Callum McManaman Incident Sets a Worrying Precedent For Future Over-The-Top Fouls: The Daily EPL

I didn’t get a chance to sound off on The FA’s decision yesterday to not charge Callum McManaman for his horrific foul on Newcastle United’s Massadio Haidara. The way I see it, The FA were going by the rules of their organization. And those rules need to be changed. Because one of the referee team saw the incident on Sunday, but failed to see how bad a challenge it was by McManaman, the FA disregarded the incident. If none of the refereeing team had seen the incident, then the FA could have taken action.

That rule needs to be changed to let the FA step in and make a better decision after the fact.

If they don’t change the rule, it sets a worrying precedent for the FA where similar instances may occur on the pitch, and footballers may feel that they can get away with severe fouls knowing full well that they may not even receive a slap on the wrist.

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17 thoughts on “Callum McManaman Incident Sets a Worrying Precedent For Future Over-The-Top Fouls: The Daily EPL”

  1. Europeans and their redistribution of the wealth. The teams and players already pay £1.2b in taxes, why not have that money go to a fund that helps all those grass roots projects and if the EPL decides to donate to said grass roots programs they get a tax write off. I don’t see why a company should be forced to give away its earnings. I do think it is a smart business move to set up at Future Super Star program to help find and develop talented kids.

    1. Sports leagues in the United States are the ones that redistribute the wealth. More so than in European football anyway.

      1. Ya to teams in THE LEAGUE. They are not forced to give their money to the independent regional leagues or renovate sport fields around the country. They do that stuff because they choose to to help spread the game and to get tax write offs. You don’t see the feds coming to the NFL and say hey you gotta give a percentage of your TV revenue to the UFL or to cities and towns across the country to fix fields, etc.

        1. The Sports landscape is completely different in the USA from Europe.. The NCAA do redistribute big ticket sports revenue to other programs and leagues.

  2. Was the ‘worrying precedent’ not already in place almost 2 years ago to the day when an amazingly similar challenge by Carragher on Nani (not hard to find) got a yellow card with the FA ‘powerless’ then to do anymore as the officials had seen it. Nothing happened then!

    1. If this incident involved one of the “big” teams would have it been handled differently? Probably so.

      The FA is impotent, not powerless.

  3. The Tony Pulis article is very well done and not generating much dissent on the Stoke message board…other than over the idea that Tony might walk of his own accord. Ha.

  4. Wow, Michu is on the verge of a Spain call-up? That’s nice to know. :)

    Also, “Sir Alex Ferguson hails Swansea City as Premier League team of the year”. Now, I didn’t expect that! Seems that Swansea are really gaining favour and popularity.

    1. I have no doubt that some part of Fergie lauding Swansea has to do with putting a boot in on Brendan Rogers. Always fun to jape at Liverpool.


  5. I thought there was no way McManaman would ultimately get away with that. I mean obviously none of the officials saw the entirety of the incident.

    I was wrong.

  6. I don’t understand the rules. A few years ago there was an elbow incident involving Ben Thatcher. There was a yellow card but at a later time the FA suspended him for 8 or so games, even though the ref saw it ?????

    1. Ben Thatcher was booked by the referee for the foul, but what the match officials didn’t see was the elbow that Thatcher used against Pedro Mendes. Because no one saw the elbow, the FA were allowed to investigate the matter and handed him an eight match ban.

      If one of the match officials had seen Thatcher use his elbow, then the FA wouldn’t have been able to step in afterwards.

      The Gaffer

  7. Why do you expect anything different? No additional punishment on Shawcross for breaking Ramsey’s leg. This is no different. Well, maybe a bit. McManaman actually touched the ball, wheras Shawcross only got Ramsey halfway up his leg and nowhere near the ball.

  8. Is there really any precedent for anything the FA does? Seems like every decision is completely different to anyone they made before it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the next player to make a horrific tackle gets three game ban or nothing at all.

  9. The sad thing is that the FA have the perfect example, in their own country, of how to do post-match review of fouls, etc. It’s rugby union.

    The refs are not undermined by post match rulings. They are empowered, because the players know they can’t scam the ref. Nothing gets overlooked or “missed” in a rugby match.

    Of course, expecting the FA to actually notice this and act accordingly would be asking too much.

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