EPL Talk’s Euro 2012 Coverage Moves to Poland-Ukraine, Literally

Since May 15, EPL Talk has been bringing you daily coverage leading up to Euro 2012 — complete with videos, articles and podcast episodes. Now, we’re ready to take our Euro 2012 coverage to the next level.

I’m very excited to make two announcements:

First, from today through until the end of the Euro 2012 tournament, the daily EPL Talk Podcast will be recorded directly from Poland or Ukraine. Podcast host Laurence McKenna has arrived in Warsaw, Poland, where he’ll be recording the daily podcasts and connecting with podcast pundits Kartik Krishnaiyer, Kristan Heneage, Morgan Green, Matt Duncan and others. Laurence will be traveling back and forth between Poland and Ukraine during Euro 2012, soaking up the atmosphere, going to a few of the games and sharing his first-person experiences with you on the pod. Kartik and Morgan will continue to give the podcast an American flavor from their homes in the United States, while Kristan and Matt will be giving us their British perspective on the tournament.

For the month of June, the daily EPL Talk Podcast has morphed into Euro 2012 Talk; a better, more descriptive name for the pod, at least for the next month.

More about the podcast in a minute.

Second, I’m pleased to announce that former EPL Talk blogger and podcast host Richard Farley will be writing for EPL Talk during Euro 2012, to share his wisdom and tactical insight into England’s adventures during the competition. Last year, while hosting the EPL Talk Podcast, Farley was snapped up by FOX Soccer, where he was Editor, playing an integral role in dramatically improving FOXSoccer.com’s coverage. Not surprisingly, Farley’s expertise wasn’t overlooked. He was recently signed by NBC Sports, where he is now one of their chief bloggers.

Back to the podcast, I want to let you know that we’ve invested in brand-new mics for each of the podcast team. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve taken steps to improve the quality of the audio. So, if you’ve enjoyed the quality of the analysis in the past but have been turned off by the audio hiccups, I can assure you that the audio is better than before.

While the EPL Talk Podcast will be known as Euro 2012 Talk for the next month, no changes are necessary on your part. The podcast subscriptions and RSS feeds remain the same.

With Laurence McKenna being on the street in Poland and Ukraine for Euro 2012, I anticipate that he’ll be able to provide us with some incredible insight that we otherwise may miss by watching the games on television. Feel free to communicate with the Euro 2012 Talk podcast team in the comments section below, or on Twitter with Laurence McKenna, Kartik Krishnaiyer, Morgan Green, Kristan Heneage and Matt Duncan, as well as guest blogger Richard Farley.

Thanks for your support.


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