Mark Clattenburg Removed From Weekend Games as FA Examines Chelsea Racism Claim: The Nightly EPL

Referee Mark Clattenburg has been removed from this weekend’s fixtures as the Football Association is set to examine Chelsea’s racism claim. Clattenburg’s diabolical refereeing decisions was one thing. But now his alleged words have created a storm of controversy.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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40 thoughts on “Mark Clattenburg Removed From Weekend Games as FA Examines Chelsea Racism Claim: The Nightly EPL”

  1. it is funny that chelsea thought it was okay for the terry racism drag on for a year and only fine him money which he has a lot they want a pound of flesh from Clattenburg.seems a little hypocritical i know they had to wait for the courts to rule but they could have striped the captain’s armband or add games to suspension but they did nothing so their cries ring hollow.

  2. Can we please stop with the racism BS? Even in the stories that say racism the headline says racism while the story itself says inappropriate language. There is a huge difference between racist remarks which can not be tolerated and inappropriate language which probable means swearing

    1. Clattenburg is alleged to have called Juan Mata “a Spanish tw*t.” It’s also alleged that Clattenburg uttered a racist remark against Mikel.

      The Gaffer

      1. And where are you getting this from? Every story I have read has made no mention of that. As far as racist remarks, spanish tw*t is not one as far as I am concerned. I have been called an american (insert many witty comments here) many times, but that is not racist. Its moronic but not racist.

          1. Interesting gaffer as I remember the part with mikel getting booked and he didn’t act like he was just racially abused unless the normal reaction is just a shrug of your shoulders.

      2. So if someone refers to me as a Irish twat they are being racist sorry I’m not buying it. Was this said during the match or during the brawl in the refs room? $100 says Chelsea come out of this looking even worse than they already have for the last year. From the reports I read JT couldn’t resist getting involved even though he’s under suspension. I’m sure the league will want to know why he made his way I to the refs area when this all went down.

  3. all i want to know why chelsea is outraged now but could not be bothered with the terry claims.all depends on who’s ox is being gored.

  4. All of u dt ‘ve made meaningless talk here ‘r very very very stupid sentimental fools.We ‘r talking abt a serious issue here dt all shd condem as u condemed Terry & Cole,here u ‘r saying Chelseafc dt,Chelsea ds, without making any single point like stupid Ferguson dt said Torres dived who wld ‘ve equally said dt Young dived if Young happened 2b his opponent player.Pple lik u & Ferguson shd no longer near football discussions as u no longer ‘ve +ve things 2 contribute 2d beautiful game of football.

  5. this is such sour grapes, the refs wear a mic system so IF he did (which I doubt very very much)it will come out.

    So after the JT standard, even if he did do that he will get a fine and a 4 game ban but keep his job.

    Torres abusing the 4th official with foul language is completely ignored. I hope the refs decide to start booking players for foul language aimed at them.

    I encourage everyone hear to read the following and stop with this absolute garbage about contact being a foul. its absolute rubbish, also the refs have the ability to book players for abusive/offensive language..I hope they do. Chelsea man utd and liverpool will end up with 8 players b the end of each game.—fouls-and-misconduct.aspx

  6. just read at DM that ramires and luiz told mikel that Clattenburg racially abused him,also assistants will back up Clattenburg.wondering if his mic is recorded have not heard.

    1. Ha two Brazilians telling a Nigerian he was racially abused you couldn’t make this $hit up. I fully expect both assistants to back up Clattenburgs version of events.

      1. I know, right? It’s like a Frenchman who doesn’t speak Spanish claiming that he knows what a dude said in Spanish to him.

    2. Wow, last time I checked Anton didn’t know anything about what JT uttered until he went home and his girlfriend told him because she saw it on the news.

  7. This incident clearly shows that referees are human beings with emotions too and cannot be trusted all the time as though they are divine. Hope this sends out a signal to the football governing bodies, who always seem to give refs all the power and blindly side by them

  8. this excerpt from the guardian article.

    “Are there any precedents?

    While not an exact precedent, Chelsea lodged a complaint against Graham Poll in November 2006 after he sent off Terry during a 2-1 defeat by Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane , a decision that caused fury among his team-mates and José Mourinho, then the manager.

    Two years ago Poll told the Daily Mail: “Terry came to see me immediately after the game, the first time in my career any player had done that. He seemed happy to accept my explanation of the two yellow cards. But the day after the game Ashley Cole accused me of having told Chelsea’s players I wanted to ‘teach them a lesson’ and Terry said I had said one thing to him on the pitch and another in the dressing room after the game. A fortnight later Chelsea withdrew all of their allegations and Terry was fined £10,000 for what he had claimed.”

