Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread

Three Premier League matches today, and they should all be crackers.

Liverpool kicks off proceedings at 8:30am ET/1:30pm BST against Arsenal at Anfield in a match where both clubs have something to prove — Arsenal, to get their first goal of the season as well as their first win — while Liverpool needs to answer the critics who are blaming them for not signing a new striker on transfer deadline day. This one should be the match of the weekend.

At 11am ET/4pm BST, we have two matches to choose from (or you can watch them both simultaneously). The first is a match between two clubs that conjure up memories of a classic game from the 1996-97 season — between Southampton and Manchester United — when United wore gray shirts, but changed them at half-time because the players and manager thought they weren’t helping United. Watch the YouTube video here.

The second match is Newcastle United against Aston Villa, which should be a firecracker especially since Villa has so much to prove after two disappointing losses so far this season.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

66 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread”

  1. Good start by Liverpool. The Reds are pressing Arsenal whenever they have the ball, forcing them into making mistakes or making Arsenal go backwards.

    The Gaffer

  2. Bad pass by Gerrard, which allowed Arsenal to break on the counter attack. Lovely pass by Cazorla to Podolski.

    Completely against the run of play, might I add. Liverpool will create more opportunities to score though.

    The Gaffer

  3. Cazorla has looked dangerous so far this year, and it will surprise nobody to see him set up the first goal. Now that Poldi has broken the duck, when will Giroud step up? I guess that depends when Arsenal’s fullbacks will learn to cross.

  4. Poor game by Gerrard so far. Lots of poor passes. Knowing him though, it’ll take just one piece of magic to erase the rest of his performance.

    The Gaffer

    1. I’ve been surprised by Gerrard’s performance so far. He was mediocre in the first half. Maybe he’s just getting older.

      Aside from a few minor errors, we’ve defended well in the first half. Diaby looks like he’s finally getting back to his best too. If he can stay healthy, he can become our Yaya Toure.

      Giroud’s finishing has been poor this season, but, especially today, he hasn’t received good crosses. I’m just hoping he isn’t another Chamakh.

  5. Giroud should at least hit that on target. Very disappointing there.

    I like how Arsenal is playing here. Defending in numbers, breaking on the counter, and ripping apart the Liverpool defense. That should be their tactic if/when they play against Barcelona in the Champions League this season. Steve Bould’s hard work is already paying dividends at Arsenal.

    The Gaffer

  6. Another big miss by Giroud, he’s definitely lacking in confidence at the moment. Gibbs berating him after the miss probably won’t help…

  7. Sigh…that was a real sitter by Giroud. He’s missed quite a number of chances already this season and I’ve already heard complaints about how he’s not worth the buy. I disagree though, I believe he just needs time to gel into the team. He should do better soon.

    Anyway, although Arsenal do not seem to be passing the ball very well, I’m happy that they’ve scored that goal. Really hope they win this game! Go Gunners!

  8. Suarez is incredibly difficult to like. Although he can nutmeg the opposition with ease, his play acting and constant complaining takes away from the game itself.

    1. I totally agree…he just appears to be acting like a spoilt brat (not being judgemental, just expressing some rather obvious sentiments).

      I’m just glad the refree hasn’t given Suarez his way…apparently even he is aware of the player’s insincerity!

      1. What do you think Steve Bould has done to make the team stronger? Will his presence really have a huge impact on the team and their performances this season? I’m not so certain if just one coach like that would really help…even if he does, there’s no guarantee it will last permanently. But if he’s really good as it seems, then all the better!

  9. YES!!! Much better over all… and Cazorla is the man. I think we’re going to have to be patient with Giroud, but there’s promise there.

  10. Gerrard was awful today, and Suarez wasn’t much better. Except for Allen and Sterling, I can’t think of a Liverpool player that looked good. 15 million pounds for Borini when they could have had Dempsey for half that price? Very stupid.

  11. Liverpool will end up in the bottom half of the table. They just don’t have any goalscorers. How stupid are FSG in their transfer dealings that they won’t spend a couple of million more for someonle like Demspsey to ensure a top half or top 6 finish. How long before we see “Yanks Out” banners at Anfield? I say at the United game when they will have 1 point from 4 games and in the relegation zone.

    1. The reality that Liverpool faces is that they’re going to need to play their way out with what they have. While Dempsey would have made a difference today, Liverpool has enough talent and striking options if they play as well as they can – Borini (who will come good), Suarez (who needs to do better), Sterling (who is showing a ton of promise), Shelvey (who needs to improve his first touch) and Gerrard (who needs to up his game).

      Liverpool players need to work their socks off. They have the talent to do well.

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t know about all of that. As a Liverpool fan, I can honestly say that relegation (though extremely unlikely) is in the back of my mind. Remember that we only scored 47 league goals last year. 18 of them were scored by Adam, Kuyt, Maxi, Bellamy, and Carroll. Now unless Borini, Sahin, Allen, and Assaidi score 18 combined (which I doubt) then we’ll barely be at a goal per game, and with how our back line has regressed since the first half of last season, it’s very worrisome.

  12. anybody else have constant problems with Fox Soccer 2 Go – at times it streams ok – like now – but is out of focus. Other times it streams choppy.

  13. united still lacks a midfielder to dictate play in the center of the pitch. kagawa is great in the final third, but doesnt receive enough service. southampton are making life very difficult for cleverley and carrick.

  14. I thought you couldn’t come from an offside position and be the next player to touch the ball regardless of when the ball was passed. gallas was called for that yesterday, he was offside but got back on and received the ball from Ade and the flag went up… Inconsistant application or understanding of the rule.

  15. Just finished watching the Liverpool match. I know this is a sacrilegious thought, but is Gerrard having difficulty fitting in to Rodgers’ system or is he just starting to show some age?

  16. Rogers is saying he wanted 2 strikers not just 1. He was asked about free transfers etc but says he doesn’t think it’s an option. Lots of questioning of FSG on the radio over here.

    1. WOW! you can’t make this stuff up.what a bad beat for the Saints deserved at least a point.i can see the DM headline HARRY COMES MARCHING IN!

    2. To be fair to Rooney, he does score plenty of goals too. Although this shows that he won’t be missed even if he dosen’t get to play for long periods like this one. I’m sure now that this has happened, Rooney will be all the more determined to rediscover his scoring form and show that he has not lost his worth to the team despite Van Persie’s arrival.

  17. Well that was a fun game. Well BeIN is launching on Comcast in our area in SD on 6th September in Spanish (BeIN 2). So we do not yet get English or HD not impressed with Comcast. So if they don’t get their fingers out we could end up with no EPL or EPL in SD in Spanish ….

  18. RVP is class. Shame what’s he’s become to Arsenal fans, myself included (completely devalued any hero status he has with us and is rightfully views as a Judas c**t), but he is class with that hat trick today. Tough heartbreak for Southampton, who deserved to win with the way they played, but that’s football.

    Overall positive.. Arsenal beat Liverpool convincingly AT Anfield and United almost lost to Southampton. Win win in many ways.

  19. Bad news for Swans Neil Taylor out for season dislocated ankle and broke in 3 places. hope all goes well and we see you next year.

    1. That stinks. Hopefully he’ll be OK when he returns. I hate to see players out of action for so long.

      The Gaffer

  20. Had Puncheon made it 3-1 when he really should have done it would have been game over.
    Another top performance though, had United rocking.
    Need to play like that against the non top 4 sides though to have a chance of staying up.
    Not sure about taking Lambert and Lallana off either.
    If that was tactical it could have cost us 3 pts.

    Up The Saints

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