Sunderland Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season [PHOTO]

Sunderland has unveiled their new away shirt for the 2012-13 season, as well as a new shirt sponsor.

The new Sunderland away shirt is blue with cyan trim. The shirt sponsor, according to Sunderland’s website, “aims to promote the continent’s credentials as a key global business destination along with offering businesses across the North East and beyond the opportunity to explore unique opportunities in the emerging territory.”

The design of the new Sunderland away shirt isn’t bad, but the sponsor logo is quite obnoxious in my opinion. Yes, it is a not-for-profit sponsorship, but the sponsor slogan jumps out from the shirt and is the main focal point. The Sunderland logo seems to be a lesser importance.

What do you think about Sunderland’s new away shirt for the 2012-13 season? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Sunderland Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season [PHOTO]”

  1. I know of the atrocities in Africa (not too sure about a global business destination). I think it’s a slap in the face. Isn’t that always the problem? We look to help everyone but ourselves. I say it’s time to be selfish…. Invest in the UK, Invest in the U.S.A.

  2. So we should invest in making Africa a global destination (South Africa and MAYBE one or two other countries at best in my lifetime) while we have homeless, mentally ill, poor, etc. Nope it’s time to take a step back and take care of ourselves because NO ONE ELSE IS!! We are the super power that aint’ so super anymore!

  3. It’s a bit rich and just a little bit insensitive asking a downtrodden people living in the most deprived region in England to fork out fifty quid for a top advertising the investment potential of another continent while many fans stand in queues looking for a job precisely because of a lack of investment, and for whom football is a passion from which you can have a bit of pride in your city and escape economic reality for 90 minutes.

  4. I love it but the lighter colour should’ve just gone straight down the side like Arsenal’s home kit a few years back rather than diagonalize in.

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