    Shock horror JT and ashley Cole! They are just shady shady shady, i wish they would retire.

    For the record I have nothing against Cahil, Cech, bertrand, hazard, mata, Luiz, Oscar, except for the obvious fact they play for chelsea, they do not appear to be dirty shady cheating players, I could be wrong but I dont put them in the same galaxy as JT, Torres, and Cole.–who are Just first class D-bags

  9. call me a racist but i am siding with Clattenburg if somebody has to tell you that you were abused maybe it did not happen.i could be wrong but i doubt that English is ramires or luiz first choice for language or native tongue.if Clattenburg is proven to have abused mikel or Mata i will apologize after a year of fighting it in court and suspended 4 weeks of posting.

    1. Anton had to be told he was “abused”. You people crack me up with your double standards. If someone on any other team did this you people wouldn’t care but because it’s Chelsea they must be lynched.

  10. When you start equating something this innocuous with “racism” you’re not really doing anyone any good. From now on, whenever I hear “individual X charged by FA with ‘racial abuse'” I will immediately assume that the Orwellian busybody Sensitivity Police is once again on the warpath.

    Which is too bad, as incidents of actual racism should not be tolerated. “Boy who cried wolf” syndrome, if you will.

  11. It’s interesting to me that the accuser is very rarely the person who the abuse is alleged to have been directed at, it always seems to be somebody who “overheard’ the comment.

    This whole racism thing is getting out of hand and fast approaching the “he said” “she said” sexual harassment workplace debacle. How easy is it now for a player to cry “racism” and suddenly ten thousand people are rushing around frothing at the mouth intent on hanging someone? In this instance we not only have the police investigating but the Society of Black Lawyers has been invited to dive in and chuck their weight around.

    When I was a kid in England we played some Catholic schools at football. They used to scream “protestant bastards” at us, which I suppose is some sort of abuse. We knew what bastard meant but had no idea what a protestant was, nor did we care. We all came out of it okay. But now we have grown men crying their eyes out every five minutes. I’m waiting for the first one to run off the pitch crying “I want my Mum”

    There has to be some sort of checks and balances here such as prosecuting the accuser if his claim is unfounded. It’s a mans game and needs to be played by men otherwise this will spiral out of control.

  12. Where was all this when Anton Ferdinand and QPR were abused ? The postings were JT should be thrown out of football, no trial for him, ” menace to society ” ( where’s Fogette now ? ) and when Chelsea turn about is fair played is abused all the posters are Chelsea should man up and just play, were faking it, etc. Where was Anton should just play and not let a racial insult bother you ? .. Complete Hypocrites

          1. Not at all you won the league 3-4 times and a some domestic cups in the last 10 years,it’s not not like your cleaning up every season. You won the champions league once what exactly are we jealous of when we have had more success. Like I said when you play the “jealously card” you better be able to back it up or you just look like Liverpool fans making ridiculous statements. The only team who can legitimately use the jealous card is BARCALONA

          2. Scousers, Are, and and Spud fans are jealous, ManU fans don’t like how there is a new kid on the block that has taken what they believe is preordained to them

    1. We just don’t like John terry it’s that simple. He’s a scumbag who always has a excuse and manages to BS his way out of these situations. It’s unfortunate that because of one piece of $hit the rest of the football club has to suffer as well but that’s life when they keep defending his actions.

      Had Chelsea done more than just fine him for the Ferdinand incident thing might have been different. It’s the same as Luis the racist Suarez at Liverpool had the club said from the very start he was in the wrong and handed out some sort if internal punishment thing s would have blown over in a couple of weeks. You can discipline your players AND still support them at the same time.

      1. Well at least you’re honest and will admit you’re not interested in racist remarks just avenues to bash Terry and Chelsea.

      2. So you don’t agree with Man U taking no action against against racist Rio then. Or is it different as he plays for your team?

        1. Rio retweeted what someone else said that doesn’t make him racist.

          If you or I repeat in a post on this site what John terry said to Anto Ferdinand that doesn’t make us racist either does it. or by your thinking that Makes us both racist as well.

          1. He retweeted what someone else tweeted and laughed so he endorsed what was said. If you can’t see that then you are blinded by club bias.
            If we retweet a racist comment and laugh at it then yes that would make us as bad as the person who originally tweeted it.

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