Fabrice Muamba Puts Collapse Down to Intensive Training: The Daily EPL

Fabrice Muamba, the Bolton midfielder who collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane last season, has blamed his collapse on intensive training he was doing at the club.

If true, it makes you wonder how closely Premier League clubs are keeping an eye on how much their players train, to ensure that they balance the sessions.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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3 thoughts on “Fabrice Muamba Puts Collapse Down to Intensive Training: The Daily EPL”

  1. Liverpool are going to pay 15m for a player who joined Chelsea for 6.5m a couple seasons ago, haven’t they learned a lesson about over paying for British players.

  2. Sturridge isn’t over rated he is under used, away at bolton he banged in the goal, and under AVB at chelsea he had his best spell. He needs games and LFC system would suit him to a T what with its similarity to AVB, he could come in and make an immediate impression. He is a better buy than Walcott, I would take sturridge at Spurs.

    1. He might be under used ad you say but 15m is a bit much for a player not good enough for city or Chelsea in my opinion.

      They should be going for a player like Klass jan Huntelaar who’s a pure penalty box striker, he would compliment Luis the racist nicely.

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