Arsenal Back Arsene Wenger With £70m to Spend in Summer: The Nightly EPL

It’s hard to believe whether there’s a grain of truth in the story or not, but The Telegraph‘s Jeremy Wilson reports on the back page of tomorrow’s newspaper that Arsenal will hand manager Arsene Wenger a £70 million sum to spend on bringing new players in this summer.

What do you think? Is this story real? And even if it is, do you think Wenger will spend the money? And if so, who should be sign this summer?

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal Back Arsene Wenger With £70m to Spend in Summer: The Nightly EPL”

  1. the stunt from d luiz was bush league performed by a punk.just remember Karma does not forget.lets see you try that on Vidic or Distin not a nineteen year old from a League one were also in on the Clattenberg lie.luiz=PUNK!

    1. its just plain wrong, if he doesn’t get a retro ban for violent conduct then the FA will have crossed a new line, a deliberate shoulder barge that causes concussion… really? is this part of the ivanovic, terry, cole, on field conduct class? such a bunch of thugs

      1. Since Luiz was booked at the time of the incident there’s no way the FA will give anything further.
        Even though I tend to agree that he should get more than just the yellow card at the time.

  2. LOL at Farcenal, thats great news.. Keep Wenger at Farcenal AND let him Spend 70m …. I think it is a wise move by the Farcenal board… the longer he stays the better as far as Im concerned…..

    Chelski Spent 80 million in the summer and were booted out of ucl and are 1 point clear in money well spent….

    what a great story… I hope it is true…please let it be true
    All I need now is another story saying Rafa will stay at CFC…Come one Football gods make it happen!

  3. Swansea should reimburse their fans ticket price for those who went to the LFC match.Laudrup should have signaled earlier in the week so fans would not have paid top dollar to see the reserves play.but all will be forgiven if they win at Wembley.

  4. Really bull shots news. Every time this kind of shit news
    are there after losing main game. How many times we heard 50M, 60M
    etc. This all faulty news are published by club itself i think for
    stopping fans protest. Arsenal will never spend until someone
    strong come to Arsenal board. This club is just for

  5. They can have 100m to spend it won’t make a difference. The manager has proven time and again he won’t spend big money on players.

    I’m not the biggest fan of piers Morgan but his daily rants on twitter about wanting Wenger sacked are pretty convincing.

  6. Subject: something reported on by UK journo

    Quote: “It’s hard to believe whether there’s a grain of truth in the story or not….”

    Uh, you think?

    I swear, I cannot remember the point at which I learned to discount UK tab reporting to a degree of near 100%, but it was a long damned time ago. Maybe more or less contemporaneous with the point at which Le Arse was actually winning trophies.

  7. No 4th spot, no 70 mil.

    Quite frankly even less money than they’re used to spending in the summer.

    Welcome to what its like to be a Spurs fan. The difference is we always out perform our spending.

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