Luka Modric Completes £30m Move from Spurs to Real Madrid: The Daily EPL

Hallelujah! The Luka Modric transfer saga is finally over. Tottenham Hotspur officially announced this morning that the club has reached a deal with Real Madrid, and the transfer is subject to a medical. Now that Modric will be heading to Spain, this will open the door for Tottenham to finalize 1-2 signings between now and Friday night, although as you can see from the stories below, the club is facing an uphill climb to finalize deals for a midfielder and striker.

Here are the Premier League news headlines from this morning:

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14 thoughts on “Luka Modric Completes £30m Move from Spurs to Real Madrid: The Daily EPL”

  1. I know i might be in the minority but i think the Spurs will be better in the long term without Modric.Not getting his transfer last year i think he did not give 100%if they can spend wisely they will be fine short term loss for long term gain.

  2. Alan Brazil mentioned on Talksport this morning that Redknapp will be in charge of another top flight London club in the next four days. Don’t know how true it is but thought it worth mentioning given the picture above, great image though.

  3. hahaha u wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MODRIC is going to be a BENCH warmer. KAKA is 100x better and more agile than modric but yet he fell out of favour with mourinho. Berbatov left and he only played 2 years on and off and now look at him. Look at andy carroll. He was the talk of the PL when he was at newcastle now liverpool want to sell him. Yes modric is a good player but with ozil, i dont see how modric will ever get the chance to play

    1. rotation…as a fan of Croatia, I’d rather have him in a rotation than being over worked by Spurs which he was last season

  4. I think it is best that is he gone. I wrote a story about right around this time suggesting the club sell. I was destroyed by people. Clearly last year and this year he wanted out. He serves no purpose in keeping someone who really wants to leave. Although, last year they could have gotten more money. Levy has shown he has no problem with building players up and selling them off to the right bidder. That was most likely what he had in mind last year, I really don’t think it was about standing up to the “big boys of football.” Modric was never a personal favorite of mine but he is a good player and hopefully he will be happy at his new home.

  5. Spurs fans need to give AVB time to implement his system especially after he brings in one or two players now that Modric is gone. As long as Levy gives AVB all the proceeds from the Modric sales and they buy quality players they will be fine in the long run. Unfortuantely, as is true of most fans of all teams, too many fans are impatient. So unless Spurs start winning soon it could get bad at White Hart Lane when supporters start demonstrating thier displeasure.

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