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beIN SPORT Launches Free Live Stream Preview Until August 15

bein sport logo2 beIN SPORT Launches Free Live Stream Preview Until August 15

beIN SPORT isn’t officially scheduled to launch until August 15, but America’s newest soccer network quietly launched a free online stream today, which will be available until August 15 via its website.

One of the first matches shown on beIN SPORT 1 was a replay of the Manchester City against Arsenal friendly played in China on July 27. While the Gunners lost 2-0, the first live match shown on the network was today’s friendly between Espanyol and Montpellier featuring the well-known commentary duo of Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson. Both Schoen and Hudson, and several behind-the-scenes personnel, made the short trip from GolTV to join beIN SPORT earlier this summer.

A programming schedule will be released by beIN SPORT in the coming days, but — for now — we do know that beIN SPORT will televise the following games via the free streaming service:

  • Paris Saint-Germain vs Barcelona (friendly), Saturday, August 4 at 1:30pm ET
  • Juventus vs Napoli (Supercoppa Italiana), Saturday, August 11 at 8am ET

Until a programming schedule is made available, tuning in to beIN SPORT is a surprise treat. Right now, as I write this, beIN SPORT is showing a replay of Malaysia XI vs Arsenal from the Gunners rare sojourn to Asia. Other times I’ve tuned in, I’ve seen Barca TV.

As a reminder, beIN SPORT has exclusive US media rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, nPower Championship, Capital One Cup (better known as the League Cup or, previously, Carling Cup), Copa America, Copa del Rey and more. Meanwhile, many industry experts are convinced that beIN SPORT will enter bidding this autumn to acquire the US media rights to the Premier League for seasons 2013-2016.

beIN SPORT’s free streaming preview will continue until August 15. The move is certainly to help encourage soccer fans to request the network from their TV provider before the streaming ends, and when the network will only be available via select TV distributors (who have yet to be announced/named).

To access the beIN SPORT free live stream, visit their website and click on the flashing ‘Live’ button near the top right corner.

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46 Responses to beIN SPORT Launches Free Live Stream Preview Until August 15

  1. PaulF says:

    so no more GoLTV and games on ESPn3?

    • The Gaffer says:

      Paul, which league?

      GolTV is still in business. And will be showing Bundesliga games this season. But GolTV and ESPN has lost La Liga to beIN SPORT, while FOX Soccer has lost Serie A, Ligue Un, nPower Championship and the League Cup to beIN SPORT.

      The Gaffer

  2. bigtotoro says:

    Pretty much no reason for GOLTV to exist anymore.

  3. DanJL76 says:

    Do you think they will keep the online stream and have a service like foxsoccer2go?

  4. James says:

    I hope BeIn buys GolTv so that we don’t have to start another campaign to get yet another sport channel. It’s tedious and time consuming. GolTv doesn’t have much content anymore so they as well sell to BeIn.

    • The Gaffer says:

      My sources are telling me that GolTV is holding out for a value of their company which is ridiculously high.

      Once La Liga fans realize that GolTV no longer has the rights to games from Spain, I’m sure their subscriber base will plummet. GolTV has some tough months ahead of them.

      Change is tough at times, but if we want to watch La Liga, Carling Cup, Championship and other leagues, beIN SPORT is the only option.

      The Gaffer

      • I noticed Gol TV are offering Mexican Primera Division (they are this weekend anyways). They still have Argentina, Brazil and could add more Central American/South American leagues if they wanted to.

        If they are able to show some of the Primera Division in English, that’s still a draw.

        Having worked in the industry in the past, Gol TV will be fine for now. If they are forced to charge a subscription, that will be the death of them.

      • Arsenalkid700 says:

        That… and random online streams we can find ;)

  5. jay a. says:

    So is Fox Soccer Channel going solely with Premier League now? They lost the rights to at least five leagues/competitions in the last year. I’m wondering what their strategy will be if BeIN outbids them for Premier League rights. Worrisome.

