US International Brek Shea On Verge Of Signing Deal to Join Stoke City: The Nightly EPL

US international winger Brek Shea is poised to sign a deal to join Stoke City in the English Premier League for a transfer fee of $3.5 million, according to ESPN pundit Taylor Twellman.

The current FC Dallas footballer has been inconsistent at the club level, but has the potential to flourish given an opportunity to shine on the world’s stage. Shea previously was invited to train with Arsenal, but nothing resulted from his time at Arsenal’s Shenley Training Centre.

It appears that a medical is the only obstacle in Shea’s path from clinching a deal, but that should be straightforward. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that another American will be heading to the Premier League!

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34 thoughts on “US International Brek Shea On Verge Of Signing Deal to Join Stoke City: The Nightly EPL”

  1. A worrying trend seeing these up and coming US players going to Stoke. Klinsmann will be working overtime to rid them of their bad habits when they show up for international duty!

        1. Same could be said of Smokey’s comment regarding Stoke Gaffer.

          Generally if it isn’t top four then most Americans arent interested.

          Or is that too sweeeping a statement?

          1. I think it’s fair, but it’s too sweeping a statement to make about many Americans — especially on this site, where there are ones that support Fulham, QPR and other smaller clubs, including Stoke.

            The Gaffer

    1. haha. I think Klinsy can handle it and would imagine he’s thrilled that another one of his guys is getting a chance to play in the Prem.

      I don’t care who they play for, it can only help them and us in the end.

      1. It seems having a light hearted pop at Stoke is like having a go at Suarez with all these comments! And somehow you lot think I’m a yank too despite all my posts about England. Too funny.

  2. Lol Fergie planting the seed in the minds if the FA to get Luis the racist Suarez banned for admitting he cheated. I suppose if he wasn’t booked at the time the FA might still be able to charge him.

    1. Suarez is “racist”? News to me. And isn’t it a bit ironic Fergie talking about this at all considering he’s had some of the most prolific divers in the history of the game playing for him? Am I allowed to say “isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black”, or would you brand me racist for doing so?

    1. Just a draw, not sure what the odds are at the bookies for an alien invasion during the game that abducts the players and coaching staff of both teams, never to return. I would put at least a bullseye on that… never know

  3. So is he any good then. So long as he’s on a par with Super Geoff I’d be happy enough to stick him straight in the first team. Stoke had to negotiate over Geoff and local reports are the deal is on but will take time to get done with MLS trying to screw more out of it.

    Funnily enough I heard about this before Christmas from a source but hadn’t seen anything elsewhere so assumed it was a no go.

    I think Geoff Cameron’s good start and the fact he seems a first team fixture can only be attractive to MLS players we scout. I’d like to see us go for Holden (Geoff knocks about with him over here) but I’m not sure he’s the same player since that injury.

    I do know Pulis and the club in general are quite taken with MLS as a VFM market for players.

    1. When he is healthy and on form he is very good can be a bit patchy though with that form but very decent. I have high hopes for him as do many Americans

    2. An immature headcase with bucketloads of talent. Once he grows up he could turn out to be an excellent player. Has played almost every position since he became a professional, but looks best suited for the left wing. He crosses well and can finish. He’s also tall, which I’m starting think matters to Pulis.

      He also sports some of the worst takes on a mohawk you’ll ever see.

  4. First time I watched him was against Mexico when Klinsmann gave him his international debut. He was a sub came on in the second half and played in the left wing. Mexico were up by a goal and Shea came in and immediately started darting down the left creating havoc. He created US equalizer too. Even though he played less minutes you could see that he had what is needed at that level to succeed. Good young player who needs premier league experience to flourish and reach his high potential.

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