Luis Suarez Handles Ball to Help Liverpool Score Second Goal Against Mansfield in FA Cup [GIF]

Luis Suarez has done it again.

With the FA Cup match at 1-0 to Liverpool against Mansfield, and the Stags edging closer to causing a shock draw, the Uruguayan and Liverpool striker scored Liverpool’s second goal Sunday.

However, it was blatantly obvious that Luis Suarez handled the ball by batting it down after the Mansfield goalkeeper saved the initial shot. Unfortunately the referee and assistant referee missed the handball.

If you remember, Suarez handled the ball on the line during the 2010 World Cup quarter-final where Uruguay went on to win the match.

71 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Handles Ball to Help Liverpool Score Second Goal Against Mansfield in FA Cup [GIF]”

  1. Unbelievable how he gets away with it.. It’s not like it was the first time either, he is a career cheat. I’m sure Rodgers will deny any wrongdoing on his players part.

    Also LFC fans you should be embarrassed with the singing of “your support is f***** s***” after the 96 seats they left open with names in honouf of the 96… Completely classless of LFC.. Poor showing

    1. Again, double standard. Was it a handball, yeah pretty much; his hands were in the air and it deflected the save. Should have been called. But what should he have done otherwise?

      Handballs not called are against a ref, not the player. If he had stopped playing and the ball was then saved people would be complaining that he had given up or whatever.

      1. Wow looks like anti LFC bandwagon is in full force tonight, especially the scum patrol.
        Y’all shout we are small club but I wonder why all the other team fans spend soo much time discussing abt LFC topics.

        Dust I have got three words for you ” Gareth cheating Bale”

        1. LOL…
          Mr M Owen You should be annoyed and frustrated, but not at people for pointing out the consistency and rap sheet Suarez has, but at Suarez himself for being that way and the source of the criticism.

          That said, to honestly suggest that Bale going to ground when traveling at speed is the same as Suarez is quiet ridiculous.

          If and when Bale deliberately bites an opponent on the neck, deliberately handles the ball on the line to stop a sure fire goal, jumps in the air from a standstill position and go to ground like an extra in a hong kong kung fu flick and appeal for a free kick or pen, deliberately handle the ball to score a goal or racially abuse some one…

          I WILL absolutely label him a cheat, But I think you know it is highly unlikely of Bale… there is Suarez out on his own…

          i’m not “Bandwagoning”, Im sure you can find posts of me always feeling that way about Suarez even after they initially signed him as I had already seen the biting, deliberate handball & diving.

          I havent even mentioned the 3 other blatant penalty calls for handball by LFC players that were not called, calls that get given every other week in the prem.

    2. LFC fans didn’t sing that, you tool. Don’t spout out nonsense without having actual facts. That’s from some clueless hater on Twitter.

      And anyone with half a brain can realize that he didn’t do it on purpose. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but the ref needs to blow it dead.

    3. It’s amazing that Suarez had the brainpower to come up with that scheme in a millisecond. Just the pure brain of a cheater to figure out that he should hand the ball and pull his hand back at exactly the same time. Sheer brilliance.

      That’s what the people calling him a cheat for this are essentially arguing.

    4. f$%^^^ moron you bellend , it was the home fans singing that, you utter piece of sh*t, you clueless moron, get you facts right

  2. Criminal refereeing. Mansfield deserved two penalties prior to the Suarez “goal.” Is this the romance of the FA Cup they keep talking about?

    1. agreed for a 5th tier team I thought they looked damned good to boot- Geohagon – a beast looking to see him at higher levels soon
      Mansfield Town could have beaten a lot of teams today

      +++ home kit
      not so much -CEO dancing

    1. Very well articulated…lol…. and NO, you are wrong, it WAS the LFC fans singing it. As gor the Suarez bandwagon! LoL! be delusional if you want but all evidence & record of his from the bitting onwards, previous deliberate handball incidents like in the World Cup … It’s not like all of the incidents I reference didn’t happen.

