Tottenham’s Mousa Dembélé Ruled Out of Arsenal Match With Hip Injury: The Daily EPL

A big blow for Tottenham Hotspur this week after Mousa Dembele has been ruled out of this Saturday’s massive North London derby. Instead of receiving surgery to fix his hip injury, Tottenham Hotspur resorted to alternative options, but it’s not working out as well as anticipated. Dembele is the sort of player who makes a big difference in this Tottenham side.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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18 thoughts on “Tottenham’s Mousa Dembélé Ruled Out of Arsenal Match With Hip Injury: The Daily EPL”

  1. Okay, I have officially reached the point where I am going to just 100% ignore all “transfer rumors” and merely tune into the sky sports feed on deadline day to find out what happens.

    Someone had to deny published reports that City was going to make a run at Suarez? Because Liverpool was looking to unload him?

    Both of those things are so asinine that it makes me wonder if some journo somewhere has a big wheel in his office with the names of top players. And then another wheel with “Man City, United, PSG, Chelsea, and Anzhi Makhachkala” written on them.

    Spin wheel number one. Spin wheel number two. If number two does not already employ number one then write article citing “unnamed sources” to the effect that two is readying a bid for one.

    If newspapers used paper anymore in any meaningful fashion I would grieve for the innocent trees that give their lives to perpetuate this twaddle and nonsense.

    1. Unfortunately between now and the end of January, we should expect the silly transfer rumors to escalate. The British newspapers want to sell papers. Wherever we see BS, we’ll call it (like we did last night on the Suarez rumor, before Manchester City denied it).

      The Gaffer

      1. gaffer, unfortunately looks like the Suarez story has been leaked to press by Liverpool or people connected to Liverpool…looks like fsg are trying to offload him to finance player purchase.

        personally if true FSG are playing with fire and are really underestimating the fan power comparing it how it is the USA.

    2. could not agree with you more the rumors/transfers news is like the daily reading of the Onion.the first striker to score this weekend will be linked to winter transfer to the Gaffer said all about selling newspapers.

  2. That Lloris story is a load of B******s, it’s November, they need to calm it on the bs rumor mil til at least December, Jesus!

    Shock horror dembele out, they new he wouldn’t make it, I hope Carroll gets gives the nod over huddlestone. A least he will distribute the ball out to the flanks better.

    —————————Tom Carroll———-

    4-2-3-1 means you can defend like a 5-4-1 or attack like a 4-4-2 IF you have the right distribution which is why I have Tom Carroll in the middle sitting just off of Sandro the nuclear powered train! TC can put the ball out to either flank or thru the channels to Ade or partner.

    Dempsey has been for for a few weeks now, perhaps I would put him as a sub but he certainly wouldn’t start, the issue will be containing Carzola other middle if Wiltshire doesn’t play, if Wiltshire plays then Carzola will be quieter.

    Townsend/Dempsey maybe

    Above is what I think gives us the best chance at a win, after going 2-0 up last year only to loose 5-2 I’m really not sure what will happen…..although a spurs 5-0 win would be ideal. If TH plays he will get sent off!

    Unfortunately I think freezal will get the nod as will gallas at cb with vert at LB I also think Dempsey will get the nod…uugghh …we will see.

    1. Thank you for posting this. It makes it easier for me to compare the Spurs squad with the Arsenal one. It brought a smile to my face as I think only Lloris and Bale from that lineup would be good enough for the Arsenal first team.

      Shame Dembele is out for you guys as I think he would start on any team in the league. Lad is a real gamechanger.

      1. Ha you are welcome,

        LOL so Jan Vert and Caulker wouldn’t make your defense…HA and you would choose giroud over defoe or ade? Really? be honest with yourself.

        1. Lol… glad you have a sense of humour about this :-)

          I quite like Verthongen and I do wish Arsenal had signed him. However, Vermaelen plays as CB for Belgium ahead of Verthongen. In regards to Caulker, if you think I’d take him over either a French or a German national team starter, then you are clearly insulting my intelligence :-)

          I wouldn’t take Adebayor even if he was the last striker on the planet. However, on form he’s definitely a great striker but he’s too inconsistent. You’re right though, he would start ahead of Giroud… defoe not so much as I think he replicates a lot of the stuff Walcott gives us.. although he’s a much better finisher.

          1. LOL I hope you play mertisaker and kochielney, and santos and jenkins.

            Caulker is Mustard!

            No way is Walcott as good as defoe at anything, except perhaps running in a straight line or being overrated. 😉

    2. Dust
      do you think the Spurs have the mental block with Arsenal like Everton has with Liverpool?

      no doubt about it Caulker and Jan Vert would be in the starting eleven of Arsenal.Defoe Ade Giroud i would say is a push.

      1. No its not a mental block it was a talent girth unfortunately, and last year, well, that was just poor tactical awareness on harry’s part. if we go 2 up again it will not be a repeat of last year. I expect AFC to come out strong and maybe even go 1 up before we end up winning 3/2-1.

        if bale decides to own it, and gets service, it could be a long day for the farcenal

  3. I think the game will be tighter this time because of the level of importance given to it. I would call it a Chelsea-ManU match. As to which striker would start first, i think i will still prefer Girud, you are right about Ade; he is so inconsistence and i think Defoe has lost the flavour of old. Although, Girud is wasteful in front of goals sometimes but i still prefer his agility and his work force.

  4. I’m not confident about this one at all. We lose to Wigan at home and play utter shite most the season is sad. I’ve lost all confidence in AVB and the negative brand of football he has been playing. Team selection has been horrid. No LlGranted, we have BAE, Dembele, Parker and Kaboul all injured and we are playing with Dempsey and Sigurdson instead if Modric and Van Der Vaart is two steps back from last season

  5. Glad Arsenal came out of international duty OK. Feared Cazorla would play most of the friendly as he did against France. But he really needs two weeks rest, IMO. The way he played the first five weeks, plus the prescence of Diaby, was a big reason for the early optimism. Not replacing Song was a big mistake. Should have never counted on Diaby. Since Norwich, marking Cazorla & Arteta has been the key to shutting down Arsenal. Jack could help overcome that trend. Giroud’s hold up play and knock downs have been excellent lately. Guys like Poldi and Theo need to play off him and serve him. Should be a good match. Spurs in better form.

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