England vs Brazil and Honduras vs USA: Open Thread

There are two big matches being played in the world of football today that have a lot of meaning to the readers of this blog.

The first is England against Brazil at Wembley in a friendly that will feature Ashley Cole playing his 100th game for The Three Lions. The game also marks probably the last time that England will wear an Umbro kit after a 50 year (off and on) history with the kit manufacturer.

Congratulations to Ashley Cole on such a proud honor. Hopefully the friendly will live up to its billing with Theo Walcott picked to start up front, while Jack Wilshere is going to the engine in midfield alongside Steven Gerrard.

Plus the match marks the first game of the FA’s 150th year anniversary celebrations.

The match will be shown live on FOX Soccer beginning at 2:30pm ET.

The second match of importance today is the first World Cup match of the qualifying round for the United States of America. They’ll face Honduras in San Pedro Sula. The match kicks off at 4pm ET on beIN SPORT.

Before, during or after any of these matches today, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “England vs Brazil and Honduras vs USA: Open Thread”

  1. What are the odds that Ray Hudson will be calling the US game on beIN? I have the flu, and if he is calling the game, it just may be the end of me. :)

  2. I don’t get BeIn or FSC at the office, but I do get ESPN2, so I’m watching France vs. Germany. Adrian Healey keeps saying that Sissoko debuted for Newcastle against Chelsea – which is incorrect. He started against Villa, and made the first goal for Cisse. As you might imagine, the French side has a large NUFC contingent, with Cabaye and Sissoko starting and Yanga-Mbiwa and Debuchy on the bench.

    1. An excellent win. And the combo of Martin Tyler-Stewart Robson was music to my ears.

      First time England has beaten Brazil in 23 years!

      The Gaffer

  3. This Brazil team will struggle against the first real good opponent they meet in the 2014 World Cup. I’ve watched them a few times in these friendly games, only teams they have dominated are USA, Denmark and the “money making” friendly of Iraq. Even Bosnia gave them a game.

    They just don’t seem to develop as much as they used to, I mean even their U20 team failed to qualify for the World Cup which is almost unheard of!

  4. The pitch at San Pedro Sula looks in a pretty terrible state. The ball is bobbling across the grass. Hard to play sleek, passing soccer on a surface like that.

    The Gaffer

    1. The Honduran was of epic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious proportions. It was a wonderful, stupendous, gargantuan bicycle kick.

      1. If Honduras ends up winning, Twitter is going to go crazy on a day where England beats Brazil and US, the way it’s heading, loses to Honduras.

        The Gaffer

  5. European based players who’ve been in cold, rain and snow for the last four months plus MLS players who’ve been on the couch for at least as long, playing on a heavy pitch in 90+ degree weather was always going to be a recipe for a very difficult match. So, using your last sub in the 68th minute is pretty poor management by Klinsmann.

  6. Klinsmann needs to be concerned with the away form in the World Cup qualifying. The US will still probably make it, because in this Hex format usually 15-16 points is enough to qualify so its simple for the US, win your home games and get 1-2 results away (most likely Jamaica, Panama). Even in a bad situation where they finish 4th they most likely get in anyway with a playoff against New Zealand

    But this US team lacks so much depth at the moment and some already crying about Donovan coming back. So many issues in defense.

    BTW, this was a strange date to have a qualifier, midweek with only 2-3 days of preparation, certainly didn’t help matters

  7. When it comes to England, common sense tells you not to get too carried away with a friendly win. That said, it was a solid effort helped by a good team selection for starters. Wilshire and cleverley in the middle is the future. Wilshire looked like a real handful through the middle, reminiscent of Bryan Robson at times. Walcott and Rooney looked menacing up front. I would have preferred to see Lennon instead of Milner on the other side. England still have a lot of work to do in the qualifiers so hopefully they can kick on from here.

    How poor are Brazil? They are not even #1 in South America anymore. Maybe that #18 ranking is about right.

  8. England played some great football, but the press needs to calm down, it was only a bloody friendly. You’d think that Wilshire was the new Pele too, he had a very good game but nothing out of this world.

  9. There is potentially a big story brewing with team USA. Klinsmann has been a but if a disappointment if truth be told. The team look far from convincing and the odds of them failing to reach the World Cup increase after this latest defeat. Failure to reach the World Cup finals could have devastating consequences for the growth of the game in this country. Espn would lose viewers in 2014 and if the ratings go down then advertisers disappear and whole thing snowballs. Fortunately concacaf is such a joke that the USA should still make it. But failure for them is even less of an option than it us for England.

  10. By late last night my outlook changed. I was depressed after the defeat to Honduras over the chances of the US to advance. After seeing Mexico draw at home a US loss on the road was not that bad.

    The US under Kleinsmann seems to play down to the average tam but up to bigger challenges. A win at home on the next match is vital but it always was. Even a draw against Mexico would be a plus, but it’s a result Mexico can not have now.

  11. To me the Mexico-Jamaica tie is actually more bad news for the US than good news, Jamaica get a point that nobody expected them to get and certainly they will gain some confidence from that. Jamaica were expected to be the “minnows” of the group but the way they played against Mexico they look like a threat

    Of course its only one match, too early to panic for USA or Mexico. In fact I think the CONCACAF table will go to form (Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Honduras). Only it might take the US until October to officially seal their World Cup spot

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