NFL Fans Hate Soccer But We Don’t Care

“It’s too boring.” “There’s never any scoring.” “They’re all pansies.” “They’re always rolling around on the ground pretending to be hurt.” These seem to be the standard arguments I get from my American football loving friends and acquaintances whenever soccer is brought up, or showing on TV.

I would say that these could be valid opinions if they were founded on actual observations. Instead they take the stereotypical version of what they believe soccer to be. Any attempts to engage them in conversation on the subject ends with sarcastic comments being made about soccer player’s manhood.

The state of the current Premier League is such that suggesting it is boring means that one, they haven’t actually watched any of it, or two, they don’t understand the game (and perhaps they don’t care to). The EPL is perhaps the most exciting league to watch because of its openness and directness of play, and this season the amount of goals being scored adds to the enjoyment of the league. You could include with this the fact that the middle of the table is fairly evenly matched and there is always excitement in the relegation battle drama.

The EPL has toned down some in terms of its physicality, but it still remains a highly competitive contact sport. The interesting thing is that I have heard many English pundits complaining that the physical aspects of the game have been taken away. This flies in the face of what I have heard American football fans suggesting about soccer. The sport itself is highly physical and players “rolling around” do so for 3 reasons: 1.) They are hurt. 2.) They were fouled and need to get the refs attention about it. 3.) They are cheating.

I will agree with any fan that the cheating part needs to stop and is offensive.

I would posit that most of these people who make such statements about soccer are doing so because they are uninformed. Perhaps they don’t care to be informed, but if this is the case, then I suggest they just stay quiet and stop with their snide comments. While I know many readers on here enjoy American football as well as soccer, I have grown bored with the American sport, which could be due to the amount of flak I get from those around me. I always point out that in soccer the clock does not stop and the action only really stops when there is an injury. In American football, the clock may say that the game lasts 60 minutes but with all of the stoppages in play, expect to spend 2.5 to 3 hours of watching what becomes only about 30 minutes of actual gameplay. At any point in time during an EPL game, something is happening and there is always the possibility of a goal being scored.

I will continue to enjoy my Premier League soccer every weekend and will watch my matches despite the sarcastic comments from friends. I do suggest to these fans of American football that they get involved in supporting soccer now while the sport is still growing in America. Then when the NFL is dying, they can say, “I have always loved the EPL and I have supported [insert team name here] for years.”

Are you a fan of American football and soccer. If so, why? Do you ever hear these arguments aimed at you as a soccer fan? What are some of your “favorite” anti-soccer statements?

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  1. I’m having the same experience here in South Africa but only the other sport is rugby. These are not friends who sarcastically down grade my sport but these people are actually my family. I’ve actually had a few verbal spats with my bro inlaw because he does it when I’m watching my game and it’s really irritating. For months now until today,we haven’t said a world to each other-things got really ugly one day.

  2. I think more baseball fans trash soccer more than the NFL fans; at least that’s been my experience. If you just 1 point for every TD instead of 6 and eliminated field goals the scores would be very similar.
    One funny thing about the NFL is that they had to make rules to prevent players from faking injuries.

    1. nfl game:195mins avg. 5 touchdowns 1 touchdown every 39 minute soccer game:108 mins. 3 goal 1 goal every 36 minutes…….now which game is low scoring?

  3. I hate American Football so much that I am getting out of the country this weekend.

    I can’t take them calling a 300LB man an athlete.

    1. Antoine, do you have a spare ticket so I can go with you? 😉

      In previous years to avoid the Super Bowl, I’ve gone to Rachel’s Steakhouse, gone on a cruise or went to the movie theater. Not sure what I’ll be doing this Sunday, but all I know is that the Super Bowl is not in my plans.

      The Gaffer

      1. Since ICK mentioned it, the 6 Nations rugby tournament begins on BBC America this Saturday. This week it’s England v Scotland at 11:00 a.m.

        If you’ve never seen a match, give it a shot. Don’t worry about the rules. The object is much like US football. Get the ball over the “goal line” or through the uprights; back passes only, no blocking allowed.

        IMO these are the toughest, most highly conditioned athletes on the planet. Few NFL players would be willing to step on the pitch with the amount of “protection” these guys have.

        Take a peek. :-)

    2. “I can’t take them calling a 300LB man an athlete.”

      Respectfully, this comment is ignorant.

      It’s just as bad as calling all soccer players pansies that fake injuries.

      1. I was about to say this exact thing, but you beat me to it. Any 300 lb man that can run as fast as linebackers can is an athlete!