    • Guy says:

      Good point. Even with ESPN’s backing I don’t think Fox can outbid beIN if they really want the rights. Those companies (and Rupert) may have lots of money, but they don’t have more than Qatar. It’s just that simple…….and the league will follow the bucks.

    • Dust says:

      They have the UCL and the FA cup as well as the best league in the world.

  6. Jake II says:

    Is it looking like beIN Sport will be additional pay channel or will it be part of normal channel lineups?

    For example, right now FSC is included in my TV package but I have to pay $15/month for FS+. No way I’m paying $30 a month for FS+ and beIN, and I’m definitely keeping FS+ for EPL.

    • Guy says:

      I think it depends on your provider. The satellite folks seem to lean toward the monthly subscription model, whereas cable companies generally put new channels in their sports packs.

  7. Jason says:

    dont let these propagandist al jazeera bullies boss us around. their motives are bigger than the soccer market they want just dont want soceer but they want to get their “news” networks on US cable too so they can indoctrinate people with there islamic/sharia propaganda. beintv must fail in america. do not watch them no matter who is on.

    • PaulF says:

      you really believe that do you?? sad really….LOLZ

    • Guy says:

      Have you ever actually gone to Al Jazeera’s website and read it?? I challenge you to back up your screed with one iota of evidence.

    • Yespage says:

      Agreed! Once they are allowed on the television, they’ll start sleeping under our beds, whispering tales of jihad in our ears while we sleep!

    • Michael Jones says:

      If you watched fox news and Al Jazeera news with an open mind, you might just change your mind. And no I am not muslim nor muslim/islamic sympathizer, just an ordinary caucasian male who doesn’t believe everything the government tells me.

  8. PaulF says:

    ADHETV here i come….

    No Way we paying Fox Soccer Plus 12.99 + Sports Pack for FSC.

  9. AlexS says:

    Any way to watch in spanish?

  10. Daniel says:

    Why are they (seemingly) begging for only cable/satellite deals when they can sell direct to people (like me) who might be interested in buying online? I can see wanting to catch both sets of consumers but I don’t have cable (or satellite) but would be interested to buy it online if the price was reasonable.

  11. BA14 says:

    The leagues BEIN has I really don’t watch. This doesn’t concern me at all.

    • The Gaffer says:

      BA14, for now, but it’s entirely possible that beIN Sport may win the rights this autumn for the EPL beginning next summer. If that’s the case, the sooner we demand our TV providers add the channel, the better.

      The Gaffer

    • Guy says:

      It only becomes a concern for Premier League fans if beIN decides to outbid everyone this fall for the U.S. rights beginning in 2013……which they could well do. If nothing else, the US bidding process should be interesting, as was the one for the UK.

  12. dominjon says:

    My hope is that Fox itself (not Fox Soccer but the larger parent company) has seen how useful the EPL is to it pluggin in gaps in their NFL coverage, seen the numbers ESPN got for the Euros, seen the demographic that is key for advertisers watch ‘soccer’ and decide to go big for the rights so they can keep Fox Soccer and move more of the big matches to their mainstream channels to help be onboard as the sport continues its growth.
    Nothing against BeIN, but unless something rapidly changes it is never going to have the penetration that Fox Soccer has, particularly if they are starting off, as The Gaffer suggests, with hardball negotiations.
    Last year I got to watch every Liverpool game in every competition via Fox Soccer and ESPN and the online straming sites of both. For the price of regular cable, a sports package and a subscription I got access to it all. That was a great thing, it was genuinely giving the consumer what he wanted, and I was happy to pay for it.
    It could well be very soon that it is not only more expensive, but that I will find it impossible to watch certain games.
    That is not progress.

    • Paul says:

      i just hope ESPN can get it. Because ESPN production from top to bottom is better than anything FoxSoccer has put out. The Champions ‘ League in-studio that FoxSoccer has is also weak.

      I just want ESPN because it is cheaper. Not only that, they’ll offer more games on ESPN3 which is probably one of the best things ever invented as a massive sports fan(junkie).

      FoxSoccer costs 24.99 if you want both FSC and FSP. and you’ll have to pay an extra 160 if you want foxsoccer2go. It is just not worth it.

