Should They Stay Or Should They Go? Mark Hughes, Nigel Adkins and Brian McDermott [POLL]

Today’s your lucky day. You’re the chairman of Queens Park Rangers, Reading and Southampton. You face the decision of whether to stick with your current manager, or replace him. What do you do?

Firing someone is always a difficult decision. There are so many variables involved. Is it really the manager that is failing, or is it the players who are unable to carry through with the manager’s instructions on the pitch? Is Mark Hughes inherently a bad manager, or is that his players are just making stupid mistakes? Do you give your managers time, and things will get better? Or do you pull the plug now.

You, as the imaginary chairperson of QPR, Reading and Southampton, face your toughest decision you’ll make all season. Do you sack your manager now, so you have time to find a replacement and to turn your team around, or do you keep faith in him knowing that progress will happen shortly.

Vote below and let us know which manager(s) you would sack. And then post your opinions in the comment section below.

10 thoughts on “Should They Stay Or Should They Go? Mark Hughes, Nigel Adkins and Brian McDermott [POLL]”

  1. Reading and Southampton have seriously over achieved. Had they not been promoted last year there would have been little talk of firing the manager. Ultimately it falls to the owners personality, which we REALLY don’t know in all these cases, are they loyal, do they think making a change will help etc. etc.

    I don’t think Southampton can be saved so I would keep him, allow him to keep building. QPR I would probably make a change, players should be decent but something is wrong. Reading I would probably leave in place also.

  2. im sure aston villa and norwich fans will say no as the status quo would increase their clubs chance of staying up, the last thing they want is for a manager to come in and turn a team around especially one with resources like QPR

  3. McDermott and Adkins have achieved something as managers by getting their respective sides promoted to the PL. Hughes has done nothing as a manager, apart from waste club owners’ money. He is a legend in his own mind and should go as soon as possible. It is very unlikely that he will ever get the chance again at PL level as he’s been found out as the fake that he really is.

    1. I agree with you. It is easy to look only at the negative when assessing the performances of people such as these managers. Why should we ignore what these 2 men have done for the club since their arrivals but instead focus only on the poor starts of their teams this season? For that matter, I’d argue that the talk of sacking Adkins and McDermott is totally ludicrous and inhumane. The situation with Hughes, however is different like you mentioned, although I think it’s unnecessary to sack him now.

  4. The thing is, when you sack your manager, there’s no guarantee that the replacement you find will turn your team’s season around. After all, he could turn out to be just as poor as the previous manager, if not even worse. So I think it is still better to stick with the same manager all season, no matter how badly the team may be performing, rather than take risks and hope that the new manager will be better. The sacking can come at the end of the season if necessary.

  5. For QPR it is an easier decision as the players they have are definitely better than their league position so Hughes should be sacked.

    For Reading and Southampton the clubs need to assess whether they have the talent to realistically finish above the relegation zone. Given that most people, including their fans, believed that both clubs would find it difficult in the EPL and that both managers have done a tremendoes job in getting them promoted, I would keep both managers. They’ve earned it.

    1. But do you really think Brendan Rodgers will want to join QPR? And if he does manage them, will the players be able to fit into his system and style of play?

  6. I don’t quit agree with all the talks about sacking managers. Although, it is something i ‘d possibly contemplate doing if i were to be the owner of any of these clubs but apart from the lose of money the club is likely to experience,there is also the tendency of upsetting players and causing greater chaos after all.Many people kept talking of Hughes as being a loser but i will not join a talk like that. yeah, of course, he was fired by Man city but he didn’t do that bad.I believe QPR will come good under him and then the mud will stick to many of his haters.This is a manager that has managed to stay in the premier league for more than 7 years and we still talk him down, I wonder how people reason sometimes

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