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Rafael Should Have Been Sent Off After Nani Red Card Says Graham Poll: The Nightly EPL

man united real madrid1 Rafael Should Have Been Sent Off After Nani Red Card Says Graham Poll: The Nightly EPL

Former Premier League referee Graham Poll believes that Manchester United were lucky not to have Rafael da Silva sent off Tuesday night after Nani got red carded in the UEFA Champions League.

A few minutes after Nani received his marching orders, Poll argued that Rafael was fortunate to stay on the pitch after the ball hit his arm when a Real Madrid attempt on goal was blocked.

Poll also added that Rio Ferdinand could face disciplinary action after his sarcastic applause in front of referee Cuneyt Cakir when the match ended.

All in all, it was an ugly night for Manchester United despite a promising start. Now, though, you have to wonder whether tonight was the night when Mourinho sealed his fate as future United manager or closed the opportunity shut? What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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25 Responses to Rafael Should Have Been Sent Off After Nani Red Card Says Graham Poll: The Nightly EPL

  1. Burgos says:

    Ramos had an arm ball in the box as well.

  2. Ole20 says:

    Are you kidding me? What an absolute muppet him! Nani had no intent to commit a foul and was wrongly punished. Shit ref.

    • Johnbo says:

      Can you point me to the rule that governs “intent to commit a foul” and how it’s relevant?

      • david says:

        Referees guidebook states there must be ‘reckless intent’ for a red card to be given. The player must also be ‘out of control’. Luis Nani wasn’t aware of the player (unless you argue he has eyes on the back of his head), and he most certainly wasn’t out of control.

    • brn442 says:

      It was probably a harsh red but perhaps the ref was aware of something going on between Nani and Abeloa beforehand, we don’t know about.

      • Wongo1 says:

        Brn442 when even the player that was kicked showed shock at the red I think you can rest assume that there was nothing going on. Ramos went to the ref to get Nani booked waving an imaginary card but he too was shocked at the red.

        Stop being a blind fan of another team that simply hates United, it was a huge f up by the ref end of. As a United fan I will not call for his head, I take it on the chin and move on period.

  3. Doug says:

    Nani shouldn’t have been sent off in the first place, that should be the real story. Unbelievable officiating I wish fergie gave him the hair dryer treatment… A disgraceful night for the official

  4. Wongo1 says:

    Poll has been and alway will be an attention seeker. Watch the play again and see that it did not hit Rafael in the arm idiot.

  5. Nelson says:

    Why would Jose Mourino be giving himself a shut door on managing United? He did nothing to warrant such speculation. Very odd article.

    • Red10 says:

      mourinho does not deserve to manage at United ever! He’s still a small minded little man that relies on referees to help his team win. funny how often that happens, in a time rife with match fixing as well….
      I wouldn’t him at United for the simple reason that he has absolutely no longevity in any club and when he leaves he tends to employ a slash and burn tactic with the club.

  6. Frill Artist says:

    Witch hunt.

  7. Red10 says:

    I think everyone knows what a muppet Poll is. Remember he retired after his world cup fail. Now he needs to make some money by grabbing more headlines. At least he was as horrible a referee as that c*nt from tonights match.

  8. Jason says:

    Calls go against teams all the time. It’s nothing new. While one might disagree with the referee’s decision, one can also see why the referee might have given it. This is not a case of a deliberate handball not seen or a handball given when it wasn’t.

    The bigger question for United fans is why weasn’t the team able to hold on to the lead, even with 10 men, at home? Why play to protect the advantage when you’re at home? I think United’s defensive tactics and allowing Real Madrid to control the game and have all that possession had more to do with them losing than the sending off.

  9. De Selby says:

    At least all the debate about the red card seems to have distracted people from how bad Gus Johnson sucks. And that Warren Barton also blows.

  10. Terry says:

    Not to worry United fans, brother Howard Webb is in charge on Sunday and he will make it all right for you. The double is still on.

  11. Joseph says:

    Mourinho will never coach Manchester United.

  12. Aussie Chris says:

    Poll! Why does anyone listen to this clown! This guy gives one player two yellow cards and lets him stay on the pitch, in a world cup no less. Fu$k3n tool! A great game ruined by another spotlight seeking Cuneyt (ey is silent in turkish obviously). And to be clear as a united fan I always thought Real would get a goal to push the match into ET so that ronnie would seal the win fairly, sad but true

  13. Prinz says:

    Cool coming from a ref who gave a player 2yellows and still allowed the same man on the pitch, #REAL CLASS

  14. Scouse says:

    How rich is this, United fans complaining about a ref call going against them. I tell ya what you guys truly are hypocrites.

  15. Dean Winchester says:

    Graham Poll can be quiet. He has had his own run ins in the past with brandishing cards left and right. Cunyet Cakir (a name only a mother can love) stole the show. I have seen worse attempts been called for absolutely nothing. Rafael’s block was played off the shoulder, and Graham Poll can send himself off. UEFA does have an agenda with English clubs. I don’t like the continent much either. Bloody nie ties can take their French begets and shove it down their a@#@#$@#%#@%@#%. Nani did not know Arbeloa was their and played the ball. He should have let the game continue for the world to see a spectacle of football. Instead we we got “Turked” big time.

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