Barcelona Close to Clinching £15m Move for Arsenal’s Alex Song: The Nightly EPL

Arsenal midfielder Alex Song is close to landing a deal with Barcelona, which will certainly outrage Gunners manager Arsene Wenger after everything the manager has done to help grow Song as a superb lynchpin in the centre of the field for Arsenal.

Whether a deal is close or if it’s newspaper tattle, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s certainly an interesting story to watch.

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20 thoughts on “Barcelona Close to Clinching £15m Move for Arsenal’s Alex Song: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I suppose barcelona are becoming funny now.they pose 2 have an academy but what they do every season is rely on Arsenal 4 star players.though i agree they fear for their supremacy they should leave Gunners players or close their academy and come begging for players as they have done over and over.i will hate barca in my life time

  2. This can’t possibly be true. It would be incredible from a Barca standpoint. Bringing in Song would allow for them to physically compete in the center of the park instead of relying on Busquets to dive whenever the opposition impedes his two yard “halo”…

  3. Barca, is very funny. dats why i love Morhinho. Barca with your pride and selfishness, Real will discipline you in La Liga so long as Morhinho is there. Even if you raid Arsenal, no Champions league for you. Song its your decision but I suggest you stay at Arsenal, Silver will be in your hands this season.

  4. Don’t believe every transfer rumor that is slathered around the internet.
    Arsene wants to keep him, Song is happy there, its not happening.

    1. And don’t believe everything your club tells you.

      We’ll know by August 31 whether Alex Song is happy at Arsenal, or not.

      The Gaffer

        1. Perhaps, but it has also been reported by The Guardian that Alex Song wants to explore his transfer options this summer particularly because he knows Barcelona is interested.

          The Gaffer

  5. Barca robbed Arsenal with the Fabregas transfer and if this is true they’re going to rob Arsenal again! Way too cheap.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alex Song, I love what he does for the team. But, 15 million pounds for him, all while Man Utd are offering 20 million pounds for RVP? These valuations when taken together are completely whacked.

  7. Hard to understand how fans can applaud and congratulate their club when they take the best players of other clubs (french clubs have been pillaged by AW for decade), then get pissed and call it a crime when it happens to them.

    1. Ligue 1 and the Premier League are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT leagues…

      Arsenal fans are not upset that RVP left.. They are upset that he left to Man United.
      Very simple to understand.. Very, very simple.

      All Arsenal fan anger and resentment is completely justified, yet people keep trying to deny its justification.. It’s absurd.

  8. With RVP gone, losing Song will not be good for Arsenal. Even if they replace him with a good talent it will take time for the new players to gel and that’s why I think Arsenal will have a fight on their hands to get a top 4 spot this season.

  9. They should say bye yo him. Thanks barca for the 15 m. Then ring Stamford bridge and buy raul merelies. I think it would be a perfect combination as he plays good on the floor balls. Which podolski can run on to. Perfect

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