5 Leading Candidates to Take The Tottenham Hotspur Manager Vacancy

When I got up to the news that Harry Redknapp and Tottenham had reached an agreement to end their four year relationship, I was distraught. Under the man who closely resembles a fruit-stand worker at an open market, the North London side soared to new heights, reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League and only narrowly missing Europe’s premier competition this past season. However, bureaucracy at the top and failure to qualify for the Champions League has led to a compensation decided for Redknapp by his good friend Daniel Levy. After taxes, the £3,000,000 agreed to buy out Redknapp’s contract should amount to about £3,000,000. That’s all the jokes I have for today. Except for this one: Jurgen Klinsmann is favorite to take over. I wouldn’t put my hard-earned cash on him, folks.

Anyway, the question remaining is a simple one every Tottenham fan must ask the administration. If not Klinsmann, a small-time hero at White Hart Lane, then who?

Candidates to Replace Redknapp:

Fabio Capello:

Although Harry Redknapp embraced an attractive brand of football last term, his side was criticized for being defensively unstable, prone to lapses in concentration at the back. Fabio Capello, who is currently unattached following his resignation from the England post, would certainly put an end to that. The Italian trainer has been known in the past for instilling a sense of defensive responsibility in his sides, and was famously sacked by Real Madrid, days after winning the league, because he was “too boring”. Another feat he is likely to be proud of is his record of winning the domestic championship at every single club he goes to, picking up national honors at Milan, Roma, Juventus, and Real Madrid. Such a CV would be difficult turn down if given the opportunity.

It remains to be seen, however, if Capello would be inclined to join Tottenham, without the prospect of Champions League football and the possible departures of key men Modric and Bale as a result. However, the former Milan midfielder has seen posts at Chelsea, Liverpool, Internazionale, and Roma recently secured after speculation linking him with every one of the recently-vacant jobs. At this point, it looks like Spurs is his best option. But at least he can speak English, am I right? Seriously, am I right? He seemed shaky last time I heard him speak. Regardless, expect Capello to be the man to take over this summer. Or at least a Spurs man can dream.

Andre Villas-Boas

The old “New Mourinho” had a turbulent 256 days, 2 hours, 17 minute, and 16 seconds at the helm of Chelsea football, before he found out he was never really at the helm. The old contingent of Lampard, Terry, and Drogba had a tough time warming up to their new boss, and as a result were alienated from the squad. For other senior players such as Alex and Nicolas Anelka, it was too late, as both left the club, taking it for a sinking ship, while Villas-Boas’ departure led to the best few months of Chelsea’s history. Drogba, Terry, and Lampard were all there to enjoy it, while the young Portuguese also probably enjoyed himself, but in a different manner. However, after taking a vacation to clear his mind using the rubles Abramovich told him to sod off with, AVB, as he is passionately referred to as, has made it known he wants to get back into football management. A club like Tottenham, where expectations are lower than that of Russia’s most famous oligarch, would be an ideal place for AVB to continue his career, having learned from his mistakes of the ill-fated spell at Chelsea. It could turn out that West London’s loss becomes North London’s gain. Though you can’t blame West London in this scenario, times were really dismal. Okay, not a perfect use of that saying, but you get the point. Villas-Boas deserves another chance.

Then again, there is the need to contradict myself. With the resources at his disposal, AVB did have a harshly lurid spell with Chelsea, where his side’s sixth place finish was largely of his doing. He refused to use Mata in his most influential role, tucked in behind the striker, instead stubbornly staying true to his 4-3-3. At times, a suicidal high line was played at Chelsea, even though Terry and David Luiz were nowhere near suited to the tactic. And Levy may not be able to afford him. We all know how tempting it is to say, “You can’t afford me”.

David Moyes

While touted as a replacement for Alex Ferguson at United and lauded for the brilliant consistency achieved at financially-mediocre Everton, David Moyes’s side is still in the middle of the Premier League table. Yet another season has gone by without a legitimate challenge for European football, no cup successes to be proud of, and the standout players linked with top clubs. With an approach by Tottenham, and the congenial relations the two clubs share, it is very likely that Moyes would have the opportunity to speak to Spurs. His knack for a good transfer, having never wasted a shilling of Everton’s money, should appeal greatly to Levy, the man looking for a replacement for Redknapp. In the comments section below, I dare you to name a bag signing made by Moyes.

An issue with Tottenham fans may be that Moyes is a defensive coach. His Everton side was never renowned for playing attractive football.Tim Cahill playing as an emergency lone forward at times this season can testify to that. He rarely deviates from a 4-4-2, and when he does, it is usually in favor of much similar 4-2-3-1.

