Liverpool vs Manchester United: Still the Biggest English Match in the World: The Daily EPL

Liverpool and Manchester United is still the biggest English match in the world, according to a recent study by Sporting Intelligence. No, it’s not your Chelsea, Arsenal or other Sky Six. The classic of all classics is still number one.

Here are the Premier League news headlines of the day:

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16 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Manchester United: Still the Biggest English Match in the World: The Daily EPL”

  1. Interesting table in that article on LFC/United as to the number of wins opposing clubs have gotten in Anfield during the EPL era.

    Surprises me that Everton has only won twice there in the last 20 years as they have been in the League the whole time. Even though Everton hasn’t been great you’d have thought they would have gotten more Merseyside Derby wins out of that stretch.

  2. If you are a Liverpool fan sure, if you are a Man Utd fan, not so much, Man City rivalry is back at the top for Utd fans, if you are a supporter of another team not at all. LFC want to be relevant, but they are not now have not been for a while and will not be for a while. smart brand association by LFC associate your brand with the biggest in football.

    1. Disagree completely there Dust. The hatred runs deep for both teams and both sets of fans. Going to the United match provides an ELECTRIC atmosphere… there might be good and bad atmospheres at other matches but nothing I’ve ever witnessed rivals the Liverpool/Man U one. Like Fergie himself said not so long ago, the Liverpool game to him is still the biggest in football and it may not mean anything in terms of challenging for the top but it’s still a very emotional affair. City are an annoyance to United but Liverpool are rooted a lot deeper with United and vice versa.

      Maybe the perception from around the world is different, but here in Liverpool (and in Manchester) there is nothing to top Sunday’s match.

  3. “allegedly” this will be the starting squad for Spurs tonight v Lazio

    Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Caulker, Vertonghen, Naughton, Huddlestone, Sandro, Lennon, Dembele, Dempsey, Defoe.

    Love the defense, that selection is what it should be for the BPL now but probably the starting D by Xmas, clean sheet today hopefully!

    Don’t agree with Huddlestone otherwise its a strong starting 11, I would imagine Bale and Sig will be available if needed to break a draw.

  4. Not sure if I would want a winter break for the EPL, that would surely take away the fun and excitement I get to experience as a fan during that period every year. But I guess that is just my perspective as a fan. The players and managers, being the ones who are forced to be busy during a congested period, would probably have an entirely different view.

    I believe the reason Hodgson wants a break is so as to resduce the risk of injuries among his players. He certainly wouldn’t want to encounter a problem of having too many injuries in his England team come the time when they play internationals.

  5. Not surprising that Liverpool vs Man U is still the biggest English match. Really highlights the power of tradition, as something hard to destroy regardless of how different the modern state of things might be.

  6. No open thread for the Europa league…. What on earth is up with the lighting on the set, this looks terrible, is it being filmed from McBride’s garage? LOL very poor

  7. is it a big game? yes. But it is not “the” biggest english match in the world. UTD v. City and UTD v. Arsenal are bigger games.

  8. If you have a long memory then Liverpool vs Manchester United is the biggest English match in the world. If you have a short memory then it is not.

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