John Terry Charged by The FA With Racial Abuse Against Ferdinand; Terry Denies Charge

Chelsea captain John Terry has been charged by The FA with racial abuse against Anton Ferdinand.

“After seeking advice from an external Independent QC, and having considered the evidence and Magistrates’ Court decision in the John Terry case, The FA has today charged the Chelsea player following an alleged incident that occurred during the Queens Park Rangers versus Chelsea fixture at Loftus Road on 23 October 2011,” said a statement on The FA’s website. “It is alleged that Terry used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand, contrary to FA rules. It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Anton Ferdinand.”

The FA says that John Terry has one week to respond to the charges. John Terry quickly responded to the charge when Chelsea’s website issued the following statement:

“John Terry has denied an FA charge announced today (Friday) and will be requesting the opportunity for a personal hearing.”

Meanwhile, The FA says that John Terry remains available to play for England. The next match for England is August 15, 2012 against Italy in a friendly.

John Terry is currently in Miami and is part of the Chelsea squad available to play tomorrow’s friendly against AC Milan (6:30pm ET, on ESPN2 in the United States).

16 thoughts on “John Terry Charged by The FA With Racial Abuse Against Ferdinand; Terry Denies Charge”

  1. Here we go again. Hopefully this is the end of it whatever the outcome, hell get a ban for what he said and rightly so but if the FA are going to start banning people for abusive language on the field then this is just the start. It’s a mans sport and I see no problem with swearing on the pitch as long as it’s not aimed directly at an offical on into a tv camera or the fans. I’m even ok with winding up the other teams players aslong as it doesn’t cross the lines of race, religion or sexual orintation.

  2. Legally he can challenge it because he has been found not guilty in court. This is what the FA should have done in the first place. There’s no point in them doing this now.

    1. Being found not guilty in court shouldn’t make any difference all that means is they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him Not that he didn’t say the words, which he has already admitted to saying.

      This is going to turn into one big clusterfcuk with both playerS gettin bans. Problem is if Terry dosnt get 7 games like suarez then the Liverpool fans will be outraged.

      1. Well, Liverpool fans, and fans in general. If they want to make a big deal of this, it should include the Anglo Saxons as well!

        What’s be funny is that Ballotelli’s reckless no-call foul (red card offense) that could have led to a serious injury led to a 0 game suspension. Suarez, Terry (?), and Barton get massive suspensions for poor sportsmanship.

        1. Andrei has a theory on that. I’m sure he would love to share it with you as he did with me in the post when Terry was cleared of criminal charges.

  3. This looks more and more like a witch-hunt. I’m not defending John Terry’s behavior but the fact that FA pushing the matter using their very lax process that doesn’t require them to prove anything to convict is troubling to say the list. And it may create a very bad precedent. In future say a football player is charged with criminal conduct. After hearing his case the jury finds him not guilty. What prevents FA from having their own ‘hearing’ and terminating the player’s license on the basis of criminal conduct?

  4. The FA looks ridiculous returning to this 9 months after the fact. They suspended Luis Suarez for 8 matches in the heart of the campaign for an incident that didn’t have legal implications. John Terry was found not guilty but that almost feels beside the point. He didn’t miss a single game last season and was allowed to represent England. I have no idea how guilty either player was but the different ways the inicidents were handled make the FA look sloppy and stupid.

  5. There are certain people on this site who love to stir the pot, especially when he was found not guilty in a criminal case everyone cried foul and compared it to the Suarez case. Well moron’s here’s the FA coming after him like was the case with Suarez (not a criminal trial) and if he gets off from this you can NOW cry foul.

    1. *Correction morons not moron’s – important to get that whole possession thing down right when calling others morons and with the grammar police lurking in the wings.*

  6. Much worse than Suarez since he KNEW what he was saying and the weight that it held. Needs at least the same ban.

  7. It’s a man’s game. If you’re not pushing yourself to the point where you get angry enough to get in someone’s face once in a while then you’re doing it wrong.

    You Brits have become so damn soft. The idea that someone can be brought up on charges by some official body for using bad or “offensive” language is maddening.

    Remember when you were a powerful nation with reason to be proud? Now you charge people with criminal acts for lewd tweets, arrest people for flying the union jack outside thier homes, and treat a national football hero like a 8 year old boy who has just let out a swear word in class. Even your opening ceremonies were pathetic. The NHS is a sign of your greatness? Really?

    1. Man’s game…you mean like the strange version of rugby you play where you wear pads incase you get hit to hard, LOL..for someone with such a poor view of England perhaps you should follow another sport? something with pads maybe or something you can get fatter at while you play like Baseball..LOL

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