Premier League News Links: Tottenham Beats Liverpool To Sign Gylfi Sigurdsson

Tottenham Hotspur today announced the signing of attacking midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson from Hoffenheim. The Icelandic creative midfielder, who played at Swansea last season on loan, was close to signing a permanent deal with Swansea and then Liverpool, but presumably Spurs was willing to offer more than Brendan Rodgers’ current and previous clubs.

The signing of Sigurdsson is as sure a sign of any that Tottenham is expected to lose Luka Modric this summer to Real Madrid or another high-profile club.

In the meantime, here’s the rest of the Premier League news headlines for today:

11 thoughts on “Premier League News Links: Tottenham Beats Liverpool To Sign Gylfi Sigurdsson”

  1. What is the signing of Sigurdsson a sure sign that Spurs are expecting to lose Luka Modric to Real Madrid?
    Did anyone of any importance at Spurs say specifically that Modric is going to be sold this Summer to who ever or are you just going along with the flow of the low class rags in the UK?

  2. What a signing, just incredible, after rodgers went to liverpool i thought he would follow. I guess spurs are the more attractive option. Now sign the Belgian Jan from Ajax, and 2 strikers, maybe Sturidge and “Hulk smash” or Huntelaar. To rules out of those players would be madness, he clearly still has respect from players.

    It a super exciting time being a spurs fan right now! Ive been watching these developments as I travel for work with an extra spring in my step, as i watch all this unfold i have to remain calm, sssoooooo much potential, new facility, new manager, still attractive football, new stafium n the way, everything is moving in the right direction, time to sit back and enjoy! And I get to see them later this month in LA!

    Screw calm……aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahahahahaha whoohooooo. oh when the spurs…………

  3. The Chelsea vs PSG match at Yankee Stadium will be shown on Fox Soccer according to the interview with Eric Wynalda.

  4. Good signing by Spurs but what is more attractive than LFC is higher wages and London. And to be honest better football. LFC’s football style is awful and Rodgers can’t change it with the type of players there.

    If you think all you need is one CB and a couple of strikers, then you need to look deeper at your squad. You have no cover in important positions. AVB will take the EL seriously to prove himself and that will hurt your league campaign.

    All that being said, this is a good signing. A good player that you can actually afford.

    1. At least be accurate in your reply, I did not state anywhere that was all we needed, I’m fully aware of the depth of the tottenham squad, I mention those players above as some additions to spurs starting 11. The statements you make above are off base and uninformed.

      I dont know who you support, it isn’t spurs, it is impressive you get wifi or cell signals under your bridge tho.

  5. just think how great it could have been if you hadn’t wasted all that tea!

    Anyways….. Happy birthday America.

    Love mum and dad

  6. Could have really helped Liverpool. People just understand that having Liverpool relegated to mid-table status is not good for the PL or football for that matter. i hate pool fans but their club is still a great one.

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