  4. Soccer could do a lot to improve its standing among non soccer fans. If only we had some sort of body that ran the game which was willing to work on eradicating diving.

    The game is currently littered with cheats who get away with murder and if you are trying to get new fans involved this is a big sore point.

    The other is the lack of technology, too many games still hinge on decisions that 99.9999% of fans can see is wrong with the benefit of God knows how many TV cameras; yet the ref isn’t party to such footage.

    I am a soccer fan first and foremost but I recognise its inherent problems. Diving and poor decisions haven’t been tackled and its hard to defend to non-soccer fans when they see Suarez diving liking he did against Stoke, or ball boys feigning injury, or arjen Robben rolling around…..etc, etc, etc..

    1. I have found, in my experience, that most NFL fans dislike the loose association soccer has with time. Added, injury, time wasting…etc. Just blow the whistle at the 90th minute, they say. Most understand that there is flopping in every sport.

      1. I can live with the injury time, it adds its own drama. Like most I was praying Oldham would hang on v Liverpool and then we saw 6 minutes added.

        I do hate the timewasting in the corner though, and timewasting in general. Watch Tim Krul at Newcastle – he’s taking as lon as possible to kick it in the first half!

        All in good time though, diving first (retroactive bans), technology (goal line at least is coming) and then timeasting.

  5. Really? I am a BIG NFL fan who ALSO loves soccer! What is this article based on? If anything people hate the NFL because it’s waaaaay too many rules to understand to enjoy the game and who can really blame them?

    1. I’m also a huge NFL and soccer fan! Sunday is a dream day for me because Liverpool takes on Man City and then my 49er’s are in the Superbowl. Oh, and I’m a female, so take your stereotypes and poorly researched articles and stuff them.

      1. The only reason you got thumbs up was because you stated you were female. If you’re not the target of the article, then why act like one? MANY, MANY, NFL fans hate football (soccer) for you yanks because of the reasoins and more stated in his article. I know because I have met tons of them. People like you and Harry are in an extreme minority.

          1. What is there to explain? Go to ESPN or Bleacher Report and make a post about football (soccer) and look at the responses you will get. Probably because you like the NFL so you have a blind eye to it or don’t really notice the vitriol of hatred most NFL fans have against football.

    2. I love many sports. I don’t see why a NFL fan cannot also love football. Its not a all or nothing choice. I don’t prefer the ballet but I don’t down those who do like the ballet so i don’t understand NFL fans putting down football and vice verse.

    3. I dont think too many people realize how big soccer or atleast the FIFA video game series is in NFL teams. Calvin Johnson flat out said he and the other Lions hardly play Madden and just do FIFA. LIke i said in my other post its the old farts who hate on the sport.

      1. “Like i said in my other post its the old farts who hate on the sport.”

        I guess comments on an article like this is another outlet for people to express their ignorance.

        I am an “old fart.” I have loved soccer since I first saw the NASL in 1974. In addition I love football, baseball, tennis, golf…you name it, but I do not take my time to denigrate those who do not share my views…unless, calling them “ignorant” counts. :)

    4. Me too! I find that soccer is tied with football as the sport I watch the most. As a dolphins fan (yes I know) my whole life, and having family who are spurs fans (over the last few years, I now know more about spurs than they do) I don’t see any reason why more people can’t give soccer a chance. It’s a great way to fill in that saturday morning slot , and it’s soooooooooo much better than baseball, nascar, and golf combined.

    5. It’s based largely on my own experiences with fans of the NFL. I generally don’t bash their opinions of their own sport, but get a lot of flak from them about my sport whenever I have it on or post about it on twitter or facebook.
      I know there are people out there who are a bit more open minded and enjoy both sports, or at least tolerate Football, but what I hear from NFL fans is exactly what is stated above.

  6. American football has something going on all the time. While the actual gameplay time is even less than you suggest (it’s more like 12 minutes), there are things going on between plays (it’s quite the cat and mouse game).

    And yea, I hear most critics of soccer say that it’s the boring nature and flopping that bothers them. The flopping and faking and cheating is pretty sucky (as you mentioned), but it’s not boring.

  7. It’s actually closer to 12 minutes of actual action and the games are always over three hours.

    Anyway, I don’t watch the NFL, but I have a lot of friends that do, and I rarely get the kind of flack you are describing. Maybe you are just friends with assholes? :-)

    I took a buddy to the pub (non-soccer-fan) a while back and he was treated to Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle, so that worked out all right.