      Your post is the joke for trying to defend the career cheat when all evidence points to you being wrong. Add you being unable to present a point with out a personal insult… You should be embarrassed for many reasons as an LFC fan after today’s game, but now you can add your post to the list….Internet tough guy & chief cheat defender…lol

      1. internet tough guy? stop talking out your a*se. probably an arm chair fan. what about people like fergie, gets away with murder an should have got a ban the other week but no one says anything because everyone has their tongues so far up his rim

        1. LMAO I am a fan of arm chairs, aren’t you? but I don’t think I’m unique. I say Internet tough guy as you resort to insults as the first words in your post. I’m pretty sure in person that would not be the case…

          What SAF did & what Suarez continually does is imo is completely different, & not relevent at all to Suarez cheating.

          1. no i wasnt their today, but considering im 19 paying for a season ticket and i go to as many away games as i can, i dont think you can say much about me not going todays game

          2. Well why use that insult on a US website?

            Hope you were there on boxing day then and enjoyed our hospitality. You lot looked like you enjoyed it for all of 5 minutes, I don’t know what fizzled out first your flare or your team. Both were a bit of a damp squib.

          3. Perhaps Joe can design and organize the distribution of football fan legitimacy cards.

            It has your name, team, and how many times you have gone to games on it, obviously those that have never been to a game of the club they support have not right to an opinion. LOL (Heavy sarcasm above)

            19 huh with a season ticket good for you.. so I was going to Spurs for 11 years before you were even born.. 30 years of support, 20 years of going, 10 of that as a season ticket holder (Paxton Road)…

            All that paragraph above tells you is I have been to games and I too can be condescending if i want…that is it.

            It doesn’t mean your opinion is any less or more valid because i have been to more games… obviously you disagree and good for you…

    2. I would direct you to watch a different angle, or perhaps that one slowed down. Ex:
      You can CLEARLY see that his hand was moving toward the ball, not away from it.
      I would give him the benefit of the doubt, or call it an “accident” if he hadn’t shown that he is more than willing to cheat in order to win in the past. It has nothing to do with what team he plays for, behavior like this simply shouldn’t be tollerated (neither should SAF’s abuse of the officials). It doesn’t belong in the top flight.

      1. No, dont watch it slowed down. Watch it at full speed and then tell me you could do that intentionally. And if you could, you sir…. are SUPERMAN!!

      2. So Suarez somehow KNEW that the ball was going to strike his right arm even before it caromed off the keeper’s leg, eh? Because what you can ALSO see in that replay is that his arm was up PRIOR to the keeper making the save, as Suarez shifted to the right.

        1. It was up before the keeper made the save. And then it travels down, hits the ball, and THEN moves back. That’s exactly how I would do it if I didn’t want to get caught.

          1. That makes… NO sense. You would put your hand up ready for the ball to bounce back off the keeper..? Or, are you implying “just in case i don’t score, it might hit my hand”? That makes less sense than him having Superman-speed reactions. You don’t maneuver your body to try and score a goal AND have your hand in place to stop a rebound. How do you figure that out? Watch it again at full speed, and keep an open mind this time

          2. I meant that his hand was already up for some other reason(balance? waving to his fans?). But he took advantage of the situation and moved to hit the ball down.

  3. I’d say it shows how poor Liverpool were that it took resorting to that to beat a non league side. To say they are an erratic side is being polite. Hopefully Studger will provide the class they’re missing.

    1. Yes, they purposefully resorted to handballs. In fact, I know for a fact they practiced that for 2 hours on Friday.

      What absolute utter tosh.

      Have you never seen a top flight team struggle to beat a lower league side in the FA Cup before? Are you new to football? Especially given the pitch.

      Football fans are 90% stupid.

      1. I’m sure Suarez wasn’t told to cheat, (I think Liverpool as a club has much more class than that, but we will see by how the club reacts to the goal) but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t deliberate on his part.
        Mansfield at least deserved a replay out of this match (although I will admit, I think Liverpool would have won).

  4. He’ll never get the benefit of the doubt but it does look like he is trying to get his hand out of the way. Either way, how none of the officials called it is yet another example of poor refereeing.

    1. …or poor choices by the FA or whomever that refuse to allow replays on goals. Oversights will happen, which is why replay is a good thing. It was a disgraceful thing to have happen.