However, with the imminent departures of Modric and possibly Bale, and van der Vaart continually linked with a move back to Germany, a 4-4-2 may be exactly what Tottenham need. Sandro and Scott Parker can form a strong partnership in midfield, with Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore waiting in the wings. Lennon, Spanish midfielder Iago Falque, Andros Townsend, Danny Rose, and Stephen Pienaar make up a collection of wingers David Moyes would relish working with. The utility and potential in each of those players is characteristic of a Moyes signing. The Scotsman helped Pienaar look like a world beater on his return to Everton on loan. Any manager who can do that deserves a shot at the top four.

Moyes is a personal preference of mine, and it has nothing to do with the fact that “You Belong With Me” just came on the radio. Well, maybe a little bit.

Rafa Benitez

After linking himself to the Liverpool job on a frequent basis, poor Rafa Benitez finds himself unemployed, and on his couch watching video highlights of Istanbul. His wife wants him to do work around the house, but he cannot bring himself to get up, while he can’t remember the last time he’s taken a shower. Reports have linked Daniel Levy to the man tasked with pausing the television set and getting Benitez back on his feet.

The Spaniard’s experience in English football, where he brought a Champions League trophy to Anfield, was a success. He made many intelligent signings from his native Spain, from where he brought in cult hero Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, and er, Josemi. With such a track record, it is entirely possible that he will make more signings than Redknapp. However, do not expect this deal to materialise, given the fact that Liverpool is the only job that has ever interested Benitez. Instead, a more likely option is another Spaniard.

Roberto Martinez

After performing miracles at Wigan, where we all knew that anything less would have resulted in relegation, Martinez has been linked with every vacant job in the country. Liverpool turned him down in favor of Brendan Rodgers, while Aston Villa preferred Paul Lambert to take over from Alex McLeish. But if there was one thing the managerial merry-go-round proved, it is that Martinez is more than willing to leave the DW Stadium this summer.

This suggestion is the most logical one in my opinion, and it would provide the most entertainment from a neutral perspective. Martinez, a young manager embodying an attractive style, and Tottenham, a side just lacking an extra spark these past few seasons, seem like a perfect match. Of course, things don’t always turn out the way they seem. How’s that for a generic statement? Anyway, if Martinez becomes the manager of Tottenham, expect nothing less than on-pitch entertainment. I haven’t even mentioned that he’s such a nice guy.

Some issues, though, of course. Despite leading Wigan to a 15th place finish, he was only linked with the Liverpool and Villa jobs. Is he quite good enough for Tottenham, considering the other managers touted for the job? In February, when Redknapp was flirting with England, the only two managers Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy found worth the job were Mourinho and Guardiola. Despite recent impressive results, this post may come too early for the talented tactician.

What do you think? Not what I just said, if human nature is anything to go by.

25 thoughts on “5 Leading Candidates to Take The Tottenham Hotspur Manager Vacancy”

  1. Depends on what Spurs’ goals are. If it is winning the League.

    Benitez – a success at Anfield?? He may bring you cups, the champions league even, but not the league. For every good signing Rafa brings in, there will be 3 players he will waste Levy’s money on. He may have learned from his mistakes but are Spurs ready to gamble 100 million pounds of signings to find out? Plus, you might as well turn whatever youth system Spurs has into an orphanage, because there is no way any youth players will make it to the first team..

    Will AVB win you the League, with whatever** LIMITED** time he’s given ?

    Does Capello, at his age, have the drive to sustain a grueling multi-year “project” to win you the League?

  2. Bit harsh on Pienaar I think here Greg! He’s an excellent footballer who was never going to dislodge Bale down the left hand side for Spurs. I hope the next Spurs manager shares your opinion and he ends up back at Everton!

    In regards to Moyes, whilst a lot of his signings have gone well, he has actually picked a few shockers for Everton in the past. Kroldrup (£5m), Bilyaletdinov (£10m) and Beattie (£6m) come to mind.

    I think Spurs will end up with AVB, Moyes just doesn’t seem the right fit for Spurs and he and his family are very settled in the North West by all accounts. I think when he does eventually leave Everton it will either be for United or Celtic

      1. I agree, but the author did challenge us to name some poor signings made by Moyes. As an Everton fan i’ve had the misfortune of seeing some of these players down the years!

        1. Thanks Matt. I agree with Beattie, a waste of space. Kroldrup was Materazzi all over again; would have been a sure starter for club and country if he hadn’t had such a struggle with injury. Last few years at Fiorentina proved that. Bilyaletdinov was a good use of the leftover Lescott money, and plugged in the gaps. Drenthe proved a more youthful and dynamic option on the left. Russian lad was by no means a flop, but I would not register him as a successful transfer.

    1. We never used Bily in his proper role anyway. Never adjusted well.

      Beattie was a disaster.

      Can’t forget Van der Meyde.

      Regardless. I love our davey moyes. Can’t imagine losing him just yet.

  3. I think they’re all very interesting options – except for Martinez. I don’t think he’d work very well at Spurs.

    Go Latics (oh d*mn, I gave away my motive)!