  8. Yeah this article lacks any real research or dialogue which would show that this non-sense of putting down the other sport goes both ways.

    I love both footballs. When I lived in Western New York I was a season ticket holder with the Buffalo Bills for 5 years. I am still a huge fan.

    I’ve followed Liverpool Football Club for over 15 years(since I knew the PL existed)and have even traveled over the pond to catch a PL game at Anfield.

    The point I’m making is that if people truly love sports they will love both games. Who cares about the rest? Snide remarks come from both sides and both are immature and uninformed. Enjoy the sport and forget the rest.

  9. I’m a big Indianapolis Colts fan and a QPR supporter. I was at a Colts game when IU won their 8th Soccer championship, and when they announced it at the end of the game many people cheered, but there were a lot who said it didn’t matter because it was soccer. Many of the reasons and examples I’ve seen myself, but there are always exceptions. I hear a lot of negative comments from baseball fans too

  10. I watch both. I can appreciate the athletic prowess of those who play either sport, and I don’t care to entertain people who bash either sport. If people spent more time enjoying their favorite sports and not bashing other sports, everyone would be happier.

  11. I love the NFL and the EPL! It’s such a generalization to say that NFL fans hate soccer. A lot of them probably do but there are probably more than you think that are like me. Here’s an idea, just like what you like and stop trying to drive a wedge between fans of different sports. Go Seahawks! Go Sounders! Stay up Newcastle!

  12. I have been and NFL (Cowboys) fan since I was a young boy (I’m 40). Until I lived in London in, for a short time in 1999, I had little knowledge of the EPL. Living there taught me the game the right way and I’ve been and Arsenal supporter ever since. I’ve seen the growth over the past 14 years I’ve watched. I remind my friends the momentum its gaining. They haven’t bought in…totally, but they have listened. Its a slow process.

    I do make sure that I don’t pressure my friends or any typical NFL fans to much to watch soccer. Coming across as a crazed fanatic pushing ANY sport will lessen (even more), the overall feeling a non-supporter has for that sport. So I pick and choose my comments and lessons wisely.

    Facts and figures show and prove the gaining popularity of the EPL here in the States. With the NHL constantly striking and the MLB never changing and evolving as a sport, the EPL will eventually take them over. Its inevitable.

    So, I choose not to battle my own NFL fans. Its silly to compare the two, in my opinion. I’m an avid fan of both, which is great, I get the best, of the best (and most profitable) two sports in the world.

    If you must debate someone, take on Baseball fan. There is a reason we call it our National Pastime.

    Keyword: Pastime.

  13. At the rate American football is going, in 50 years anthropologists will be studying it as an artifact from a cultural age that will have become a bygone. Futbol will live.

  14. I don’t know about “always a possibility of a goal being scored.” I recall a Manchester derby a couple of years back where that definitely wasn’t the case. But I digress.

    As a soccer fan who has no interest in the NFL, I fail to see the necessity of scolding NFL fans who don’t like soccer. And who says there aren’t plenty of NFL fans who like and follow soccer?

    Why is this even a big deal?

    1. I think the a goal can happen anytime comment is actually very much could be watching the most dull game of all time and decide to look away and all of a sudden one player decides to take a strike from range and it goes in…the fact that the ball is always in motion in football gives it the possibility of moving into the net at any momenta s well

      1. You know, that’s a fair point. I’ve watched some awful games be livened up (opened up) with just one goal.

        I do stand by my criticism of that Manchester derby though. It hurt my feelings.

  15. Since coming to the US I continue to follow football but my partner got me addicted to baseball. We both are not into American football.

      1. Like virtually every sport, baseball has much more going on than just when the ball is in play. My wife once shared an opinion that nothing ever happens in baseball. After a half inning of my pointing out the umpires working with each other, the coaches signs, the player communication and positioning, etc., she (like many before and after her)told me to shut-up so that she could watch the game. :)

        Once any sport has nothing to offer, it will cease to be a sport.

  16. Considering the NFL is the most popular sport here in the US there is a good chance people who are fans of both sports. Yes you got people who are NFL fans who hate soccer but in my general experience it has been old people who hate the sport while younger people in their twentys enjoy it. Its the same way how old farts hate todays generation of music and culture. It does explain why a majority of you say baseball fans give the most stick about soccer since baseball’s fanbase is the oldest on average. Also Nascar fans aren’t found of the sport either because most think its still a commie sport pushed down our throats by the liberal media.