      Most of the refs calls went in favor of L’pool. A really tough outcome for a small squad that really could have used (and deserved) a replay an Anfield.

  5. How anyone can think its deliberate is beyond me. He has a quarter of a second at a distance of about a yard to watch where the ball is rebounding, after shooting at goal, move his arm to a place that will cushion the ball into his path and then score. Yes, it might look deliberate when slowed down, but if you honestly think he has the reaction time to do that then he must have the greatest reactions out of anyone on the face of the planet. If you think about it logically, and actually watch his arm, it was just sheer luck. You can see his reaction times aren’t that fast because watch how long it takes for him to try and move his arm away when in slow motion

    1. Spot on. He would have about a millisecond to pull his hand down to avoid the rebound. It defies human physiology to move that quickly. No one is saying Luis hasn’t had his controversies in the past, but this isn’t one of them. The blame falls squarely on the linesman and referee for blowing a blatantly obvious call.

      1. just like all his other hand balls and let us not forget biting another players ear.split second decision bite or not bite

        1. So, all his other “intentional” hand balls have defied the laws of science. Wow, thanks for the insider knowledge….

  6. Suarez intentionally batted the ball down then attempted to swing his arm away to cover his actions. It’s in a strikers DNA to gain any advantage(remember Henri against Eire) and Suarez has done it before. The linesman should be suspended,my Grandmother would have seen that and she’s been dead for 30 years.

    Suarez is a very good player but continually lets himself down. As the winning manager it’s actually in Brendan Rodgers power to call for a replay. Let’s see if he’s man enough.

      1. “are you saying Suarez does in fact have reaction times much faster than has ever been recorded?”

        No doesn’t look like I said that at all does it?. Let me rephrase for you -Suarez is a cheat.

        1. Ok, you didn’t say that. I’m just curious as to how you can explain the fact that he reacts to something faster than any man ever has done before. Your brain CANNOT work at such a speed. I thought you might have worked out what my statement was getting at, not taken it literally…

          1. I would like to see a source of some kind of study (preferably done by an independent third party) that would support this outrageous claim you keep making.

            I will also settle for a picture of a PhD(I’ll even settle for a masters) in whatever field makes you qualified to make that statement yourself.

    1. There was NOTHING intentional about today’s handball, at all, in any possible way. You can clearly see that he’s shifting his weight to the right and his arm naturally rises BEFORE the shot even caroms off the keeper. In order for it to be “intentional” Suarez would basically have to be clairvoyant. No, today it all comes down to really poor officiating.

      1. a strikers job is to score – Suarez did his job, it’s other’s job to make the call. If no one wants him send him over to White Heart Lane I’d be glad to have the problem. If this was someone else say…Rooney- much less vitriol and hand ringing. Mansfield Town should be getting the attention for their outstanding play not the call. Focus on the possitive not the gossip rag garbage that some on this site love so much

        1. Mansfield did play outstanding. Which is exactly why the attention needs to be on the non-call. Because they deserved to get at least a replay out of the match. Its not “gossip rag garbage.” Its people upset that a team that out performed itself was outdone by a player who has a reputation for cheating who just happened to “accidentally” handball this time.

          1. The sensationalist headline of this article along with added GIF and unbalanced write-up is what I’d call gossip rag garbage. Didn’t realise it was a tabloid site now that showed bias from the author.

            Mansfield may have played better in the second half and would have loved a big pay day that a trip to Anfield would have brought… but it didn’t happen. Luck of the game.

            Suarez is very much a pantomime villain. If he’s on your team then you love him. If he’s not then you take any opportunity to jump on the bandwagon to slate him. Reminds me of somebody like Eric Cantona in that respect actually.

            1. Paul, you’re having a laugh. How is the headline sensationalist? It describes exactly what happened. The added GIF is to show readers what exactly happened in the match.

              The Gaffer

          2. Not having a laugh at all. How is it not sensationalist? It’s tabloid tat. Your GIF clearly leaves no doubt especially for people watching it for the first time. Played at full speed and in more length, it opens up another viewpoint.

            Played in real time it hardly shows it as being a cold calculated act. Suarez did what any player would have instinctively done and carried on with play… I’m sure he was surprised as me that the officials did sod all.

