FOX Soccer Bends The Truth To Make “Being: Liverpool” Sound Like Critics Like It

FOX Soccer has a new TV commercial that’s currently running in heavy rotation on its network to promote its “Being: Liverpool” marathon, which will air this weekend. The 30-second commercial seems innocuous enough, making viewers aware of the 4-episode marathon it’ll be running.

But listen closely to the words of the voiceover. “You’ve heard the buzz. Now catch four episodes of the series critics are calling endlessly fascinating.”

When the words “endlessly fascinating” are mentioned, up flashes on the screen a quote that’s attributed to The Guardian‘s TV critic Sam Wollaston.

The words “endlessly fascinating” are mentioned in his review of “Being: Liverpool.” Except that he never said that “Being: Liverpool,” the documentary, was “endlessly fascinating.” Here’s what he said in the review:

“This is not up there with the Graham Taylor documentary Do I Not Like That, or the brilliant recent QPR film, The Four Year Plan. The Anfield bosses probably saw those two documentaries and were very careful about where they allowed the cameras to go, and who they pointed at. There’s a more guarded, stage-managed feel to it all. But it’s still a sneaky peek into an endlessly fascinating world.”

In Sam Wollaston’s review of “Being: Liverpool,” he’s not describing the documentary as “endlessly fascinating.” He’s describing the world inside Liverpool Football Club. The quote used by FOX Soccer in their TV commercial is completely taken out of context.

I contacted Sam Wollaston at The Guardian to ask him whether he agreed that FOX Soccer took his words out of context.

“You’re right, my ‘endless fascinating’ refers to the lives of Premiership footballers, not to the ‘Being: Liverpool.’ A more accurate summary of my review would be something along the lines of ‘slightly disappointing’.”

20 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Bends The Truth To Make “Being: Liverpool” Sound Like Critics Like It”

  1. Film companies do this all the time to promote their movies.They take critic comments out of context to make it seem that the movie is getting a rave review.

    Not sure where the story is.

  2. I have not watched any of these episodes so far. I’ve just not thought any of it was interesting. Though, I have to be honest, most of it is that I’m not a Liverpool fan.

    1. How is reporting the facts about a story involving FOX Soccer anti-Liverpool? We’ve had several complaints from readers lately that we’ve been writing too much about Liverpool (most of them have been very positive stories). Read through the Liverpool stories we’ve written recently and tell me how many of them are “anti-Liverpool”:

      The Gaffer

  3. LoL… shock horror fox airs content that doesn’t accurately represent an original quote.

    @michael u must be new, this site is NOT anti anything really, there is a distaste for Barcelona (and AVB) on occasion.

    If anything Gaffer gives fox and its team of san marino quality pundit a little to much love.

  4. I stopped watching during the second episode when Rogers said something along the lines of “if we play to our strengths they will destroy teams”.

    I saw the clip with Rodgers and his 3 envelopes in the last episode only to find out SAF used the same trick 20+ years ago. I suppose if you can’t beat them you might as well join them.

    Next thing you know the owners will be making plans for the start of the premier league era.

    1. I watched the Being Liverpool clip again with Brendan Rodgers holding up the three envelopes in the 9pm meeting they had on the eve of the West Bromwich Albion match.

      If you watch closely, the light from the projector hits the envelopes a few times, showing that the envelopes are completely empty and had no names or slips of paper inside.

      The Gaffer

      1. Granted, its an american history thing, but why would Rodgers think it was a good idea to use a Joe McCarthy tactic? sure, here it was envelopes and there it was just a rolled up piece of paper. Also, every player in that room had to know they were empty. and why would he just casually drop them on a table at the end of the meeting? It just seems like too much of a stupid scare tactic that has more negatives than positives.

  5. I’ve watched every episode. With the big promotion effort put on by Fox Soccer I expected to see something more enlightening than what has been shown to date. All the show is is a mediocre “puff piece” promoting the Liverpool brand. Enough of the poet/writer reminiscing about the good old days. Enough of Gerrard in his chair talking about the squad. I expected to see a Hard Knocks type show about the Miami Dolphins on HBO or the Showtime offering on the Miami Marlins. To me these were much better behind the scenes shows than Being Liverpool. I thought I’d see something about the Andy Carroll conflict with Rodgers. Nothing! I’ll keep watching with the hope that the show will get better.

  6. There was two things I found slightly interesting in the little Ive watched so far. The behind the scenes look at what a player goes through with medical and the little they talked about the joe Allan transfer. It Would have been nice to see more of the start of the transfer Negotiations between both teams instead of some numpty standing beside a fax machine waiting for the final paperwork to come through.

    Also would have been good to see a behind the scene look at joe Allan’s agent and the club working out the details of his contract.

    As for the fella at the end with his little poems about being a Liverpool fan and what it means to him I find that highly amusing.

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