Worst Premier League Team of the 2012-13 Season So Far

Since we’re almost halfway through the 2012-13 Premier League season, I wanted to share my worst Premier League team for the season thus far. While there have been some incredible footballers this season, there have also been a lot of very mediocre performances.

This was a lot harder to put together than it looks namely because there were several other players that deserved to be in the side, but I had to pick one person per position. Some of the people on the bench include John Arne Riise, Pepe Reina, Joe Cole, Davide Santon and several other QPR footballers.

What do you think of the 11 footballers named? Are there any missing that should have been included, or do you disagree with any of my suggestions? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

47 thoughts on “Worst Premier League Team of the 2012-13 Season So Far”

    1. He’s scored two goals all season, one of which was against QPR. And the other was in a 3-0 win against Newcastle. I wouldn’t call those big goals.

      He’s been awful this season. And if it wasn’t for Wayne Rooney, Jonny Evans’ defensive mistakes against Reading, in particular, would have been scrutinized more closely.

      The Gaffer

        1. Are you sure you’re watching Johnny Evans of Man U and not another team??? Johnny Evans has been highly inconsistent and very error prone often leading to easy goals for the opposition. Many a times, he is also caught ball watching.

  1. Reina has been FAR from the worst keeper this season and should not have even been considered. He has kept several clean sheets and was injured. Of course he has not been at his best, but there are plenty of teams that would take him in a second.

  2. Also, Joe Cole? He hasn’t even played and he has scored in his two significant appearances. I want him off the roster of LFC, but how he makes this list is beyond me.

    1. Joe Cole was also listed on the bench. It was between him and Downing, and Downing has had more playing time than Cole to show how pitiful he’s been yet again.

      The Gaffer

  3. I would have to say Torres shouldnt be there. Ok, when he plays bad its pretty woeful but he has 11 goals this season and 6 in the prem . Same as Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Juan Mata and Gareth Bale. I know he isnt amazing atm. but there are worse. Cisse (QPR) perhaps?

    1. Take away the goals that Torres scored against woeful teams Sunderland and Nordsjaelland, and his goal stats don’t look so impressive.

      The Gaffer

      1. This is hair-splitting. Take away the goals RVP scored against ‘woeful’ teams like Southhampton (3), Cluj (2), Reading and Sunderland and his record goes from outstanding to average. These are still goals no matter who you score them against. After all you win EPL by consistently beating teams you are expected to beat and scoring goals you are expected to score.

        Do you feel that Balotelli was more impressive than Torres so he didn’t make the team?

        1. The article is about the worst players of the Premier League season. Torres’s goals against Nordsjaelland don’t come into the equation. Balotelli has been poor this season, netting two goals in the Premier League. But based on my opinion, I think Torres is playing worse than Balotelli over the course of the season thus far.

          The Gaffer

          1. I understand that this is your opionion and agree that Torres hasn’t been particularly impressive this season. But I wouldn’t consider him the worst striker in EPL atm more like C+ average. I’m curious what makes rate Baloteli’s performance above Torres. At least, Torres has had some really good games particularly against Newcastle, Arsena, Norwich and Sunderland and he scored some important goals for Chelsea. As for Balotelli I cannot recall any game that he was even marginally good. To be honest I’m a bit puzzled by this animosity towards Torres.

            1. There’s no animosity towards Torres. I rate him as a brilliant player. It’s just that, over the course of the season, his confidence was shot although he’s improved lately. Torres being worse than Balotelli so far this season is a reflection of my personal opinion after seeing the footballers play this season.

              The Gaffer

    1. No, I’m not kidding. Have you watched him this season? He’s better than last season, but still very poor. If not Evans, who would you propose should fill his spot?

      The Gaffer

  4. You cannot actually believe this is the Worst Premier League Team of the season as most of those players would come from the teams near the relegation zone. I think what you mean is it is the Most Underperforming (or Overrated) Team of the Season as there have been many players worse than these over the season. The fact is that all of your players have played better in the past or just have not reached the level their reputation should suggest they should be at. Putting Torres in, for example, is silly. Despite not being at his best, granted, he has still scored 6 Premier League goals and he would walk in to at least 16 of the other 19 Premier League teams. Where’s Kenwyne Jones? Gareth McCleary?

