FA Cup 6th Round and Premier League Saturday Gameweek 29: Open Thread

There are six matches on deck today — two in the FA Cup and four from the Premier League.

Kicking off the action is the early match between Everton and Wigan Athletic, two teams who are already dreaming of getting closer to winning FA Cup silverware. With the match taking place in the Sixth Round of the FA Cup, either team is just a win away from the semi-final.

Following the early kick-off, there are four Premier League matches starting at 10am ET/3pm UK time. Pick of the bunch is the relegation battle between Reading and Aston Villa. But don’t forget West Bromwich Albion against Swansea, Norwich against Southampton or QPR versus Sunderland.

Finishing the day is the classic FA Cup match featuring a David and Goliath. It’s Manchester City against Barnsley. Let’s see what the Tykes can do in this one.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

41 thoughts on “FA Cup 6th Round and Premier League Saturday Gameweek 29: Open Thread”

  1. Should be a great night of football. Hoping that Everton win to progress to the semi-finals. While today’s Premier League games aren’t as exciting I’ll definitely be following the West Brom-Swansea match closely to see if the Swans can carry on their excellent momentum even further.

    As much as I’m hoping for a Barnsley win tonight, I know it’ll take something extremely special for that to happen and I won’t be placing my hope on that.

    Anyway, it is rather unfortunate that the two most exciting matches of the weekend have to be at such unearthly hours on Monday morning, which means I can’t enjoy watching them live.

  2. Look at Paul Scharner, just throwing face and body and everything else into his defending. Totally saw that wicked strike coming earlier and did not flinch.

    Holy Gus Johnson! Two more goals for Wigan pretty much as I type that! Kind of hoped for a tighter match to watch but Scharner’s work has won me to the Wigan cause today.

  3. I can’t believe people are leaving the stadium and going home after 34 minutes.

    Simply incredible from Wigan. And isn’t it beautiful to see Dave Whelan so happy?

    I don’t see Everton giving up in this one. I expect more goals.

    What a match!

    The Gaffer

    1. These people apparently haven’t heard of real-life comebacks before, which have even happened this season (the Reading vs Arsenal match in the League Cup). I wonder what their reaction will be if Everton really do come from behind to draw/win the match. I guess they will have no other choice but to just regret having been so silly.

    2. I was thinking Everton might come back (at least partway) too. But here at 65′ I have changed my mind. They are just awful and look like they have indeed given up. And now it sounds like Fellaini is getting booed off.

  4. Well, this may be a case of Wigan putting forth their typical end-of-season display. If so, this would only the start of a good run of form for them, likely including some upsets.

  5. Can’t remember when Everton played this bad at home. Just thought Wigan would roll over. Well done to Wigan and a trip to Wembley.

  6. Nice to hear the Wigan supporters singing and coming out in numbers at Goodison Park. They’re so silent for most of the season.

    The Gaffer

      1. LoL…

        He has had 10 years, its not so much trashing as taking a look over a 10yr period, Swansea have gone from near non league status to winning a trophy that gets them a European competition, laudrup has been there one season.

        Mous has had time to build in his vision, he has made poor choices to not take certain competitions like the league cup seriously and as a result had won nothing…. Nothing in 10 years… Everton do spend a lot and have quite a wage bill.

        I think he would be great for the Farcenal job, more years of no trophy for them would be fine.

        It’s a sad reality but laudrup has proven that if you are good enough and prioritize you can win…

        And it IS all about winning trophy’s.

        Why do it otherwise?

        1. Given the quality of players he’s had and money to spend, Moyes is probably one of he best PL managers in PL history. Sorry he doesn’t win silverware, But Everton are never in a relegation scrap, always in the European hunt.
          They are one of only 7 teams to have never been relegated. And Chelsea barely makes this list being relegated in 1988. Tottenham 1977. Man U 1974. Liverpool 1954. Arsenal have never been relegated playing as Arsenal. They where once sent down as Woolwich Arsenal in 1913. Aston Villa in 1977. Everton was last relegated in 1951, and came back up the same year Liverpool went down last. I know you support Tottenham and thing your team is biger then Real Madrid and all.. but frankly, if you want to have a reletively calm supporting experience…. Everton is one of the best bets.

          1. Sorry, but football is about winning, it is a myth that Moyes is one on the best in the premiership. How is laudrup able to win a trophy in his first season?

            If Moyes perhaps chose to win a trophy and get European competition bough either domestic cup and then spent time trying to win it the maybe so many Everton fans in the merseyside area wouldn’t have wanted Moyes out the last few seasons.

            What a joke of a statement to say a relatively calm experience.

            Who wants that? Go to a spa if you want that.

            No I don’t think Spurs are as big as Real Madrid, I do think if Your lot sell their ground to Rent a ground that you won’t be able to fill you will be in big trouble when you get relegated next season.

          2. Also, not winning anything to contend for a European place is a very Farcenal approach, are you sure your not a Farcenal Fan at heart!

          3. You totally miss the point, and sorry but there is no way Laudrup would have done anything better with this club… Not even AVB or the Special one or even Sir Alex or Sir Alf Ramsey. The last time Everton went into the red in transfer spending is when they got Fellaini. Everton announced a 9 million debt because of the raising wage bill.
            And don’t think I’m saying a midtable finish is exciting, my point is that for whatever pain an Evertonian experiences is never too low. That they have a great history of being a top club. Moyes did take Everton to a FA cup final a few years back, and there is NO WAY, no way that a team like Everton could challenge for the PL title. Look I read the Baines quote that Everton needed silverware to be considered a success. I agree, but also know that to the club bank roll and directors, getting into Europe would be more profitable. and sadly this is also a business. So take that as you like, but it is the reality of the situation vs hubris.

  7. Happy for the Latics and getting a trip to Wembley.

    They have a big fight on their hands to stay up this year (seems like they always do) and I’m glad to see this for their supporters if they can’t hold off that bunch down in the drop zone.

  8. So, the 3 goals decided the game in 3 minutes of madness. Well, in some way I’m glad that Wigan won if this means an underdog is in the semis.

  9. Three of the 10 AM games have relegation implications.

    Reading – Aston Villa and QPR- Sunderland are the ones with to watch. Also if Soutahmpton lose at Norwich they will be dragged down into the relegation battle.

    1. are you talking about the OG? that wasn’t bad luck, it was bad skill.

      anyway, villa up 2-1 now at half. let’s wait a bit before we relegate them. i still think there are three teams worse than them but it’s sure going to go down to the wire.

    1. It’s their first away goal in 7 hours of league matches, which is a little unfair considering the away games they didn’t score against were Liverpool (playing a B team), West Ham (lost 1-0), Sunderland (0-0) and Everton (0-0). That’s not the worst away record, but it’s not as bad as the stats indicate.

      The Gaffer

    1. Meanwhile, Swansea is still waiting for their first penalty kick for the entire Premier League season.

      Good save by Vorm.

      The Gaffer

    1. I disagree. Every place they move higher in the Premier League, the club receives millions of more pounds at the end of the season. Plus, the players are incentivized based on where they finish as a club, so there’s still plenty to play for. Judging by today’s performance, they’re motivated. A poor assistant referee decision ruined Swansea’s chances of a draw today against a very good West Brom side.

      The Gaffer

      1. I know nothing about player contracts. Are you saying that all players have incentive bonuses based on the finishing position of the club?

        1. Most do, but Swansea City have the lowest wages in the Premier League but have very enticing incentives — more so than most Premier League clubs so the players are more incentivized than footballers with other clubs.

          The Gaffer

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