Serbian FA Release Smear Video on YouTube Challenging Danny Rose’s Racist Chant Claims: The Nightly EPL

You have to see this video to believe it. Unbelievably, the Serbian FA has released what appears to be a doctored video showing how wonderfully well behaved their supporters were during the mid-week Serbia against England u21 match. They’ve carefully crafted a highlight reel, which completely avoids all of the post final whistle monkey chanting and provocation aimed at England players. And, instead, they’ve produced a video that selectively shows the crowd acting well behaved.

All that’s seemingly missing from this video is a laugh track, and it’d be complete. Listen to the audio from the video below, and it almost sounds like the applause is canned, filtered in to make it seem that the crowd is applauding the England footballers, particularly Danny Rose. What nonsense.

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7 thoughts on “Serbian FA Release Smear Video on YouTube Challenging Danny Rose’s Racist Chant Claims: The Nightly EPL”

  1. What a joke headline Chelsea punished John Terry but keep him as captain.he got off 4 matches lite and Chelsea did not do squat if Chelsea wanted to show support to stop racism they would have suspended him the 4 matches the FA did not then the headline would be correct.just remember Karma will come around and bite you in the a$$!

  2. As for those who is not there we can’t tell if their was any racist chanting but since half of the england team is african english why is only danny rose being the target??? please ask yourself why didn’t the serbian fans target his team mate???

  3. the serbian FA LOL what a joke, all the repulsive racist chants aside, there is clear video evidence of the players hitting english players and of serbian coaches hitting english coaches. That alone warrants a ban from international football let alone them being serial offenders for racist chants.

    And this video montage they have should also increase any ban as they try to deceive UEFA and distort the Facts…


  4. We can argue about how fair/unfair the handling of the John Terry incident was and how it compares to Suarez etc etc etc but everyone should be outraged at what happened in Serbia. Add this to the incident in Genoa a while ago and things that have been going on at Serbian grounds since the early 90s and it is obvious FIFA/UEFA need to send a strong message.

    It is 2012, these kind of things cannot be tolerated.

  5. Oh, please. England needs to take the log out of its own eye before trying to take the speck out of Serbia’s eye. After the disgraceful manner in which the English FA handled John Terry’s racist incident, they are the last bunch to call out someone else for being racist.

  6. The British are probably the greatest hypocrites & bullies on this planet….The British people are constantly trying to bury their own history of colonialism, racism, soccer hooligans etc…by hysterically pinning their bigotry on others. If the Brits think they can use the Serbs as their new whipping boy because they can’t beat up their colonial servants anymore, they’ve got another thing coming.

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