Harry Redknapp Would Be A Dream Manager to Replace Mark Hughes at QPR

Being a Queens Park Rangers fan is not easy. The last few years have been a roller coaster ride, to say the least. As a QPR fan and season ticket holder, I can tell you that being a QPR fan is a completely different experience to any other Premier League club.

Even if Loftus Road is the smallest ground in the league, it has one of the greatest atmospheres in the whole country. I have never experienced such an atmosphere than last year, against Liverpool after we came back from 2-0 to win 3-2 in the space of 13 minutes. This was up there with the best games I’ve ever witnessed. To leave this stadium to a proposed new one would be so sad for me, as I’ve grown up around Loftus Road. However, I think in a way, we need a bigger stadium as the facilities outside the stadium are not Premier League class. Toilets and food definitely have room for improvement, just to name two things.

On the pitch, the team isn’t playing as a unit and we need to sort it out as soon as possible. Even though this is stating the obvious, changes are needed. And if this includes sacking manager Mark Hughes, then so be it.

When Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone partnered up to become the new owners of the side in 2007, this was the most memorable part of our history for a very long time. But in that space of 4 years, especially the first 3 seasons, they were packed with too many negatives and not enough positives. The side weren’t playing well, and not as a team as we are now.

The beginning of this current season has not been the most exciting, to say the least, with two points from 6 matches. The majority of the fans are having doubts about Hughes. After our 2-1 defeat to West Ham, I believe the players heads have fallen, but the fans will stick behind the team no matter what. At 2-0 down, the fans were singing “We love you Rangers, we do” over and over again. Personally, I think that this is pure loyalty and what Rangers is all about. Even if the fans are behind the team, the team still isn’t performing up to scratch. Against West Ham we looked like a pile of individuals, not a team. To be quite frank, we were giving the ball away and we looked poor. If I wanted to, I could spend hours ranting and moaning at individual players and could spend seconds praising the two decent players from that night.

Understandably, manager Mark Hughes is taking a lot of stick from the fans. From all the fans I’ve heard on Twitter and at the ground the other day, the fans are calling for Hughes to be sacked. As a QPR supporter, we have got to be careful so we don’t go through a string of managers like we did under Briatore and Ecclestone. Personally, I give it until the end of the month, and if the side hasn’t jelled by then and we are still playing as bad as we are now, then I will be calling for him to be sacked.

It would be a dream to get Harry Redknapp in. But in hindsight, I believe Fernandes made a mistake last season by sacking Neil Warnock in the middle of January, when QPR was rushed into making a decision and Hughes was rushed into making signings. We survived last season, but only by the skin of our teeth. If Fernandes is going to pull the plug on Hughes, it’s better to do it soon rather than wait until it’s too late.

15 thoughts on “Harry Redknapp Would Be A Dream Manager to Replace Mark Hughes at QPR”

  1. Uhm why would ol’ melty face be the dream manager for QPR? You might want to go into that, or is that going to be another piece you are going to write?

      1. Yeah! Don’t call him “Melty Face”. Call him “Crappy Driver”… or “Has Crappy Driver Friends”.

        No matter what you call him, the attention will properly be on you, and your trolling, rather than QPHahaa and the big mess they are in.

  2. Mark Hughes doesn’t strike me as a good manager. he has all that talent at his dispoable yet dont know how set em up to succeed on the pitch.

  3. Oh and just to confirm, in case fans of all other clubs think QPR are insane, most r’s are happy for hughes to stay at least until january, at least.

  4. I just read this, and i wanted to come out in support of R. Im happy for Hughes to stay as are most QPR fans i know in person and on the message boards.

    Personal views aside this is an appalling article with no focus or point. You have completely failed to relate to the title and have basically just given us a range of pointless information. Throw all your QPR knowledge against the wall, whatever sticks stays, randomly generate a controversial title and hey presto!

  5. While I enjoyed reading the article, I have to say it hasn’t been a success. As previous commenters have already mentioned, I read through the entire article and don’t see any elaboration at all on the headline. It’s as if the author got too carried away with telling the background story that he forgot to address the main point of his article.

  6. You need consistency to survive and you are correct that sacking Neil Warnock was a huge mistake. Now Rangers has Hughes, who hilariously thought he was leaving Fulham for a “top” club and carries around his famous “I once managed Man City” mantra like an anchor while Rangers have spent money like a drunken sailor bringing in hordes of players. Look at the goalkeeping situation – Robert Green – is sitting on the bench pulling in a tidy premier league salary and the new goalkeeper Cesar is pulling in an even heftier salary. Most clubs in their position would have either Green or Cesar (who looks suspect to me) and the back up would be a younger reserve team goalie trying to break through the ranks.

    The best player on the park against West Ham was Taarabt and he didn’t even start. Cisse, Park, Wright Phillips were all let go by bigger clubs yet they still command decent size salaries and play purely average or in Cisse’ case rubbish. And someone should tell Cisse he’s carrying around a large white rat on his head. Judging by his performance the other night it’s sapping his strength. Hughes would have done better to invest in his back line who are all suspect and with a dodgy keeper this situation isn’t going to get better. Right now with the exception of Norwich QPR are the worst team in the Premiership.

  7. I never wanted Hughes near the club in the first place, due to his waste of money at Man City, his thuggery with Blackburn, his arrogance at Fulham and his failure with Wales. As his association with Joorabchian as well.
    Fernadez behaved like an idiot when he promised Warnock time and the transfer window, only to stab him in the back. I bet he’s regretting it now as Hughes has led the team to its worst opening 6 game record in the club’s history. The sooner the exit door hits this clown on the backside, the better.
    Message to Fernandez – Must do better!!

  8. will you all calm down, Hughes is going nowhere, and rightly so, he’s a good manager with good ideas, It’s just taking a bit longer to get it together, it’ll work out and well finish well placed. have Faith, let’s not turn into those scumbags down the road, have some pride.

  9. Why would you need a bigger ground? You can’t sell out a QPR Chelsea derby!!

    I don’t think a new manager will help

  10. Clubs do not put enough importance on the role of the manager, otherwise they would spend more to secure the best managers. They spend more on a player. When there is a vacancy, they look around and choose from the list of sacked managers who are desperate to get back in the game. It is stupid; no other successful business thinks like that.

  11. Know I’ve got some stick with this article. Most of you lot saying the title doesn’t match the article. But I didn’t choose the title. It was edited it in by the editor. But you are all entitled to an opinion

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