Premier League News Links: Jan Vertonghen Move Agreed From Ajax to Tottenham

A move for Ajax centre-back Jan Vertonghen has been agreed with Tottenham Hotspur, and the Ajax captain is now just a medical and signature away from officially being a Tottenham Hotspur footballer. The on-again off-again race to sign Vertonghen, who was Ajax captain, appears to be over, which is wonderful news for Tottenham supporters given the recent signing of Gylfi Sigurddson from Hoffenheim as well as new manager Andre Villas-Boas at the helm.

Meanwhile, over at Arsenal, they look set to lose their star striker and there hasn’t been much talk of new players being added now that Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have signed.

Here are the top Premier League news headlines of the day:

11 thoughts on “Premier League News Links: Jan Vertonghen Move Agreed From Ajax to Tottenham”

  1. I’m sorry but if JT can’t be captain of England because of his infidelity then Giggs shouldn’t be able to captain team GB either and don’t give me that crap it’s different because it wasn’t a teammate’s ex girlfriend.

    1. JT wasn’t relieved of his captaincy because he screwed bridges girlfriend, it’s because they believe the captain of England shouldn’t be the subject of racism accusations that have enough evidence to be taken up by the cps.

      1. Before the WC they took the arm band away from him because he slept with Wayne Bridge’s ex girlfriend.

        1. Giggs indiscretions were bad, but where a few years ago and not going into a high profile tournament, plus Terry’s actions negatively effected the squad selection (Wayne bridge telling Capello he wasn’t available because of it) options for Capello as well as causing issues in in the camp.

          I’m sure if the papers were to run a story about new “love interests” he would loose the captaincy.

  2. What is Terry looking at if he is found guilty in criminal court? if he is found not guilty will that give the FA a pass on doing anything but if he is found guilty would he be looking at eight matches?

  3. Great signing for tottenham, Benny needs to be more reliable or he could find himself on the bench in a new 4-3-3 system with walker, caulker, kaboul and Jan as LB.

    I wonder his much of AVB’s initial plan Chelsea still plan to use as they move forward?

    Either way, I can’t wait for the start of the season! Bring on Newcastle!

  4. Looks like Spurs are going to be the team to watch this season and will be competing with Chelsea for 3rd place. Arsenal is the team that will miss out on Champions League soccer next season. This should be a very interesting season for teams below the two Manchester teams.

    1. My god it’s starting already is it? When are you guys gonna learn? And how is that midfield gonna look once Modric leaves?

      1. The midfield will be just fine, yes Modric was beloved by Spurs, everyone say fate same thing about carsick when he left, Im sure we will be fine. He was not as impact-full for Spurs as RVD was for you. Without Van Dirty you would have finished 16th or lower, Modric isn’t that player, what will be more impact-full is how quickly they adjust to the 4-3-3 variant AVB will bring.

        After 8 years of no trophies you should look at buying him, we’ll swap Modric for RVD plus you give us 15 million.
        Sound good? great…I’ll let them know.

        watch out for Yago Falque!

    2. Spurs squad is as thin as Victoria Beckham. Spurs need another 5/6 signing before they will be able to replicate the 4th place finish. AVB will take the EL seriously and it will hurt their league campaign. 6th place finish.

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