  17. Also ironically Brits that moved to the US how started following baseball because of its similar to cricket. Baseball for the Brits may actually seem a faster paced sport compared to cricket matches that literally last days. The opposite is happening to young Americans who find baseball games are too long and the season itself is even longer. Its no surprise the NBA is overtaking MLB.

    1. Also youth soccer is taking a whole lot of cash away from little league baseball. its direct competition in the youth sports market. its cheaper for parents vs baseball but you can actually make more money having a youth soccer league because you can play more games in a day and use high school football fields.

  18. The reason the NFL is popular has nothing to do with game play – as many have pointed out of the 60 min of game play, studies say there is only about 12-13 minutes of something happening. That is the complete definition of boring – the reason the NFL is as big as it is and why I spend my Sundays, Saturdays (college) Monday and Thursdays watching it is the same reason others do – gambling.

  19. Personally, I can care less what other Americans say or think about the game when they have zero knowledge or involvement in it – I don’t go waste my time trying to convince them otherwise either. You need a brain to follow/understand real football and I tell them frankly, it’s not for everyone.

    1. The class-action lawsuits being filed by former players and their surviving family members, charging that the NFL has been purposefully downplaying the severity of long-term effects of head injury.

      It won’t directly affect the NFL, but will *absolutely* affect youth play in schools. Parents will balk at the reality of permanent injury to their kids if the disclosure of the actual stats begins to be enforced.

      No youth play will eventually trickle up to no College play (no High School stars to recruit from). Once that happens, where does the NFL get players?

      To put it into real-world historical examples for you:

      When was the last time you saw a school with a boxing team? They used to be common, and boxing used to be a huge national sport.

      It’s still big, of course, but no where near where it was at its peak. NFL will be headed in that direction.

  20. These conversations are always interesting because there is no one size fits all explanation. I would say that a general sense of American superiority explains a lot of the anti-soccer sentiment among NFL fans. I would also guess that a lot of the usual smack talk directed by football fans at soccer fans is used to just to get under a soccer fan’s skin. Most football fans probably haven’t even watched enough soccer to have an opinion on its excitement level, problems with diving, etc. Instead, they resort to stereotypes in the same way the people use homophobic or racist language to get at someone they don’t like. I’m an American who is a fan of both football and soccer. There are things I like and dislike about both. I think soccer is continuing to make good inroads in the U.S. and I suspect that soccer will continue to gain more acceptance in the States.

  21. For every one NFL fan that also loves soccer there are 10 who don’t. Most of my co-workers, those who don’t have kids that play soccer, are the ones that “hate” soccer.

  22. I stopped watching American Football years ago. I don’t have 4 hours to waste watching commercials. Soccer is total nonstop action without commercials and timeouts. Does anybody know what will be a good tv alternative to the Super Bowl this Sunday????

  23. I’ve not found that NFL fans dislike football out of hand, if my only exposure to football was through the mls over the last 8 years, I would mock it too.

    I love Tottrnham & football there is no close second, but as someone that played sports, coaches and enjoys sports in general I will watch the sb, my local team is in it, the bay area has been buzzing with the 49ers msking it, i think its great thr positivd impact a sport can have on the community.

    I’ll enjoy it for what it is, it IS NOT the focus of my weekend, that will always be Spurs. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other sports.

    The myth that the NFL is more complex than football is quite amuzing.I think people look at a quarterback play call with its code & get befuzzled, its really not complex at all. IMO the NFL IS a sport made for TV & consumption of products & food. But so are most American sports perhaps the NBA not so much. (Cant include the NHL ITS prolly the only sport i gavd no intrest in whatsoever).

    IMO the NBA is by leaps & bounds the most athletic in the stats and is tactically most similar to football.

    1. One of the few times that I agree with you. Basketball is the only American sport I enjoy watching AND playing. Ice hockey, I simply enjoy watching because I don’t know how to skate. lol. However, ice hockey is much more similar to football (soccer) than basketball is. I believe it’s two teams of six players (5 players and a goalie) with each team trying to score in a small goal post just like football.

  24. For some reason as my interest and passion for soccer has increased the 180 degree opposite has occurred for “football”. My interest in baseball is as strong as ever and hockey as well(although this last lock out almost ended it for me), but the NFL is becoming less and less a part of my sport fandom.
    On a side note from my own personal experience the American fans most open to soccer are hockey fans. I guess since hockey is the “fringe” major sport here and soccer could as well be classified as “fringe” as well although I hate that word.

