West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

Today’s derby between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur will feature a minute’s applause before kick-off in memory of Hammers legend Bobby Moore. It’s 20 years since the West Ham and England legend passed away.

A win for Tottenham today, and they’ll move into third place in the Premier League, four points above local neighbors Arsenal who have dreams of a second place finish. West Ham United, meanwhile, sit just six points away from the relegation zone, but a win for Sam Allardyce’s team today will move them into 10th or 11th position depending on their goal difference today.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation with fellow English football supporters from around the world.

51 thoughts on “West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread”

    1. He does make you appreciate Ian and McMinimum.

      Though I am less annoyed by I & M than a lot of people I think.

      Well in truth I’m still annoyed at how little effort McMaileditin in gave on the pitch back about ten years ago, but really that should not impact my opinion of him in the booth.

    2. I have to say again…even though Gus Johnson is bearing the brunt of these negative comments, it is really the Fox executives that have put him in this impossible situation who are the blame.

      Sorry, Gus. You are just the point man.

  1. You’d think defenders would dare Bale to do something with his right foot. Instead Collins practically forced Bale onto his left……and Dust smiled.

  2. ESPN’s lead up to the game was brilliant. The way they documented Bobby Moore and showed the Hammer fans singing.

    Makes me wish that the EPL would reconsider their bidding process and give more thought to the quality of the presentation instead of just being money grabbers. ESPN’s product is so superior to any of its competitors.

    The momorializing of Bobby Moore also reminded me that I saw him play in 1976 for the San Antonio Thunder against the San Jose Earthquakes in the NASL.

  3. Cue Real Madrid or Barcelona licking their chops at the prospect of signing Gareth Bale this summer.

    Meanwhile, West Ham United still needs a new defense. How James Collins gets a start in that side week-in, week-out, I do not know.

    The Gaffer

      1. You better pray that Spurs make top 4 because otherwise he’s gone because the Spaniards will be knocking on the door and can pay him a lot more than his current £70k a week. If Levy can get £50m for him, he’ll take it.

        It’ll be a big test for both Bale and Levy if people do come knocking because it’d be a tough choice if £50m was being dangled in front of you… but on the flip side, like Arsenal prove constantly, keep letting your star players go and it affects you in the long run.

  4. 3 Goals, 3 points, 3rd place.

    Get in there!

    Now on to Farsenal.

    Tom Carroll, Siggy, played really well when they came on.

    Great result!

      1. You and the Spurs will realize that the mighty Blues are not Norwich, Lyon, or West Ham. One man team that will go pfft in the summer. You forget that first Spurs rule is maximize the Chairman’s profit ( ENIC ) over a team that can compete. Bale is probably got his plane ticket to Madrid already in the post.

        1. It’s a long season, its by no means over, but you’d better go to the bayou and get some voodoo dolls to help you out.

          You’d better hope Bale leaves, when we keep Bale, get UCL and attract more players like Jackson Martinez from Porto and Erikson from Ajax and you end up with Avram Grant as manger again, no one wants to manage CFC, its why you ended up with Rafa.

          You are lucky you don’t have to face Lukaku at the weekend. you may not even get past West Brom.

          We win this weekend and you draw it’ll be 4 points gap.

          AVB looks pretty good when he isn’t at a club with thugs in the dressing room. 😉


          1. I told you it wasn’t easy to need spammers to get a result but the enemy of my enemy. Yes, AVB the Footballing mastermind at work. thank you Dust

  5. I thought I felt a disturbance in the force and not for the good. One man team strikes again. Enjoy it Spurs supporters as Bale like RVP will be gone in the summer to Madrid or Bayern and Spurs will be battling to get into the top ten as usual.

    1. He wont leave. He just had a daughter and he doesnt like being to far from home. He will give Spurs one more year or until Ronaldo leaves cuz he doesnt want to ride the pine like Modric is doing now. You sir are a moron that is just pissed cuz ur team blows.

        1. He is 23 and has many years left in his career. Spurs have a team and manager that can start winning cups now. Why would he want to go to Real and ride the bench like Modric does now. I bet Bale will stay at spurs longer than Wilshire stays at Scum.

  6. sounds like i missed a great match.where oh where is tricky yesterday banging on the League Cup i guess that karma came around quick to bite you in the A$$!COYS!

  7. Dust
    congrats your boys are firing on all cylinders.i hate to say the more Bale does the greater chance he is gone in the summer.hope you will enjoy the adult beverage of choice tonight.

  8. Yes, a 25 yr Macallan…

    He is not going anywhere… Spammers were singing “you look like a chimp, you look like a chimp, Gareth Bale.. you look like a chimp” (same melody as he scores when he wants)
    Then he scores… Twice!


    The derby will be quite something…oh wait Gus will be commentating…ugghh!! its just not on….
    Take the Weekend off

  9. Bale was amazing. Teams have got to close out on Bale. If he beats you then fine. But don’t leave him with space 20-30 yards from goal.

  10. Don’t worry about whether Bale goes this summer, just enjoy this run while it lasts. Game after game he does things that leave me in disbelief. And kudos to the Hammers for a great fight. COYS!

  11. I’m sure the season probably still holds some surprises, but I think we’ve got the top four teams situated and in order at this point (unfortunately). Looking ahead at the fixtures, I can’t see much changing. Not nearly as much fun as last year’s MU v. MC run up to the end… and the unexpected wrinkle of Chelsea’s CL win last year. Oh well.

    That’s my bet, for what it’s worth… and as for the firestorm above, I just don’t see how Spurs can hold onto Bale this summer, CL or not. He’s a fantastic player who has rightfully opened up other opportunities for himself (unfortunately, a scenario that too sounds familiar).

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