Real Madrid Agrees Deal With Arsenal For Nuri Sahin, Says Report: The Nightly EPL

It’s not confirmed by either club quite yet, but there are reports that Real Madrid has agreed a deal with Arsenal to send Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin to Emirates Stadium on a season-long loan. The move, however, is contingent on whether Sahin wants to move to Arsenal. It’s quite possible that he may wait for a counter-offer from Liverpool. Ah, the British media — who are we to believe?!

Here are the latest Premier League news headlines:

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24 thoughts on “Real Madrid Agrees Deal With Arsenal For Nuri Sahin, Says Report: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Sahin sure is a quality addition and sure has class. But he is very similar to Arteta. Box-to-box and not specifically dedicated to only attacking nor defense. Deep lying play-maker if you ask me.

    Great signing. but Arsenal does need a physical DEFENSIVE replacement in midfield. A Gilberto, Makele, Vieira, Roy Keane. Diaby could be there if he improved his defensive ability.

    This is really funny by the way

  2. Sahin is a gud 1 bt we stil nid a defensive mf, a defender n a striker. Arsene should offload d likes of Bendtner Squillaci n loan Chamakh 2 a championship team so he can learn hw 2 score goals

  3. Sahin is a gud addition to arsenal squad,but to me i dont think dat sahin is a gud replacement to elex song,atleast wat we need now is a gud difencive midfielder,one difender and a gud striker,i think with this,we may come with with something this season.

  4. bringing in sahin.will be a sencible signing for arsenal, but we still need a defender and a jet sricker in other boost up in goal scoring.

  5. it well alright bt wenger shouid make sure dat he sign the like of m.villa and fernando loriente 4rm bibao in other 2 achieve our aim bcos if we tink dat d loan deal of nuri shain 4rm real madrid can turn 2 permanent deal at d end of d season it may nt be accepted, wenger please buy player bcos am realy impresed by d performance of santi carzorla. Dat is greatfull

  6. It seems that all Arsenal fans lack proper English literacy. Anyways, Sahin will do great things at the Emirates. Hopefully the loan includes a permanent buy option, if he fulfills expectations.

    1. Hahah.. It IS strange as far as this thread is concerned, but I assure you I’m only one of the Gooners on here with normal to exceptional literacy. We’re not all like that, but then again, it’s the internet. No need to for perfection a la essay writing. As long as you can understand them and the lack of cohesion doesn’t gets in the way of literacy, then we’re all good.

      Or maybe they’re just so excited that moves are actually being made for a change, relevant moves at that, that it’s f*cking up their typing haha.

  7. Note to self: Always remember to NEVER pay attention to transfer news nonsense until it is OFFICIALLY announced. It’s tired and boring.

  8. What is wrong with people? Some of the spelling on this site is a joke!

    What is Sricker, sencible ? Elex Song?

    You Brainless idiots want to concentrate on been able to read and write properly instead of focusing on a Footbal. Please go back to school and learn how to spell, as what you have written barely makes any sense.

    1. I am a retired teacher of English, among other things. You need to relax.

      Some of the errors people make are simple typos that happen all the time. Other mistakes are by some for whom English is not their native language. That does not invalidate their thoughts. Some errors are indeed made by folks who don’t know any better, but again, their thinking may be sound. We are exchanging thoughts and ideas about soccer/football. That’s all.

      If you want erudition I would suggest giving up the internet altogether. This is a sports blog, not a Mensa site.

  9. I am a retired teacher of English, among other things?? So you of all people should not encourage such poor spelling as it is slowly seeping into the classrooms and work places and eventually ends up with nobody even attempting to use correct Grammar at all.
    I was merely pointing this out, I can understand the odd typo but this was not the case in many posts it barely made any sense at all, Did you single me out for my comment because of my race? as other people also commented on the poor spelling yet you personally attacked me!
    I did not personally single you out, so for you to call me a Idiot was out of order but then people like you are always Hard when you are sitting behind a computer screen, trust me you wouldn’t be so brave to my face!! You retired old tw*t.

    1. I could be wrong, but I believe most of the comments you became enraged at were by posters for whom English is a 2nd or 3rd language. If you were a frequent reader of this blog you would recognize that and not be so critical or angry.

      I used your term “idiot” since, while decrying the lack of literary accuracy in others, you then made an error that was not a simple typo…..and I only asked. Notice I didn’t use “brainless”. :-)

      I simply don’t think internet blogs are the place to worry about what is happening to our language or get overly critical about others’ usage. If you do, that’s your problem. As for your race, I neither know nor care.

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