      • Reid says:

        2Go has the same content as FSC so you could skip that sup I’d you don’t mind have to view some games on demand instead of live. much cheaper than paying for cable or satellite if you just want soccer.

      • Guy says:

        A nice hope, but ESPN has never bid for the rights. They merely sublease from FOX because they like it that way. They get to show all their NCAA football games and fill in where convenient with Premier League matches. I don’t see that business model changing. There is absolutely no monetary incentive for them to do so.

  13. rej4sl says:

    Well if they win the EPL it seems like here in Comcast land we won’t have a shot at getting the new channel. How many years did it take us to get Fox Soccer HD. Here it took at least 2 years or more. And we still don’t have Fox Soccer Plus so getting BeIn seems a pipe dream.

  14. Reid says:

    I hate what beIN Sports has done. They have tied all of these leagues to getting a cable or satellite subscription and the streaming till the 15th just makes me more mad. Then they are basically holding the content hostage by telling fans that we need to convince these companies to pick them up.

    I don’t have cable tv or satellite because the cost is not worth it and I can get all my content for less money by streaming. beIN is just making it harder to watch soccer in the US. If they get the EPL rights, I’ll be so mad unless they offer a streaming service.

    For now, I hope nobody picks them up and they lose all the rights they have.

    • The Gaffer says:

      They’re not going to lose the rights they already have paid millions for. I’m sure they’ll have a deal with DirectTV and DISH soon. beIN SPORT is definitely here to stay.

      The more we demand that our TV providers add it, the easier it’ll be for everyone.

      Comcast is owned by NBC, one of FOX’s main rivals. Hence the slow pace of Comcast adding FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer HD across their regions nationwide.

      It’s possible that beIN SPORT may have better luck being added by Comcast than FOX.

      The Gaffer

      • Reid says:

        if they offered a streaming channel through an internet provider (like ESPN does with ESPN 3) i’d support them. Without a streaming option, I will not.

        • The Gaffer says:

          We still have to hear what their streaming product will be and how it’ll work, but your TV provider pays ESPN to be able to provide ESPN3 to you. I don’t see TV providers doing that for a beIN SPORT streaming product.

          The Gaffer

          • Reid says:

            I actually don’t get ESPN3 either because I don’t have cable and my internet provider (how I hate Time Warner) will not allow streaming w/o a cable plan. Is it wrong to move so you can be in an area with better media providers that carry soccer? :)

  15. David G says:

    I expect beIN sports to win EPL and more rights next season and Comcast to take at least 5 years to add beIN as a channel. Adios Soccer

    • Paul says:

      there’s still bootleg website willing to stream the games. While they aren’t as high quality but it is still very good.

  16. rej4sl says:

    Reading the comments about BeIn it makes me wonder if the EPL will be so dumb to give them the rights in the USA. Football has grown here and Fox and ESPN have done wonders to make it grow. Will they really be so stupid as to throw all that work away to a channel with minimum coverage in the USA.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Money talks. No matter how much I love watching the league, the reality is that the Premier League is founded on greed. Scudamore will listen to the highest bidder.

      The Gaffer

      • Paul says:

        If that was the NFL, they wouldn’t have sold the rights to beinTV. They care about how the product is being presented as much as the money.
        BeinTV has no medium to meet the demands for the PL. I do not understand why the PL doesn’t take more control of its product.

  17. Alfonso Cordero says:

    beIN Sport INTENDS on having a streaming channel that rivals watchESPN.

  18. Gaz says:

    Like others, I’m really interested to see what their steaming service will look like. I’d much prefer a model like Fox Soccer 2 Go, where I directly pay the company for access. I don’t think a model like ESPN3 where the cable company pays for access for it’s users will work well for us.

  19. Calcio Pauly says:

    I would happily pay for a direct online stream that showed all CL, Serie A and Liga matches. Does one exist?

    • The Gaffer says:

      No. beIN SPORT has the online rights to La Liga and Serie A, while FOX Soccer 2Go has the online rights to the Champions League.

      The Gaffer

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