  25. Most of these people have been brainwashed by the likes of Jim Rome and every local sportscaster to hate soccer. Let them have their throwball. Stupid f*cking sport! I quite like that soccer is a minority sport in this country. It keeps the idiots away. Well, most of the time.

  26. OBVIOUSLY people on an EPLtalk dot com article have a MUCH higher chance of liking both soccer and the NFL…so i feel most people here who like both saying this article is unfounded and garbage don’t realize they are in the minority…try going on a soccer article on the main page of espn dot com (not soccernet)…the amount of negative comments and feedback FAR outweigh anything else

  27. WHY spend anytime arguing this point? WHY compare sports? WHY not just enjoy your (world) football. YOU are not obliged to promote or defend soccer because you you are an American fan and you may know more than the drunkards on the terraces.

  28. I’m never really had trouble with people belittling soccer as a sport. What I mostly have to deal with is no one wanting to talk about soccer: I go to lunch with one of my work buddies and wants to talk about his fantasy (American) football team and I didn’t watch a single second of American football, but would love to talk about some soccer match from the weekend. Sigh…. such is life. It’s probably just as unrewarding for my work buddies.

    On a personal note, I just don’t enjoy American football the way I used to. I haven’t watched much of it in several years and when I recently caught a game, I was shocked at how uneventful I found the game: 6 seconds of action, 45 second between plays, commercials….oh my god the commercials!!! The fact that the game doesn’t end on time is HUGE. Soccer never pisses off my wife because I said I could come eat dinner in 10 minutes and then it takes 45 minutes.

  29. Who gives a rats a$$ if NFL fans like or dislike football.i would rather have quality fans over quantity.enjoy the EPL and don’t get caught up with who likes it or not.

  30. This is a poorly researched statement. Of course certain parts of the country will stick with this sentiment. But one could argue that these people are generally close-minded.

    I have loved the Packers (as well as the Brewers and Bucks) since I was three and I’ve been fortunate enough to go to many, many games. But you cannot tear me away from Manchester United, and it has been this way since the old Fox Sports World was first added to Time Warner (Milwaukee) back in late 2004.

    Stupid, ill-informed people generally make stupid, ill-informed comments. I don’t mind that they aren’t included with the masses that love soccer.

    I will be watching the Super Bowl this saturday for the same reason that I’ve watched every super bowl that didn’t involve the Packers: for the commercials.

  31. Are you a fan of American football and soccer? Yes- Im a Football Guy First, and always. Football is American Culture and My Culture. Soccer is a great game, I wish it was more physical like football and Basketball and other American friendly sports, but its not as tough. I followed soccer since mid 1980s as a lil kid, but even back then there really was not any exposure or tv or newspapers….

    What are some of your “favorite” anti-soccer statements? Todd lets be real here Soccer (only People) do the same thing in America and Abroad about Americans, so soccer isn’t a Victim, don’t preach it that way.

    1. You think basketball is more physical than soccer? Surely you jest. How many basketball players get stomped by a pair of cleats? And to what other “American friendly” sports do you refer?

      1. stomped in the cleats? thts mild, how about driving the lane or even defending the lane, in the paint, soccer doesnt have that intensity to match, finesse yes, but toughness no. yes i played.

  32. I’m a fan of both but I take watching MUFC more seriously. I will watch NFL games with friends IF MU isn’t playing because I do enjoy hanging out w/ friends and tailgating at games or going to a friends house to “watch” NFL. So I guess you can say I like the social aspect of it.

    But, if utd are playing, I watch it by myself, in the comfort of my home. I did take my friends to DC to watch utd and barca. They had a great time at the match. I didn’t expect them to be fans, but they enjoy watching it, but not full time, just because they won’t really follow a team. Every now and then some of my friends will text me or see me out and mention if I saw a certain goal, which I do appreciate. It happens more when ESPN2 shows EPL matches.

    I honestly do get offended when I hear the ignorant statements but there is no point to stoop to that level. I’m just thankful to be able to watch almost all of utd’s matches on TV.

    I’ll try to give intelligent criticism with NFL. There are certain things that I don’t like. The NFL fans claim how tough the league is, and it is, BUT it’s ironic how many rules there are now about how physical you can be, esp with QB’s. I also have a problem with how many breaks, “ref” timeouts, and the worst, which is how long it takes to “review” a certain call.

    I play in both flag football and soccer leagues. Ironically, the best flag football players I play with, used to play or still play soccer.

