Chamakh Acted as Samir Nasri’s Bodyguard as Arsenal Fans Pelted Them With Abuse: The Daily EPL

Website 101 Great Goals has footage of Samir Nasri and Marouane Chamakh being abused by Arsenal fans on their way to yesterday’s match at the Emirates. Both Nasri and Chamakh decided to travel to the stadium together to watch the game, but while walking on foot, they were met by some angry Arsenal supporters — to such an extent, that Chamakh had to act as a bodyguard to protect Nasri.

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16 thoughts on “Chamakh Acted as Samir Nasri’s Bodyguard as Arsenal Fans Pelted Them With Abuse: The Daily EPL”

    1. this is embarassing! never thought id say this but i feel sorry for the guy now. should never have gone that far, great way to give arsenal a bad name.

    2. And the mercenary who abandoned a club that brought him into prominence and continually insults their fans has class?? Please…

    1. wise up,what happened?he was called a cupla names.hes lucky thats all it was.he was dumb enough to walk up the road wit the arsenal supporters.i take it yas are hari krishnas

  1. First its give united Van persie and now Arsenal, United, Spurs, and Liverfool want to put the shakles on Owners from spending on players with FFP Uefa style on the Premier league. The article that Matt Lawton wrote is correct in that all would be accomplished is never ending United League titles. Arsenal is United’s poodle dog. Its easy pay for a player or don’t pay a player and not worry what City or Abramovich is doing.

  2. I said as much would happen yesterday on the match day thread. As ever it got the thumbs down from the sophisticates.

  3. Every single fanbase has complete morons like these, it is embarrassing and unfortunate, but every single team in every single sport, has these people, its not just BPL, it is embarrassing. Whoever that muppet trying to get in Nasri’s face like that and trying to separate Nasri from Chamakh, what did he hope to achieve, what was he going to do? “Beat him up” LOL what a joke. and pointless.

    What it does show is the disconnect and bubble players live in where they think they should be able to walk among fans at a club where they are vilified. it doesn’t excuse the behavior but surely common sense has to enter the fray at some point.

  4. It really is a shame. I didn’t like the Nasri departure, but I would never treat him like that. It’s great to see players want to walk amongst fans; it’s like they are showing that they are not above us or better than us. And it’s this type of behavior that will make players think twice about wanting to walk amongst us.


    1. Well, when you insult the fans and constantly call them out in the media, they will treat you like $h!t. There are many players who walk in public and don’t get insults hurled at them.

  5. like i have always said it is a very short walk from being a fan and being a dust said all teams and all sports have these idiots nothing will ever change when people live thru their sports heroes life.

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