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FIFA 14 Wishlist: What’s Yours?

fifa 14 FIFA 14 Wishlist: Whats Yours?

We’re nearly nine months away from a new FIFA video game, so it’s time to start wishing for a new one. With everything that went into last year’s iteration, what could go into a new one? Here are my four suggestions:

1. Next Gen FIFA

The biggest question on my mind is that with the possibility of new consoles possibly coming from Sony and Microsoft this year, can we possibly see new and upgraded FIFA games? Will EA finally give us a whole new next gen experience or will it be a training wheels-type exercise as the kinks get worked out for a new console? Thinking back to the Madden 2005 experience on the then new Xbox 360 makes me hope that EA avoids this.

2. Improving the Managers’ Career Mode

FIFA took a step forward last year with a lite version of a Managers Career mode that let players take the role of the manager of their club with opportunities to even become an international coach. While it was a great start that could rival some of the soccer management sims out there, there were still a few bugs. The biggest fix I would like to see is negotiating the transfers of players. In FIFA 13, once negotiations went south, that was it. This needs to be fixed. Also, I would love more interaction between the players and coach — especially when there are new players and trying to get that ‘right’ chemistry for your team.

3. Commentary

I believe EA is just too lazy to really figure out how to use dynamic commentary in a game in light of the paltry competition that PES gives them yearly. I don’t know how many times I have to say this but if EA took notes from 2K Sports on how to make a dynamic game, then FIFA would fly off the shelves even more than it does already.

It would be nice to hear during the course of a game how players and teams are on a hot or cold streak or how well a player does playing in a particular venue or how a coach is doing with a particular team. Too many times in FIFA 13, I heard audio miscues. Foe example, when a team was in good form, I would hear that they were in poor form. And vice versa.

4. Dynamic and adjustable AI Tactics

While the on-the-field AI has gotten better in some respects, what I would like to see is your AI opponent switch tactics too. Come on EA! Your motto is “If it in the game, it’s in the game!” How many times do we see managers make adjustments at half time and whatever they do becomes a key to them winning or losing a game especially if a player has been carded? If the 4-4-2 formation is not working for the AI, then let the AI change at halftime and really surprise the player at the beginning of the second half by running something different. Even adjusting where players are on the field would be great.

I have a feeling that something like this probably won’t happen until the next gen consoles come out but it’s an idea worth pursuing.

Last year’s iteration was a huge step forward for me but I still feel that more needs to be done under the hood instead of a huge overhaul. As long as EA improves on some of the small bells and whistles that they added last season along with some of the suggested changes, then FIFA 14 could be a big hit. We know as long as PES is around that FIFA won’t get all of the licenses, but FIFA does make up for this in great dynamic gameplay. With new consoles on the horizon, who knows what we may be in store for?

So, now it’s up to you readers. What would you like to see in the next FIFA game?

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