Cluj vs Manchester United, and Nordsjaelland vs Chelsea: Open Thread

Premier League clubs are back in Champions League action today with Manchester United playing in Romania, while Chelsea plays in Denmark.

Two comfortable away victories, or not? We shall see.

Post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Cluj vs Manchester United, and Nordsjaelland vs Chelsea: Open Thread”

    1. Agreed gaffer his postional sense is terrible at times. Can’t really blame the last defender in the box as the striker made a great run to get himself into space for the shot.

  1. United worked hard for their win and the quality against Cluj showed. However, they still look really soft at the back, Newcastle away..ouch..If NUFC play like they did a home on the first day of the season and Fergie still puts Scholes and Gigs in it could be a long day for MU on saturday.

    Chelsea put the game to bed with the second goal but up to that point, the danes were every bit a match for chelsea and the danes will be kicking themselves for not taking there chances in the first half, they could have been 2 or 3 up.

  2. Nordsjaelland actually impressed me with their technical ability and passing; only at this level you need to finish your chances and experience (which Chelsea has) matters.

    Kind of wish one of the Fox networks showed Juve-Shakhtar, hopefully they show the return leg rather than Chelsea-Nordsjaelland at Stamford Bridge in all honest, but we know they won’t do that

  3. Congrats to both teams for deserved wins. Van Persie is proving to be an invaluable asset for United in performances such as this. Without him, it’s hard to say if United would still have won last night’s match, or the match against Southampton a few weeks back. Sigh, I’m getting jealous.

    I believe Chelsea were simply too good for their Danish opponents. Hope Di Matteo continues his great work at Chelsea in this competition. I would be alright if they win the Champions’ League again this season, as I don’t think Arsenal will be capable of that.

    1. Looks like I may be wrong about Chelsea’s performance, it seems Di Matteo said that Chelsea were “lucky” to win that match and Petr Cech made a wonderful save somewhere in the second half.

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