‘Someone Must Tell Luis Suarez to Stop It’, Says Liverpool Legend Roger Hunt: The Daily EPL

Former Liverpool striker Roger Hunt, a member of England’s team that won the World Cup in 1966 and a footballer who won two top-flight titles with the Reds, has come out and said that someone at Anfield needs to tell Luis Suarez to stop taking theatrical dives.

“I think he’s got the reputation now and sometimes it probably is a penalty, but with his reputation the referees won’t give him one,” said Hunt. “Someone must tell him to stop it, just play football. He doesn’t have to do all that.”

What do you think? Is Roger Hunt correct, or is Suarez being unfairly targeted? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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18 thoughts on “‘Someone Must Tell Luis Suarez to Stop It’, Says Liverpool Legend Roger Hunt: The Daily EPL”

  1. Sorry to see Coyle get the boot from Bolton. I hope he gets consideration for the Scotland job if it becomes available soon.

    1. just saying you might feel different if your a Burnley fan today is what you call karma.enjoy your karma sandwich Owen.

  2. Suarez will never stop diving…Just like John Terry and Ashley Cole will never stop doing stupid things. Save your breath.

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  3. Roger Hunt is correct. The difference between Suarez and other divers is that Suarez not only does it too often, but also overreacts in his movements. That’s why he’s getting much more attention than the rest.

    Sad to hear that Owen Coyle has left Bolton, he was dedicated to the club, having also played for them before. The fans also didn’t hate him apparently.

  4. And when he does “stop it”, and still gets hacked down in the box, or deliberately stomped on by a thug like Huth, where are the voices admitting an issue there? I saw one theatrical dive in the last game against Stoke, and I saw far more that were clear penalties, even a red card in the case of that stomp, that WEREN’T called. So, while he may pull a theatrical dive, he isn’t unique in that regard. The difference is he IS being targeted and in the Fergie Association, he and LFC will never get the benefit of any calls.

    1. The FA needs to make sure that diving is punished but by the same token punish players who hack their way through a game. Huth should have been sent off yet wasn’t. The referee said he saw it and yet did nothing about it. That’s a joke.

  5. When will the FA respond to stomping,Rogers should ask for a meeting, show them the pens we should of got,the stomping, shelvy getting sent off, then ask, HOW/WHY is it only, Pulis going on about diving yet nothing mentioned on the stamp mmm me thinks one sided,get back to wiping fergies bum cheeks lol

  6. liverpool, chelsea and City buy players and try play football fergie buys refs and still crys foul when it suits him. FA should just move to OLD TRAFF,Think its about time we replaced some of the FA now, if they making them desions and not being bought (backhanders) they need go spec savers,

  7. I have zero sympathy for Suarez. He’s the boy who cried wolf over and over and now none of the refs believe him. Boo-freakin-hoo.

    In my opinion, you reap what you sow. I remember Suarez going down like he’d been shot last year when Rodwell hadn’t even touched him. Red card for Rodwell which completely ruined a great derby match.

    Bottom line, Liverpool has benefited more from Suarez’s acting than it has lost from it. That’s why no one on the club is telling him to stop it. It’s not restricted to Suarez either. He’s just one of the more egregious culprits.

  8. As a Liverpool FC fan I must admit I feel alone in criticising him. I have not heard of any fans openly saying anything bad about him. I support people who play the game properly, not cheat and ruin the clubs public image. I’m glad to see the clubs legends criticising him and i think Rodgers is making a mistake in defending him. I juat hope Dalglish breaks his silence and admits defending his antics was a mistake

    1. If I were a Liverpool supporter, it would hard to criticize too much. He’s an incredible player who, if I’m honest, is one of the top 5 or 10 in the Premier League. I shudder to think of where Liverpool would be without him.

      That being said, I’m sure if the vast majority of Liverpool supporters wish he would stop the blatant flopping. We as fans are willing to put up with over-exaggeration. I think we all accept that as part of the game and almost necessary to get the attention of the refs. But when you go over without being touched or intentionally drag your leg to make it look like contact, that’s cheating.

      I know as an Everton fan that Royston Drenthe last year made me groan a lot but his goals were fantastic and made me ignore his little foibles. Jelavic occasionally goes down a little too easy as well. It’s hard to stay objective when it’s your club.

  9. I’m glad there’s been an equal outpouring of approbation about Gareth Bale’s flagrant dive the same game week. Vilify Johnny Foreigner, once again.

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