  4. I would only accept one of them managers & that is moyes. I know he ain’t won anything but with what he has at Everton he does well and they are a hard team to play. I know he ain’t bought a world class player but he saw Rooney’s potential in the youth team and now look where Rooney is.

  5. Remember Levy is controlled by Joe Lewis who isn’t about to pay the exorbitant salaries some of the above will demand. I expect Moyes is probably top of their list, because he can be had on the cheap, and then we’ll be watching back to the cave tactics.

  6. Personally i believe they should never in a million years should of got rid of harry, finally had stability and now were gna be a 7,8,9 team again after modric, bale, rafa leave n ade wont come back and with king retiring n friedel gettin on plus levy probs going to give us 10 million 2 spend what could of bin some glory years now gone, capello would be a terrible replacment no matter what his cv is like spurs are a attacking football team, and moyes is most probs gna be top of the list yet hes proven nothing, i like him, done well with everton and a low budget but apart from nikolia most recently iv never seen a signing thats made me go wow there just good signings n if spurs wont to push on the bigger things levy needs to pull his finger out and get a good attacking manager and put some money into the club(alot if we loose those players)

      1. [Hopefully this will help clarify some of Matty’s points]

        I believe they never in a million years should of got rid of Harry. The club finally had stability and now we’re going to be a mid-table team again after Modric, Bale and Rafa leave; and Ade won’t come back. Also consider that King is retiring and Friedel is getting on. Not to mention Levy probably is going to give us 10 million to spend. What could have been some glory years are now gone.

        Capello would be a terrible replacement no matter what his CV is like; Spurs are an attacking football team. Moyes is most probably going to be top of the list, yet he’s proven nothing. I like him, he’s done well with Everton and a low budget. Unfortunately, apart from Nikolia I’ve never seen a signing of his which made me go, “wow there just good signings.” If Spurs want to push on to bigger things then Levy needs to pull his finger out, get a good attacking manager and put some money into the club.

  7. David Moyes might not be the most accomplished name on the list, and he might not even be the best manager on the list either but I think he is clearly the best fit (because after all the club has to want him and he has to want the job.).

    Martinez withdrawal from consideration for the Liverpool job is a pretty clear signal he wants to stay at Wigan. AVB can wait and pick a job more to his liking.

    Moyes has had a great decade at Everton but everyone knows there is a certain level you cannot rise beyond without financial backing and there is no reason to think it will ever happen at Everton.

  8. It all depends on what Levy has in store for Spurs. Does he want them to challenge for the title, which would mean spending money to bring in players, or keep Spurs fighting for a top 4 or 6 spot and cash in on Bale and Modric and only use some of the money on replacements?

    Someone like Moyes would work on the latter strategy while the likes of AVB would demand strengthening the squad and spending money. There is no indication from Levy which way Spurs want to go. Much will depend on the ambition of the club.

  9. I hope AVB gets the job. Levy would get him the type of player that he needs and the PL are in dire need of tactical diversity.

  10. The reason players may leave is we have accomplished zero under Harry. He was spoon fed a great squad and we won nothing. Redknapp was the luckiest useless manager alive to walk into that job. We have waisted three years with this poser at the wheel. Harry has relegated more teams than produced winners. A complete media myth. I am sure Levy is really mad at himself for giving into the pressure and then hiring such a complete joke. Anyone will be better than ‘Arry.

  11. I really feel Spurs should get a manager that will specialize on possession and passing oriented tactics. I like Martinez or AVB for the job because they showed in spurts last season that they can play similar attacking football to the likes of United and Arsenal. I still feel it was criminal that Spurs didn’t finish 3rd because I thought this team was clearly more talented overall than Arsenal. I think with the dysfunctional Redknapp long gone, Spurs should get a manager who will make this team even more of a consistent attacking threat. While I initially thought Martinez would be the best fit, the possibility of AVB sounds very intriguing as we could see a team who has always fallen just short of glory rally behind a coach who is searching for first-time success in the EPL. I like Moyes but I don’t want Tottenham to be another defensive, simplified squad. However, I am a fan of how he’s handled a minuscule transfer budget for years and still got the best of out his players year after year. I believe if they go after a guy like AVB, it could convince players like Bale and Van der Vaart to stay (I think the Modric ship has sailed and it would be foolish to hold onto a guy who doesn’t want to be there because our price demand is too high for anyone).
    For a safe and reliable choice, I ‘d go with Moyes but AVB or Martinez may have more potential.

  12. Why would AVB, Capello or Benetiz take the spurs job. They do not have the funds available to compete for a title. Finishing 4th, 5th and 4th is the best they can do simply because of money. Their best players will constatnly be linked with better places that can offer more wages. Your real contenders are Martinez and moyes. And based on that, do Spurs want to watch Moyes style of football? Doubtful. Martinez is the only real option from your list. I like him very much, so I hope he doesnt go there.

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