    1. Just because players are in a team that is in the relegation zone doesn’t mean that those individual players are the worst. There are several players from Wigan, QPR and Reading who are having good seasons despite their team’s poor form.

      The Gaffer

      1. Huh? Teams are collections of players, and if a team is at the bottom of the table, although that doesnt mean every player on the team is at the bottom of the league, it stands to reason that more than a few of them must be. These are mostly recognizable names at bigger clubs that are (arguably) underperforming. I agree Most Dissapointing Team of the season would be a better description.

        1. I disagree. Take QPR for example. Was it Mark Hughes who failed to motivate the players and failed to communicate how best to play as a team that was at fault, or was it the individual footballers who were to blame? Just because QPR is near the foot of the table doesn’t mean that all of the players were performing poorly.

          The Gaffer

  5. I can confirm the validity of the Arsenal selections. Santos, Ramsey, and Gervinho are having terrible seasons.

    According to Arsenal.com, Ramsey has signed a long-term extension to stay at the club. Wenger, Gazidis, and co. should have waited and made Ramsey earn his new deal.

  6. Must say that is not fair on Torres. 6 goals and 5 assists on the season in the Premier League.

    Aguero has arguably been no better (6 goals and 1 assist) and while he has played less minutes he hasn’t scored against top opposition as he failed to net against Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Yes, one against Spurs, but Torres netted versus Arsenal to cancel that one out.

    How about Olivier Giroud?

    1. I would even suggest that Torres has been one of the most improved players this season in the league. I didn’t check the numbers, but I would think that his scoring record has drastically improved since last season.

  7. Koscielny? You’ll run across people saying he’s pretty decent but he more or less always looks terrible to me when I see Arsenal play.

  8. Boy is Gaffer an idiot. Gaffer, if this is the worst prem team of the season, then you be the gaffer of the team.


  9. Just as an observation, I find it interesting that some (only some) football supporters find it hard to be objective and critical about their own team. Some of these supporters only watch their team play week-in week-out, only read forums or blogs that are about their own team and can’t see the forest through the trees, so when their team is criticized, they get defensive. Case in point is the outrage from many Manchester United supporters (both here and on social media) about the inclusion of Jonny Evans. Many of them say that David Luiz should have been included instead of Evans, but I have a feeling that’s because Chelsea is one of their main rivals, not because Luiz is “one of” the poorest central defenders in the league so far this season.

    The Gaffer

  10. Definitely an underperforming, or in Joe Cole’s case and overpaid list. The PL Worst XI is definitely players most of us never watch. You’re basically saying Fernando Torres is having the worst season for any striker in the PL. With that you are saying Mario Balotelli is having a better season than Torres. (??)

  11. Absolute rubbish to see Jonny Evans being included. Been the stand-out defender of a United back-line that shipped goals along with Rafael. Chipped in with important goals against QPR and Newcastle (both) as well. Kick-started United’s comeback on two occasions and started the goals on the other.

  12. Evans has been very good this season and we’re defending him because of this fact and not just because he’s a United player. Had you picked Valencia I don’t think any United fan would argue

  13. how can you really put Evans in… have you even watched him this season? You’re saying he’s been one of the worst centre backs in the league which is an absolutely criminal assumption. He’s been outstanding and based on his performance against Reading you’ve decided he’s the worst CB in the league.

  14. My worst XI:
    GK: Julio Cesar
    LB: Andre Santos
    CB: Anton Ferdinand, Chris Baird
    RB: Jose Bosingwa
    LM: Stuart Downing
    CM: Mahamadou Diarra
    RM: Gabriel Obertan
    LW: Lukas Podolski
    RW: Samir Nasri
    ST: Mario Balotelli

  15. Jonny Evans? Absolutely ludicrous. Yes United have conceded plenty of goals this season, but Evans has been outstanding. Could easily be in the best XI, not the worst!

  16. Are you kidding me? Jonny Evans? he has been Man United’s best defender this year, thats why he’s still starting and Rio is on the bench.

  17. I support newcastle and you cannot put jonny evans in here he was been a rock at the back if anyone should be in there it shiuld be rio ferdonand he is terrible the rest of the team fair enough buy not evans if you say hes terrible then you know nought about football he is man uniteds main cb now aswell and you dont get in there team for being bad and especially the amount he has played aswell

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