  33. My favorite sport is american football I grew up here so its my past time. I was introduced to fulham 2000’s when Dempsey first arrived and loved the WHITES ever since. Eventhough Dempsey is gone I will always hold a rich tradition futbol in my heart…after football season lol! GO WHITES!

  34. it’s NFL and MLB’s job to keep soccer from taking off in the states. This is the game of the future in the U.S.

    The only reason why soccer hasn’t penetrated mainstream acceptance is because the USMNT is mediocre. Americans can’t support losing teams. They’re the biggest bandwagoners in the world. This is the reason why MLS has never taken off after more than 15 years in existence. American soccer fans who are primarily EPL fans look down on MLS–the league is for losers, because American players are considered inferior by mainstream america.

    1. The first part was on point, but the 2nd part is mixed to blatantly incorrect.

      Yes the USMNT is mediocre but to say Americans don’t support losing teams? I know a few Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Chicago Cubs and long suffering Baltimore Orioles fans who would beg to differ on that point. Besides how is that different from anyone in the world that supports Barca or Man Utd? WINNING ATTRACTS MONEY regardless of where you are in the world. Someone new to a sport won’t automatically jump to support a team that is losing especially when they aren’t getting more than local attention.

      And as far as the MLS, I know PLENTY of EPL fans who also support the MLS and I guess if it’s for losers then you wouldn’t have talents like Thierry Henry or David Beckham supporting the league to give it much needed exposure.

      1. “Yes the USMNT is mediocre but to say Americans don’t support losing teams? I know a few Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Chicago Cubs and long suffering Baltimore Orioles fans who would beg to differ on that point”

        the USMNT hasnt captured the people’s (americans) imagination so far. and it soccer is competing to gain attention from other sports like basketball, football, baseball. don’t worry, all it really takes is for the USMNT to shock the world by making it to the world cup final four in brazil to turn america into a soccer (and MLS) loving country forever.

        if the USMNT fails, then soccer’s U.S. mainstream acceptance will be delayed by another 4 years.

        1. it hasnt partially because of exposure, but I can tell you, for the 2 times that the USMNT have played in the DC area in less than 2 years, the crowds for those venues have been sold out, so it’s hard to say that they haven’t exposed enough people when clearly they have.

      2. “And as far as the MLS, I know PLENTY of EPL fans who also support the MLS and I guess if it’s for losers then you wouldn’t have talents like Thierry Henry or David Beckham supporting the league to give it much needed exposure”

        it was a good try for them to boost MLS, but as you can see, their presence did little to help MLS in the ratings. EA’s FIFA series and EPL did more to promote the sport for americans.

  35. Football is far more sanitized than in the 70s, 80s, and even early 90s. It’s practically a non-contact sport and eventually will be given the proliferation of diving, rolling around, acting and bleating that modern fans accept as ‘normal’ behavior. The NFL fans have a point on this score.

    For sheer physicality and brutality rugby is where it’s at. 6 Nations starts this weekend, can’t wait! You don’t know what you’re missing.

    1. Would love to see Scotland knock off England, but the chances of that actually happening are somewhere between slim and none…..and Slim has left town.

      BBC America, 11:00 a.m., Sat.!

      1. I can’t see it, Scotland are in transition and from what I can tell their coach is a stopgap. That said it was only a couple of years ago they shocked England and won the Calcutta Cup.

        Be interesting to hear off any first timers on here who may watch the match.

  36. The lack of exposure is what the real issue was in the US, which is now growing at a very rapid rate.

    Footy will always be my first love, been watching since I was a young with Italia 90 being my first memories. One of the major problems as a kid growing up in the 90’s is finding games to watch. All my European Footy exposure was 1 or 2 Serie A games a week on RAI an Italian channel. It wasn’t till 96 that I first heard of the Premier League when Asprilla headed over there, being a fellow Colombian, and it wasn’t till Fox Sports World, on some odd channel, began showing games and my exposure to Manchester United was at full swing after the 98 world cup.

    I grew up with all those stereotypes of Footy and picked up on a lot of your mainstream American sports because of it.

    I think we can’t point at NFL fans specifically but I can understand why sports fans in this country are quick to bash the sport if that is what they grew up knowing.

    I remember one of my teammates in HS , who happened to be very tall, was approached by the Basketball team head coach and told him to “quit that pansy of a sport, I can use your height on my team”. He loved Footy and didn’t quit but if adults are putting that pressure on us as kids, I could see where they get that mentality from. Kids also follow sports because they have someone they look up to or are a fans of. Very hard back then to find sports heroes that were American since their exposure in the states was so limited.

