How La Liga and Serie A’s Disappearing Act Benefits FOX Soccer This Season

It’s been an odd soccer season for me. Since I don’t have DirecTV or DISH Network,
my cable subscription to Comcast only gets me so far with my soccer viewing
experience. This season, no access to beIN Sport means that I haven’t watched one
minute of La Liga, Serie A or Championship soccer.

Yes, I’ve watched isolated highlights from all 3 leagues, but those have been mostly
from FOX Soccer News. As a result, I’ve ended up watching more FOX Soccer
programming overall this season than previous years. While beIN Sport has picked up
several rights from FOX Soccer, the side effect is that I’m sure other non-beIN
Sport subscribers have watched more FOX Soccer than before.

How about you? Have you watched more or less La Liga and Serie A this season? And
what about the Championship?

38 thoughts on “How La Liga and Serie A’s Disappearing Act Benefits FOX Soccer This Season”

  1. Then you missed quite a game yesterday. The Barca-RM match was outstanding. Not to mention their studio host. Thankfully Comcast in Philadelphia has picked up BeIN.

    1. Not everyone has satellite dishes. For many different reasons. That’s the issue.

      The issues I’ve had with DirecTV in the past, when I was a customer, were (1) very poor customer service, and (2) I kept on losing my satellite signal when it rained. And if you’ve lived in South Florida, rainy season is from June through September (and this year, it’s going into October).

      The Gaffer

  2. But Bein sports is on Comcast channel 651, yes analysis is in spanish but even without understanding what they are talking about it’s still looks good. Commentary can be changed to English but it’s not that great.

      1. Gaffer, as per my points on illegal feeds – now you see why people use them.

        It’s baffling why BeIN or anyone, whould pay a ton for rights to a league – knowing full well, most potential customers have no way to legally get access to matches via cable/satelitte, yet offer NO online option.

        I don’t see how the lack of Serie A has benefitted Fox Soccer.

        1. beIN SPORT only launched their TV channel about 45-50 days ago, and an online site is in the works, but it takes time. I can understand why people stream games illegally, but I still don’t agree with it.

          The Gaffer

          1. Gaffer, for beIN to buy rights to a product they had no realistic way to make accessible in the market they intended it for, smacks of short-sightedness and irresponsibility.

            Half-way through a season and they are still working on an online option?

            They could have sub-licensed some matches back to other networks, including Fox, until they sorted things out.

            They deserve what they get.

            1. It’s not halfway through a season. The season is less than two months old.

              They could have sub-licensed some matches to other networks, but they chose not to.

              The Gaffer

  3. Thankfully, I have Direct TV.

    The production value and in studio analysis of BeIN sports is better than Fox Soccer.

    I am watching a lot of La Liga and Seria A, alongside South America World Cup qualifiers.

    I am aware of the ownership of BeIN, but I couldn’t be happier w/ the quality of the product.

    And, in case you missed it, Barca-Real was a monster of a game yesterday!!!

    Because of BeIN Sports, I have actually started watching less Fox Soccer: I pick just the game of the week to watch live and then I watch the highlight show on Sunday night. I also watch Champions League there and that’s about it.

    1. “The production value and in studio analysis of BeIN sports is better than Fox Soccer.”

      You cannot be serious. The presenters on beIN are flat out horrible. Did you actually watch half time of el classico? Terri Leigh is terrible, and she’s beIN’s GOOD host.

  4. Are you the only person that doesnt stream matches that are not available?

    Instead of watching a replay of whatever match Fox Soccer and FS+ was airing, I found a stream and watch El Classico. And then caugh tsome of the PSG/OM match. It is only hurting BEin’s revenue, not my viewing.

  5. I’ve not watched a single Serie A or Championship match this season. Other than last night’s Clasico, I have not watched any La Liga game either. But that’s only because I’m not really interested in these leagues. In the event I do want to watch them, I guess I’m really fortunate as my TV provider broadcasts matches from La Liga, Serie A and even Ligue 1.

  6. I have to also comment on the fact that FSC was showing highlights of the Spurs match during halftime of Newcastle – Manchester United match. FS+ was showing a tape delay of Spurs at 12:00. We were getting ready to turn on Spurs and up come the highlights. Luckily we caught it quick enough. I’m not sure why they do this when the tape delay is coming on in a few minutes.

    1. My guess is that they were focusing the half-time show for Newcastle-Manchester United on the fact that it would be shown later in the day on tape delay on FOX, and were trying to appeal to those mainstream fans instead of their hardcore fans who subscribe to FS+.

      The Gaffer

    2. Speaking of spoilers, I wish fox would reconsider showing EPL scores on their ticker during NFL games. I DID have the Spurs game ready to watch on Foxsoccer 2go and saw the score during the Eagles-Steelers game. Pissed me off!
      As for the original question: I get my fill of Barcca and Madrid in the Champions League. I do miss seeing the odd Blackpool game though.

      1. Why would you not expect Fox to show EPL scores? Fox has a vested interest in building viewership for the EPL and what better way to get free advertising than scrolling the scores…especially on a day they were showing a match OTA…I don’t believe they showed the MANU score though.

        If you choose to record a game of any sport to watch later and then watch another game live…you should expect the possibility that you will see the score.

