Liverpool Make Loan Move For Sturridge After Henderson Says No to Clint Dempsey Swap: The Nightly EPL

My head is spinning from all of the transfer window craziness — and just wait until tomorrow.

In the latest episode of ‘Will Clint Dempsey Be Stuck on Fulham’s Bench This Season, Or Not?’, reliable reporter Chris Bascombe from The Telegraph is reporting that Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson has turned down a move to Fulham. If Henderson had said yes, Fulham would have received cash for Dempsey plus Henderson. But now that that deal is off, Liverpool is now making a loan move for Daniel Sturridge.

Maybe Dempsey will end up at Sunderland after all?

It’s been a ridiculously crazy day in the Premier League transfer window, so here are the latest news headlines:

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26 thoughts on “Liverpool Make Loan Move For Sturridge After Henderson Says No to Clint Dempsey Swap: The Nightly EPL”

  1. If true it shows how far Henderson’s stock has gone down. Liverpool paid 16-18 million for him and if they were willing to exchange him plus cash for Dempsey whom Fulham were prepared to sell for 8 million and who only has 1 year left on his contract. Liverpool seem destined to fail to offload players who are on high wages and for whom they paid a lot. They couldn’t get a buyer for Carroll, even at a loss of close to 20 million, so they were forced to loan him out. They were hoping to sell him to get funds to pay for players Rodgers wants to buy.

    It looks like getting decent players on loan maybe Liverpool’s only viable option now. As far as Sturridge is concerned, he has fallen down the pecking order at Chelsea for a reason, he isn’t a consistent performer and is very selfish to boot. Supposedly also has an attitude problem. I guess as a loanee he might be worth a shout for Liverpool. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    1. The reason Sturridge has fallen down the pecking order has nothing to do with his footballing abilities. Its all down to his selfish attitude on the pitch. He thinks “shooting on sight” and scoring the odd goal is the only way he’ll be able to establish himself.
      B. Rogers might be the best thing that ever happen to him(if he goes to liverpool) because he will teach him how to play for the team.

  2. I would have thought i would have been a Loan move of Henderson plus Cash for Dempsey not an outright sale plus cash for a player with only 12 months on his contract
    All on the radar for tomorrow will it be 1, 2 or a full house with losing another two players on thursday in Carroll and Spearing and likely that Adam will be another then all 4 would be needed as we are getting short on numbers and the fact that Agger wasnt in sight last night could mean he will be another very late mover who knows the secret of silly season

  3. I find it hard to believe LFC offered a 16m pound player and cash for Duece when 7-8m would buy him outright.
    Think… Carroll and Spearing have opened up those salaries with 1-3m pounds in loan fees for them as well, Adam is on the way to Stoke for 4-5m and another salary gone. The money is there for the deal.
    Joe Cole is also being let go on free transfer just to get rid of the salary as well.
    Now ask your self why LFC would give Hendo and cash for Dempsey……
    Duece will be a Red before the sun goes down tomorrow and Hendo has nothing to do with it.

    1. because they get to offload Henderson while adding Dempsey. They do not want to pay Henderson who wont get a lot of playing time.
      I can only wonder what Rogers would have done had he been given the 80+ million pounds that Kenny Dalglish and comoli wasted on below to average(at best) players.

  4. at what point does signing players cross over from helping to hurting a team? Some of these teams are bringing well over half the starting 11- how well can they be expected to gell or work in sync?

  5. Most exciting day of the summer coming tomorrow – I love waking up (if I’m in the US at the time) and reading about all the crazy stuff happening.

    Good to see Carroll to West Ham seems to have happened. I think that will end up being good for Liverpool, Carroll, and West Ham.

    1. He certainly is, but most people know SAF’s temperament. Once a player is out of favor, he is on his way out the door. Apparently Berb just didn’t fit into his plan.

    1. It’s either a very canny game on spurs part to get them at a lower price…or…it will be a sad day as we will be stuck with Freezel. AVB I am concerned about cover /replacement for Lennon as I doubt he will be fit for long.

      I think it will still happen at the 11th hour, The VDV deal happened so late it wasn’t confirmed until the day after the window was closed.

      I also think that January will be busy for us and still believe Damiao will be a Spurs player in Jan.

      At this point I want the window to shut and for saturdays game against Norwich to begin. A cup of Tea, A doorstep Bacon Sandwich and HD coverage of the game followed by most importantly…3 points!

  6. Dempsey is having a medical at Aston Villa after Fulham accepted Villas bid.

    Charlie Adam is moving to Stoke for 4 million pounds.

    Berbatov is now apparently moving to Spurs.

    If Chelsea sign Schurrle from Leverkusen then they will loan Sturridge to Liverpool for the season.

    Manchester City will be the big spenders in the last few hours and expect 4-5 signings.

    1. Jerry, don’t believe the rumors…

      Dempsey is not having a medical at Villa.

      Berbatov is not moving to Spurs.

      The Gaffer

  7. dempsey is the best option than sturrage. I hate sturage in person. Dempsey is more prefareable to me than that chelsea player.

  8. It has been a story at Anfield for quite sometime already. Don’t understand why Rodgers was not trying to sign earlier. He wants to sign a quality player at the last minutes! The problem is about his decision really.

  9. That is completely ridicules in my opinion that LFC is going to offer £ 16m where a bitter less amount would have work. I completely do not understand what is this all about?
    But lets show some respect to the decision.

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