    Now the exposure of Footy is unreal, I am literately living a Dream with all my footy channels, the various leagues from Europe and S.America and not having to pay PPV to watch United or go to Bars to watch my national team because it is on Closed Circuit Tv. Our current generation of kids are growing up with this exposure, so I think the future is bright for Footy in this country.

    As for your current “bashers”, I say exposed them little by little. I’ve converted quite a few by showing them subtle clips when I can, explain how the fan’s support teams, or exposed them to even some of the gossip. (Balotelli is great for this). I finish them off by taking them to a pub in NYC which is well known for its banter and chanting or if I can a real match.

    As for your mainstream American sports, I’ve personally have lost a lot interest. A good part of it is that I have so much Footy to focus on but I also feel sports like Baseball or American Footy are not at par with what I watched growing up. Perhaps there is a difference from watching it as a kid than as a adult. Regardless, my motto always been, I’ll respect your interests as long as you respect mine.

    Never posted on this blog but I’ve been following it for years. Thank Gaffer for keep it up and running. Your pdf of watching a live match in the UK was very helpful when I crossed the Atlantic to Old Trafford.

  37. Another year and another boring, dull, tiresome, tedious,
    insipid excuse for a so called sporting event. Hey everyone it’s
    the stupidbowl! Where fat, dumb, obnoxious, people eat crap, drink
    weak beer, high five each other, chant YOUESSAY! YOUESSAY!,
    (because they lack character and intelligence to come up with
    anything else) and say, “it’s f**kin beautiful maaaan”! We catch
    the 30 second highlights on our sports news channel in the morning,
    yawn, and with a begrudging sense of empathy think to ourselves is
    this all you have to get excited about? With a wry smile on our
    faces. We watch REAL football. The one that does what it says on
    the tin and is played with the feet. And has been since 1862 when
    the 1st football club ‘Notts County FOOTBALL club was established
    by working class people in England. That prick name you dipshits
    call it was coined by toffee nosed ponces who play rugby 1st called
    it to differentiate it from what they game they had invented (I
    like rugby by the way). Working class people call it football,
    always have and always will. Anyway, champions league starts again
    this month and the mecurial Lionel Messi. Premier League forever
    and long live the Stamford Bridge blues!!!!!!!!

    1. not even half time at the Super Bowl and it’s basically over. that’s what i love about footy. a team can be down 0-2, 0-3, and it takes just one moment out of the blue for the game to be back on.

      if the 49’ers can catch up, i’ll eat crow……don’t get me wrong…american football has many comebacks, but it’s very gradual and takes a while…

    2. It’s no wonder a pathetic, limp-wristed, womanly continent such as Europe would love a game as effeminate as soccer. We’ll stick to manly sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey in the U.S., thank you very much.

  38. Of course we hate soccer. We hate it because it’s boring, and it’s womanly. Who plays soccer in the United States? Little kids and women. There’s nothing more un-manly than a boring soccer game that will most likely end up in a tie, because those happen all the time in your boring, dumb sport. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget all the massive racism we see in soccer on a regular basis! So in addition to boring, soccer is racist too! Americans have too much common sense to like this pathetic “sport.”

    Why anyone would love this awful excuse for a sport is beyond me. You soccer lovers must be brain damaged or something.

  39. May I add my opinion why Soccer is unpopular here? My theory why Soccer is unpopular here in the US is because it’s mostly associated with “Soccer Moms” or suburban housewives who chose this sport for their children because it’s considered safe and kid-friendly. I know it’s not true, but media has promoted this notion and it’s practically ingrained in our heads. That is why NFL fans considered the sport “boring” and for “pansies”.

  40. Hi im native from Pakistan, would like to share my story while my times staying in America and regarding “American football” game so “I went to “America Chicago” last year, once i was at my cousins house he is American born , i wanted to go some place but my cousins were watchin the bears game so even i had to watch it, it was my first time watching a live game for the first time, i wanted to observe the game too was a bit excited, 1 hour later, i swear !!! I couldnt watched the game for even a second, the game was full of f*Kn breaks, it was totally shit, just a boring ass game ! I wonder why the countries never liked the game.

