Adam Johnson Joins Sunderland in £10m Deal: The Nightly EPL

From Middlesbrough to Manchester City, and back again to the north east of England. Tricky winger Adam Johnson has been sold to Sunderland in a £10m deal. The transfer should open the door for City to go ahead and sign winger Scott Sinclair from Swansea, but the Swansea chairman says that he’s not going to sell the star for as low as £5million.

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5 thoughts on “Adam Johnson Joins Sunderland in £10m Deal: The Nightly EPL”


    4th isn’t a guarantee of anything for champions league as we learned last season. It has to be a minimum of 3rd to guarantee CL football. Willan at minimum will need to be purchased so we can push for top 3 before jan, then maybe a couple more signings in january window to guarantee it. Im sure Lennon will be injured, as will’s normal for these players unfortunately.

  2. “Willan at minimum will need to be purchased so we can push for top 3 before jan…”

    In other words Spurs want to buy 3rd place…

  3. Sunderland have landed a very good winger and 10 million is a bargain given that Downing for instance cost twice that and Johnson is way better.

  4. The deal is undisclosed. £10m is press speculation I think it be more like £16m as city don’t need to sell and he’s a current England international. A good buy for Sunderland in fact a good deal all round, shame it didn’t work out and good luck to him.

  5. Best english winger for 10 million? Fantastic deal! I think 1-2 years of playing week-in week-out he will show everyone how great he is.

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