Manchester City Near to Becoming Owner of MLS Queens Team: The Nightly EPL

Bloomberg today confirmed a recently rumored report that Manchester City is interested in becoming an owner of a new Major League Soccer team in Queens, New York. MLS fan boys will love this, but the proposed name of the club is reportedly New York Football Club. That’s certainly going to rub some people the wrong way for obvious reasons.

Whether or not City doesn’t become the owner of the MLS team, which is likely to become the 20th team in MLS, we won’t know for a while. But the article does report that David Beckham is reportedly interested in investing in it.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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17 thoughts on “Manchester City Near to Becoming Owner of MLS Queens Team: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I have little interest in the MLS until they ditch their silly playoff format and have a proper table like the rest of the civilized world.

    But kind of interesting that City is involved with this. Might have to give the MLS a little more love just on this basis alone. There are a lot of us who are Mets fans/Yankee haters that started supporting City when the whole unholy Yankees/rags quasi-partnership kicked off about 10 years back. rags and Yankees – good lord, everything evil and despicable and soulless and puerile and inane on earth and both with pretty much the exact same fans and exact same types of fans.

    Yeah, all we need is for the rags to link up somehow with the New York Red Bulls and there could be a quite proper MLS rivalry right quick.

    1. Marc L
      how about the disappearing paint so everyone knows where the foul occurred and where ten yards back from the foul is.i will read before watching torture from the NKVD will change my mind.

    2. They do, the league winner gets the the supporter shield and they get a place in the concacaf champions league. after the 38 game season, San Jose won it. they are then seeded into what is a cup format to win the MLS cup, which I agree is absolutely ridiculous, at some point MLS will have to separate the 2 and adopt the more traditional format or it will not be taken seriously. why bother winning the league if all you need to do is finish in the top six in each conference to enter a knock out phase? actually, sounds like the Farsenal model, top 4 would be like winning something! LOL

      This weird fascination in american sports with playoffs after a long season to determine the winner of any league it makes no sense. all that hard work to be the best over that period then 1 team can get lucky and win one game to win it all? (NY & SF Giants!) its Just weird.

        1. It’s going to be a comfortable win for Tottenham tomorrow, so it’s not a fair bet. Swansea are suffering a dip in form right now.

          The Gaffer

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gylfi and Steven Caulker both haunt us. We look weak at the back right now.

              The Gaffer

  2. “Brendan Rodgers aims for second place finish in Premier League”

    To be honest, I laughed when I first read that. Does he really mean it or is he just playing mind games?

    1. delusional! any gaffer that has to defend suarez would become delusional look what it did to King Kenny he wore a stupid t-shirt.

  3. All I need is to play up their Middle East connections, and Abu Dhabi FC can kiss their MLS ambitions goodbye.
    How did that mosque thing near Ground Zero go again?

    1. The New York Cosmos team will be playing in the NASL beginning next year. I believe their first stadium will be in or near Long Island. But the Queens MLS team is a completely different project.

      The Gaffer

      1. The Cosmos will be playing at Hofstra on Long Island (at least for the first year) in the NASL. Though most of us would like to see the Cosmos get the next expansion club in MLS and be tenants at a new stadium, which looks likely to be Queens, its is not guaranteed.

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