    While living in chicago, my cousin once begged me to play football with his friends cause they didn’t had enough players, but i said to him i wanted to play soccer because i loved soccer and was a club player in my city too, but later left due to studies, my cousin said no nobody play soccer here bro! your in America buddy !, so i had to play, it was my first time playing American football, and to be honest its was the worst time of my life, i wanted to have some fun playing the game, as i had expected from the game, i kept running and running while playing offense and making a run, but my cousin never throwed the ball at me to do a touch down, even after wen i told him to throw me, he kept throwing it to his friends, so i realised, its the game of favourism, not everyone can enjoy the game, so overall the game is shit !! As expected …

    One of my other cousin was also playing in that game he’s a native of Pakistan half American not born in America we both were childhood best friends played soccer alot wen we were kids , at the age of 11, my cousin moved to Chicago with his family 10 years ago and so he was also playing and he was actually good doing touch down cause of his speed. But told me how much he dislikes this game, cause some times they just dont throw him the ball, cause of the favourism, and so he had to play with them cause they beg him to play, he played good too and so they kept on insisting him to com and play. Otherwise he loves soccer to death, cause of the great fun and non stop game and everybody gets to play and pass the ball and score.

    Out of all the Americans sports, i loved basketball, i enjoyed it playing with kids around the blocks, was really fun and went to watch a Chicago bulls game too, it was awsome i enjoyed it alot, baseball is fine but not that much addictive, hockey is fine as well, but overall didnt liked NFL, too slow man, i would rather watch cooking shows over NFL game so yeah..

    Even in my country Pakistan, which is a cricket loving nation but over the years the kids have shown more interest in soccer and watch soccer more often then cricket, nobody watches IPL indian cricket league or the pakistani cricket league, in Pakistan every kid in the house watch EPL and La liga and champions league matches.. the kids hardly watch cricket if its a match between India and Pakistan, otherwise cricket is not much of a big part of their life then football is cause kids arrange their matches on sunday with local teams street soccer, 8 aside matches becoming popular amongst kids. Although the soccer madness started in 2003 wen pakistani channel started broadcasting EPL and champions league matches. So soccer is a growing sport in my country, although old farts and elders doesnt give much importance to soccer, they like cricket more.

    There is a division between kids who like cricket and football, the literate kids favourite sport is soccer on the other hand illiterate kids love cricket which are quite majority obviously. Although soccer will be the national sports in the future in Pakistan.

    Although regarding American football, its a sports of favouritism, thats why very few people love it. But i do not enjoy it one bit, the highlights are quite enjoyable while the team player doing a touch down otherwise is boring.

  41. Well I’m not here to start any promo campaigns or bash campaigns for either of the sports, because every sport has its fans, but I think there is one key thing some people are missing here, and that’s tradition.

    EPL and other leagues are leagues that are heavily built in tradition. The rivalries that have been going on in those leagues are deeply rooted and are a huge part of what’s made the league what it is.

    The same goes for American football. Rivalries and tradition are what has forged that sport on all levels, high school, college, and pro and are what continue to make the sport fun for its fans. That’s part of why it’s deeply rooted in fans over here.

    I would venture to say, fans who’ve grown up in communities close to where clubs such as Man U or Chelsea play, probably have a deep sense of pride in being close to the clubs and their love of the team will never die even if they become ex-pats at some point. Same with me, I grew up in Wisconsin very close to where the Packers play. I live in North Carolina now, long way away, but that’s a part of my culture that just sticks with me forever and won’t ever change.

    Now what I think may upset some American football fans, is when some EPL or other league fans come out of the closet and attempt to try and find reasons to call for American football to be banned from TV and people playing it. There are such people. I found an article today about this over here:

    By an EPL fan who even said she didn’t know how the game of American football yet felt the need to write that article. To each his own, but I think it’s dumb for someone to come out criticizing a sport they don’t know the rules and object of. And that goes both ways, someone who doesn’t understand soccer shouldn’t come out trying to give it the put down, and neither should someone who doesn’t understand American football.

    What I’m curious about is if any of this resentment on either of the two sports has anything to do with the NFL playing games in London. If so, you’d probably be pleased to know that most American fans are adamantly against playing games there, let alone the talk of establishing a team there. So for any UK folks who don’t like what the NFL is doing here, I guarantee you your American counterparts don’t either.

    I don’t know if the EPL has talked of bringing any expansion over to our shores, but I can imagine if they have that there are Brits who do not like that idea either. And to which I wouldn’t blame them. I think it’s ok to bring some exhibitions of different sports around the world, let people see firsthand how they’re played. But I don’t see the need for leagues either American or Foreign to globalize themselves in effort to achieve some sort of pie in the sky dream.

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