Manchester City Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season Leaked [PHOTO]

A leaked photo of Manchester City’s new home shirt for the 2013-14 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The photo (pictured above) shows the brand-new Nike design. It’s the first from Nike, who are taking over from Umbro at the end of this season. The sky blue shirt features a white rounded collar with blue trim, while the cuffs on the shirt sleeves features the same white and dark blue combination.

While it’s a simple design, this is another example of an unimaginative design by Nike. It has no soul. It has no redeeming factors or memorable features. It’s a carbon copy Nike design that lacks creativity. It’s a poor effort from a company who has had a checkered past with their soccer shirt designs.

In addition to the Manchester City home shirt, new shirts have been leaked for Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

What do you think of the new shirt? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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34 thoughts on “Manchester City Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. How they can take such an iconic shirt and make it so damn boring is beyond me. Nike rarely, if ever, hits the design sweet spot – either bland or hideous.

  2. Oh my God. Did Stevie Wonder design this travesty, absolutely horrible. I wont be buying this for me or anyone else. Bad Bad Bad Bad

  3. i ALMOST like it. It has an interesring look to it, but something is missing from it. Hopefully they take some more cracks at it

  4. Heh….these leaked shirts always have the worst photography. I honestly wonder about the circumstances the photos are taken under. Is it like everyone in the room with THE SHIRT goes to the restroom and the culprit ducks into the conference room, wait while his iPhone’s camera app takes 10 seconds to load and then frantically snaps lousy picture before the folks come back from the bathroom?

  5. This is Nike’s first crack at the City kit. I doubt this is what they would come up with. Plus, even leaked shirts don’t ever come out this early. I don’t believe it.

    1. Leaked shirts do come out this early. In fact, they usually come out earlier than this. I don’t believe it’s their first crack. I believe it’s the real deal.

      The Gaffer

          1. It’s quite obvious this piece of shirt is not genuine, it’s way too early for it to even get leaked. Look at the ebroidered shield surrounding the badge, that went out of fashion in the 90’s! This shirt has been made in some sweat shop by 13 year old Thai kids so they can put it in a market stall somewhere in Bangkok so they can sell it to the masses of idiotic wankers who actually think its a real one or are too cheap to pay for an original. Come on people, this happens every year, have you not noticed the trend?

  6. The more I see kits, the more I realize how much better Umbro are at this than the others.

    Sometimes they’re outrageous (see 1990’s & GK kits) but they always try something significant. The recent “Tailored by Umbro” series has been fabulous.


    1. It lacks that certain homeliness that the current Manchester United shirt has, which can also be used to dry wet plates and cutlery upon.

      Mind you, at least it doesn’t look like the wearer is going to spontaneously engage in a spot of egg-chasing like the other offering from Trafford did a couple of season’s ago :)

    2. I have to temporarily suspend my “treat American plastic rags with only quiet contempt” rule to respond to this.

      So. Not enough going on up there in Michigan (IIRC) so that you have to constantly run smack about how YOUR club is just so great? Like what was your thought process? Oooooh! I’ll follow an EPL club! I’ll pick MAN UNITED so that I can glory hunt trophy after trophy and go around talking junk to other people!

      I’m American but I go to matches in England multiple times a year and have for the better part of a decade. I’ve come to know some Mancunian Reds who are pretty good guys, all things considered.

      One of them showed me a picture of his granddad at the OT in 1939. And then him with his dad and graddad in 1976. And you know what? THOSE GUYS UTTERLY HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. ALL OF THEM DO. EVERY LAST ONE THAT I HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO HATES PLASTIC RAGS LIKE YOURSELF. They have contempt for you.

      So next time you talk junk to City or LFC or whoever before prancing about your Mom’s basement in your sparkling new Van Pervy shirt, just think on the fact that real Reds would rip the likes of you apart and sell you for scrap. Verbally, if you’re lucky. But some of those boys are pretty rough characters and it might even go past that.

  7. That looks very fake. It looks like the kind of knock-off you would buy from some street vendor. If it is real, then very embarrassing effort by Nike.

  8. Looks like $hit as usual then again Utds new top isn’t exactly the best either. The last couple of “leaked” jerseys that’s been posted here have turned out to be accurate.

    It amazes me how a company like Nike can continue to design such ugly jerseys year after year. It will be interesting to see if the Glaizers stay with Nike or jump ship to Adidas when our deal with Nike expires. Whoever we end up with its going to cost the a boat load of money to be associated with us again.

  9. what a pile of tosh, no chance that this is the kit for next season, i would put my house on it! first off it won’t have that around the badge! codswallop if you ask me :-)

  10. Absolute sh*t design, boring, no style..Its like going back 20 years.. I thought the Rags current picnic table shirt was bad but this is a very close second….Get rid of NIKE

  11. i can’t actually believe people think this is gonna be the kit and are saying how bad it looks, ’cause it really isn’t going to be the kit for next season i guarantee! some people

  12. Even as a MUFC supporter I agree that this is a DRY looking kit. I really wonder about Nike sometimes. I even hate some of the design changes they made when taking over the NFL this season.

  13. Hahaha no chance! Not even Nike could make such a poor looking shirt. Quality wise it looks like one of those knock off shirts from Thailand that float around on ebay all the time, not a sausage! No chance will this be real.

  14. Nike kits lack style, just look at the rags checked effort umbro by far the best there is .. shame on city ill stick to the retro shirt from now on

  15. nike sucks go with Adidas. they have screwed up the NFL jerseys with a fake collar with some of the teams awful. plus they still back L armstrong.

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