Sunderland Suspend Season Ticket Holders Due to ‘Persistent Standing’

Sunderland Football Club have suspended season ticket holders who have been persistently standing at the Stadium Of Light.

The above photo shows one of the seats at the stadium where a season ticket holder has been suspended. The actions are being taken to force Sunderland supporters to sit in their seats instead of standing.

“Naturally we want to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone at the Stadium of Light and we’d ask supporters to listen to requests from stewards and help us to eradicate persistent standing for the sake of all fans,” said Sunderland’s head of safety and security Paul Weir.

It’s not known yet how many Sunderland season ticket holders have been affected by the club’s decision to crack down on supporters who persistently stand.

My issue with Sunderland’s policy is that the enforcement of no standing is not consistent throughout the league. That’s not an issue that Sunderland can control, but the Premier League needs to do something about it league wide instead of just pretending it doesn’t happen. Large crowds of home supporters at clubs such as Manchester City, Stoke, Manchester United, Tottenham and several other clubs persistently stand. The Premier League needs to decide whether the policy of standing should be enforced or not. If the league is lax on the ruling, then the next logical step would be to allow safe standing in Premier League grounds. But that will never happen.

What are your thoughts about the topic? Should Sunderland be applauded or ridiculed for their decision? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Sunderland Suspend Season Ticket Holders Due to ‘Persistent Standing’”

  1. I’m not sure I really even understand why standing is an issue…what’s wrong with everyone standing, watching, singing and having a good time?

    1. To play devil’s advocate, for those who want to sit and enjoy a match, they’re paying good money to sit in their seats but their view is often blocked by people standing in front of them.

      The Gaffer

      1. The people who stand do so in whole sections nobody but nobody stands on their own. If this is right Sunderland are cutting there noses off to spite they’re faces especially looking at their attendances. Expect to see the everyone there standing just to show the owners who the bosses really are. Near enough every premier side has huge areas of people that stand back to front.

      2. I got one for ya Gaffer is that person’s money that wants to sit worth more than the person’s that wants to stand? I don’t see a problem with standing in front of someone unless it is a kid or someone with a medical condition that prevents them from standing.

        1. These areas are basically all standing where the hard core fans go. You don’t get little kids and old people there that’s why they buy there. It’s is the loudest most atmospheric place in any ground. All atmospheres have been ruined by seating in the English game and English clubs are easily out sung by the others around Europe this was never the case pre Hillsborough as they are mostly standing it makes a big difference.

          At my club two seasons ago. A steward did this to an older fan who said why you picking on me, the man started to have what seemed a hart attack this nearly caused a riot!! The next game the whole stand stood up and sung about cowardly thug stewards. Now people stand with NO problems. Because what can they do?

    1. Sunderland have just dragged one fan out of the whole section to try to make an example of, hence the label to show others there! Again one person won’t stand on his own as everyone around him would go nuts this is from a section that all clubs have that stand usually next to the away fans who also usually all stand as that’s what happens. Clubs get fined for it but only small amounts and now and then want to be seen to be trying. People here seem a bit confused about this it seems.

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