Joe Hart Stars In Bizarre Cola Advert, Grows 4 Extra Arms [VIDEO]

It’s incredible to see how far Joe Hart has come in such a short time. At the 2010 World Cup, when I was hosting a World Cup viewing party at Wowies sports bar featuring USA and England, Umbro was nice enough to send a pair of autographed Joe Hart gloves to give away as a raffle prize. At the time, Joe Hart was still on the fringes of the England squad. A few minutes later, Rob Green made that howler, and the rest is history.

Joe Hart’s rise to fame is now complete. Well, not really, but he now stars in a cola commercial. It’s for a soda company from Indonesia. The commercial itself is a little bizarre, and it’s slightly lost in translation, but they get the point across regardless. While Joe Hart may be a spectacular goalkeeper, his acting skills certainly need some work.

2 thoughts on “Joe Hart Stars In Bizarre Cola Advert, Grows 4 Extra Arms [VIDEO]”

  1. Collecting a few drink labels (also to like their FB page) & you could be on your way to kick the penalty shoot-out with Joe Hart. The contest will run until both Manchester teams’ clash on Dec 8.

    Adu Penalty = Penalty Shoot-out

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