulder as US coach, but knowing the German, I would think that he would prefer it to be that way instead of on the shoulders of his players.

Join the conversation with soccer fans watching the match in the comments section below.

21 thoughts on “USA Men’s National Team vs Costa Rica, World Cup Qualifier: Open Thread”

  1. This is a joke. The match should be abandoned. The pitch looks like an ice hockey rink. You can’t even see the lines of play. And you would think they would have an orange ball available so you can see the bloody thing! The yellow ball isn’t doing it.

    The Gaffer

  2. This is becoming a farce. I’d be shocked if this match plays the entire 90 minutes. The ball is getting stuck in the snow on parts of the field.

    The Gaffer

    1. Now that the U.S. is winning I doubt they call off the game. This is far beyond the standard attempt to cultivate a home field advantage. It’s completely stupid and ridiculous. This kind of garbage shouldn’t be allowed. It’s shameful.

  3. Am i the only one who can’t stand Twelleman’s commentating and Lalas’ cliched observations??
    You can tell both them aren’t too happy about the German invasion into the national team…
    And did Twelleman really blame Klinsman for Donovan’s absence?? Shouldn’t the better question to ask be why would Donovan go to Cambodia to find himself??

    1. Twellman is much better than he was when he first started. I like his energy, but he — and Lalas — are too pro-US, which ruins their objectivity. The same can be said about most English commentators when they’re commentating on England.

      The Gaffer

      1. I dont mind pro-US commentating. If as a fan I am more informed about what is going on the pitch, then why do i need to listen to them?? if you not casual fan and know nothing about the game then you are fine listening to them but if you have watched a fair bit of football, their commentating is useless.

        its ironic that you’d try to be objective about this when you wrote an article about Ian Wright not being objective enough while commentating on a Chelsea game. LOL

      2. Twellman has been so biased it’s a joke. He sounds like an imbecile. Ian Darke even just tried to derail his blatant homerism.

  4. I know they play at Azteca on Tuesday in what should be a great game, so from a prep standpoint it makes sense to be in Denver, but for the USA as a nation to have the option to set up its national training center and play home games in perfect 72 degree temperate conditions not mad humid or too dry, Southern California would be perfect.

    To play in those conditions was a joke, especially when they didn’t need too. They were 1 fluke away from dropping points and even loosing.

    Pleased for Dempsey, looking forward to Tuesday’s game.

    1. Just a quick comment, the reason for a place like Denver is home field advantage. Most of the central american teams will play their home games in high altitude, horribly hot conditions, and or sh–hole pitches. The US returns the favor by scheduling matches in colder areas. Why should the US have to let visiting teams get to play in perfect conditions when they don’t get that treatment themselves?

      1. The US should set a better example. The USSF shouldn’t stoop so low to give its team an advantage. Just because other countries play tricks doesn’t mean that the US needs to or should do the same.

        While the United States is a huge country with contrasting temperatures (it was 94F in Florida today), many Central American countries don’t have that luxury. If it’s “horribly hot conditions,” there’s nothing the country can do about it. It’s not as if they can control the temperature.

        The only stadium the USA would have to play away at a high altitude is the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Yes, it’s an unfair advantage for Mexico.

        The Gaffer

        1. So better to not qualify for the World Cup and lose all momentum the sport has gained in the states to set that better example? Sorry, no.

          1. I’m not saying that. It’s better for the US to set a good standard and play fairly. They’re good enough to qualify without playing cheap tricks.

            The Gaffer

    2. One other point, Southern California would be a terrible choice as the US would end up the away team crowd wise. Even in places like New York the US barely ends up with an advantage crowd wise.

  5. Costa Rica plans on filing an appeal to FIFA saying it was a disgrace and disresectful to the sport that the game was played in such snowfall conditions.

    I wonder if FIFA officials, besides the referee and his crew, were on hand and gave the go-ahead for the game to be played. Not sure if FIFA will nullify the game and allow a replay since the conditions affected both teams.

    I believe the game should never have been played. Unfortunately I think FIFA will allow the result to stand.

  6. The US should stop these games in the North when Costa Rica stops scheduling the US for 2pm games in the summer on that sh*tty astroturf in Saprissa.

    1. USMNT players who play in MLS have plenty of experience playing on crappy astroturf. How’s that an advantage for Costa Rica?

      The Gaffer

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