Arsène Wenger Concedes Trophy Hopes After Bayern Munich Defeat: The Nightly EPL

Depending whether you prefer to read BBC Sport or The Guardian, Arsene Wenger’s outlook for his club’s chances of qualifying for the next round of the UEFA Champions League either looks dead and buried or there’s still hope. The Guardian leads with a headline (see below) that says Wenger concedes trophy hopes after Bayern defeat, while BBC Sport writes that Wenger retains hope.

While Arsenal are not mathematically eliminated from the UEFA Champions League, it was another disappointing performance from the Gunners. Wenger was unwilling to make changes early in the match. And his tactic of playing Theo Walcott up front by himself looked particularly silly given the height and strength of the Bayern Munich defense.

The question for Arsenal fans is when will your patience run out? What has to happen in order for Wenger to be forced out (or upstairs)? How bad does it have to get before someone else, who would be able to get Arsenal back to winning silverware, gets a chance to replace Wenger? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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6 thoughts on “Arsène Wenger Concedes Trophy Hopes After Bayern Munich Defeat: The Nightly EPL”

  1. So Farcenal commit horrendous fouls after being played off the park, score off a corner that shouldn’t have been a goal kick with a communication break down between gk & defense to gift a goal. Then doesn’t shake hands with his opposite number… No class… he has lost it!

    Keep him there….seriously… I can’t believe he said the contract and 70m wasn’t true…. Such a shame…

    Also mertisaker…seriously…lol what a joke he is, corzola isnt fit to lace silva’s boots, and as for pundits saying Wilshire was as good as Gazza and Hoddle…. How much crack were these pundits smoking when they made those statement….

    Arsenals defense the best in the league was the cry at the beginning of the season by many people on here, really?..

    CFC & Farcenal fans looking at the avb appointment and waiting and hoping for an implosion whe it’s their clubs in a mess….levy looks like a genius taking that risk so far.

    3rd is a must, if MUFC get through they could go all they way, and that would suck to loose out again in that fashion.

    Farcenal indeed !

    1. Seriously Dust compare Arsenal to Spurs. I’m not an Arsenal supporter by any stretch but to suggest that Spurs are even in Arsenal’s class or for that matter Chelsea’s is ludicrous. Bale is leaving in the summer and then its back to year 52 of Spur’s 5 year plan.

  2. I think AW goes if we don’t make the top 4 this year… hence, not qualifying for UCL next year. Shame it has to come to that to replace him. I’m so tired of the “give him one more year” thing. He should have left last year.

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