            Even though I’m adamant it wasn’t intentional, I’d be fine for him getting a yellow for scoring when he knew full well it should have been called… but he’s there to carry on until hearing the whistle.

            Good thing here is that Suarez couldn’t give a sh*t while the feeding frenzy goes on and good on him.


        He doesn’t score, and he might not have thought, “I’m going to hand this in,” but he doesn’t exactly have a good reason to have his hand in the air. Doesn’t look off balance. The official obviously didn’t think it was deliberate, but it doesn’t look good when you look at all of the bad publicity he has had.

  7. A few words from Paul Cox, Mansfield manager:

    ‘He’s a great fabulous talent, I’d go pay to watch him week in and week out. He’s a wonderful player.’

    Cox also insisted he did not feel cheated, saying: ‘No I don’t. For me to come out and say something like that I think would be quite cheap.

    ‘If it had gone in the other end and one of our players had done it I think we’d have accepted it. This is the FA Cup, this is the beauty of it, sometimes it goes for you, sometimes it doesn’t.

    ‘It’s a beautiful game and for me he’s a fabulous talent and for this country we’re lucky to have him here. I don’t think we should call him for doing something that I think 99 out of 100 players would do.’

    Nothing to see here.

  8. I put much more blame on the officials than the player. Anyone watching from virtually any angle could see it was a handball.

    People who are still upset about the handball in the World Cup are idiots. It was whistled correctly, he was red carded, a penalty was awarded and failure to win that match rests entirely with Ghana.

    1. How on Earth can you condone an act of cheating?

      Yes, Ghana choked away the penalty, but the simple fact is that they did the hard work in open play, and Suarez blatantly broke the rules in order to try to save Uruguay. Frankly, it was just plain wrong and the act of someone that is highly immature.

      1. It is the same as hacking down an opponent to deny a goal scoring opportunity. It is like you people don’t realize the right call was made and a penalty given.

        What he did was wrong but he was punished. It is like you wish they had changed the rules midstream and just awarded a goal.

        If you are awarded a penalty in the dying moments of extra time, miss it, then go on to blow shots in the shootout you don’t deserve to play a world cup semi final

    2. it is an extremely bitch move. I could care less if the right call was made, Uruguay didn’t deserve it any more than Ghana did. Hacking down an opponent that is in on goal is equally as dumb

  9. It is asking too much in this day and age to have players not try and get as much advantage, legally or illegally, to score a goal or prevent the other team from scoring. That’s just the way it is now. It is up to the officials to get the call right. They need help and instant replay for all goals will help. While players are celebrating I’m sure instant replay could be used in that same time to get the call right.

    Suarez is not alone in trying to get away with doing something that is not allowed. Every team has players that would do what Suarez did.

    Even in cricket these days players no longer are gentlemanly and walk off when they know they are out. Cricket now uses instant replay. It’s absolutely mind-boggling that soccer doesn’t.

  10. It’s seems that no matter what Suarez does the British media will find fault with it. He did what players have been doing ever since the beautiful game was invented.
    Can anyone say honestly that they have never had a player on their team ever to gain an advantage by doing something against the rules?
    If the answer is yes then you are either 1. A liar or 2 In denial.

  11. so if i am to believe you pool fans the FA colluded with Evra and your cheating striker never said anything racist to Evra. the way you come out of the woodwork to defend your favorite punk and your huge away against a non conference side the champagne should be flowing tonight.what a joke go back to mid table. so will Rodgers and the other players come out in the next Cup match with t-shirts that say IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL!

  12. The Mansfield manager deserves credit for being honest about the goal. Here’s what he said:
    [“I don’t want to be too hard to him because he’s a fantastic player and it was instinctive but look at the reaction of all the other players,” Paul Cox, the Mansfield manager, said.

    “Ours all ran to the referee shouting handball while Suárez blasts the ball into the net in a way that says: ‘Yeah, I handled it and the ref’s going to rule it out.’ I’m a little bit gutted because I think we warranted something out of the second half.” But Cox admitted he would have accepted a goal scored like that by one of his players: “I can’t be two-faced on that.”]

    Liverpool manager admitted it was a handball and said it is up to the officials to rule for a handball.

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