        I really don’t understand people who, in today’s world, get upset about news of any kind being scrolled at the bottom of their TV. I have actually rigged up a plastic strip that I Velcro across the bottom of my TV when I don’t want to watch scrolling. I use it mainly on ESPN because it annoys me…not because of the content. I have thought about marketing it, but do not have the resources. :)

        It must have been a double whammy for you after the Steelers won on the last play.

        1. I get the reason Fox does this and I’m well aware that I might be the only person in North America this effected, but tickers have gotten way out of hand. It’s more than scores now its also stats for fantasy football,baseball ect. Having said that I can’t imagine them winning over new fans with a fleeting glimpse of the EPL scores mixed in with NFL and baseball scores and stats.

  7. Wise up! Quit paying the cable masters your hard earned cash to watch football. “Pirated” streams are the wave of the present.

    1. Sorry, I’m not going that route. If everyone did that, there would be no FOX Soccer, beIN SPORT, Sky Sports or other soccer network.

      The Gaffer

    2. It’s people like you who annoy me the most. People who watch streams via ‘other means’ because they can’t get/don’t have access to something that the rest of the world is able to watch is one thing but not paying a penny to a company so you can just ‘steal’ everything is another thing completely. I might watch the odd 3pm Saturday game via a stream but I also pay 2 separate monthly subscriptions for Sky Sports and ESPN to watch everything else. If everything was made available I’d quite happily pay for it.

  8. On the issue of no beIN — anyone heard anything about Verizon/FIOS (or any other provider) getting beIN? So aggravating.

    I’m still watching FSC, but I really miss LA Liga and Serie A (I’m stuck with FIOS).

  9. I usually do not watch La Liga, so I haven’t missed much not watching beIN Sports. I do have DirecTV and thus beIN Sports. Besides the fact that I have little interest in the leagues beIN Sports covers, I detest Ray Hudson. I am too old and cranky to get caught up in all of his irrelevant ranting.

    After reading how entertaining yesterday’s El Clasico was, I recorded the match last night.

    I just sat down for lunch with the intent on watching. Much to my dismay, up pops Ray Hudson. Needless to say, I am posting here instead of watching. I deleted it immediately. I didn’t want to ruin my lunch.

    I have only watched one match on beIN Sport. It was a USA WC qualifier. Ray Hudson was not involved…I emailed beIN thanking them.

    If beIN Sports wins the bid for the EPL and chooses to included Ray Hudson in their broadcasts…I will learn to live without the EPL.

    1. Try using your SAP button the next time Ray is there to pollute your viewing experience. I watched el classico in glorious Spanish, the way God intended.

  10. I had GolTV for years and was disappointed they lost broadcasting rights, and I have no access to beIN sports. I just watch online streams, but it doesn’t compare to a 50” HD picture.

    I see the love/hate relationship with Ray Hudson continues. I got used to him and he is actually a sharp commentator, catching things that most would miss, like a Geordie Gary Neville.

  11. The problem with BeinTV is that they bought all the rights yet they only show a few games. They only have 1 channel and cannot show a lot of LIVE games.
    La Liga and Serie A should kick themselves for selling the long term future of their leagues for a few more dollars.

    1. That is the crux of the problem with BeIN. They could only show the second half of the Inter – AC Milan match because of the overlap with Barca – RM. If they get the rights to the EPL they’ll need to add at least 2 channels. Will they do that? Will the cable companies pick them up and if so, how much will it cost us? I for one hope Fox retains the rights.

      1. In the Middle East, Al Jazeera has 12 sports channels plus 2 in HD. So I think they will only get better here in the States.

  12. Fog,
    I have the same problem with Hudson, I like to watch football not get shouted at. I discovered a Spanish feed, fantastic, it tells you how awful Hudson is when I choose a language I can’t understand.

    1. I was going to do that…but I was too tired to deal with it. I even understand some basic Spanish. I would have preferred no commentary and only the crowd reaction…if that were available.

      I think that the bottom line was that I would have been irritated knowing that I couldn’t fully enjoy the match because my bias against Ray Hudson was keeping me away from the English broadcast.

      I know he has a very loyal following…just don’t count me in that number. Oh, I long for the days of Toby Charles…the King of voice-over broadcasts. :)

  13. I’ve watched less Serie but not by choice. I’m still bitter that Fox lost the rights and I don’t expect Comcast in South Florida to start carrying BeIN anytime soon. As a diehard Interista I’ve had to resort to internet streams, usually with Italian commentary. I would happily pay a few bucks a month to get BeIn HD on my television, but I won’t be switching to DirectTV.

  14. Gaffer,
    I understand you being against pirating stream and such. But not everybody can afford to pay for subscription like you do. Foxsoccer2go charges 170 for epl and CL(2 best competition). FSC + FSP is about 300 dollars(for a full year).

    When you add La liga, Serie A and Bundesliga…

    Hell, dont see why GolTV had to lose some games. Why couldn’t BeinTV had given them some games like GolTV did with ESPN? GolTV knew they wouldn’t realistically offer a lot of live games to customers so they allow ESPN to show the games(for a fee of course).

  15. Luckily I have Directv, thus, beIN. I love their studio, but the studio hosts suck. I get using pretty women with short skirts, but they should at least be able to speak effectively. Its like they are fumbling through their words; very annoying. Great el classico this weekend. I am one of the few that likes Ray Hudson; and I think that partnered with Phil Schoen makes them a good duo.

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