Is This Manchester United’s New Home Shirt for the 2013-14 Season? [PHOTO]

A photo of what appears to be Manchester United’s new home shirt for next season has been leaked on the Internet.

Designed by Nike, the new Manchester United home shirt features a black button down shirt collar as its most distinctive new feature. The rest of the shirt is red all over except for the shirt manufacturer and sponsor logos.

Overall, the shirt design is — in my opinion — better than the tablecloth design that Manchester United is wearing this season. The new shirt design is simplistic, but the collar design makes it different enough to be memorable. Perhaps with the shirt unbuttoned slightly, it would look more impressive.

Next season will be the last that Aon will sponsor Manchester United’s jersey. New sponsors Chevrolet will begin sponsoring United’s shirt in the 2014-15 season.

What do you think of the shirt design for Manchester United’s new home shirt? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

H/T Utd Football.

21 thoughts on “Is This Manchester United’s New Home Shirt for the 2013-14 Season? [PHOTO]”

  1. I think it’s hideous!
    I’ll keep wearing the 12/13 Away “Giggs”

    I’m sure it will look better with the GOLD BPL patch on the sleeves though!
    Glory Glory!!

  2. Lame. It looks exactly like a polo shirt I ordered last year from the Megastore. Least they could do is add a bit of black to the arm tips.

    I actually like this years shirt, it is different, and doesn’t look too shabby in person. It could be worse – they could’ve chose a design similar to the England National Teams keeper design. THAT’S atrocious.

  3. Would look better with the full collar. However, it looks better than the current home shirt, though that’s not saying much for something that could pass for a lumberjack’s picnic table cloth.

  4. This season I chose to buy the home kit over the away one, next season I will change my mind,this shirt is awful though the leaked away one looks impressive.

  5. This is jersey is ridiculously hideous, it will be another season without buying the official kit for me. I’ll keep wearing my 2007/2009 jersey, arguably one of the best designs.

  6. Gaffer,

    This is the real one. I happened to go to Nike Store (official Nike store) this morning and had a nice chat regarding jerseys and he mentioned they already had the new United kit in stock. He said “I can show it to you and you can buy it if you want to. We haven’t displayed it because we still have quite a lot of last season’s kit here”.
    I was surprised to see the same kit shown to me :)

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