Arsene Wenger Says Ticket Prices Only Way Arsenal ‘Can Compete’: The Daily EPL

Sometimes I wonder who Arsene Wenger is trying to please — the supporters of the club who give their hard-earned wages to watch his team play, or the money cats in the Arsenal boardroom who want to generate as much money as possible.

After Arsenal — who already have the most expensive tickets in the Premier League — this week were criticized for their exorbitant ticket prices for away supporters at the Emirates, Wenger has now come out to defend the prices and says it’s the only way Arsenal can compete.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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6 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Says Ticket Prices Only Way Arsenal ‘Can Compete’: The Daily EPL”

  1. He has really lost it!
    We cannot compete in transfers wages or trophies!
    The only way we compete is the board and owners profits!!
    Board and Wenger our NOW!!!

  2. There is nothing out of line with their pricing. $100 for a ticket to a top flight match, in a state of the art venue, in London, is very reasonable.

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