Euro 2012 Shirts: Official Home and Away Jerseys For All 16 Teams

Looking for Euro 2012 shirts? It’s time to share the passion and wear your favorite team’s colors on your chest. There’s still plenty of time to order your shirts to get them delivered to your home. All of the following are official jerseys and not those cheap Chinese kn0ck-offs.

Here are the home and away Euro 2012 shirts for all 16 competing teams:

Croatia Home Shirt

Support Croatia and cheer on the Blazers with this official 2012/2013 home jersey.

Browse Croatia home shirt selection.

Croatia Away Shirt

Support Croatia and cheer on the Blazers with this official 2012/2014 away jersey.

Browse Croatia away shirt selection.

Czech Republic Home Shirt

Check out this great Czech Republic home jersey from PUMA. The Czech Republic has had mixed success on the European stage but you should never count this talented squad out. This jersey uses USP Dry technology to keep you cool and fresh during the game. The PUMA cat logo and Czech team badge are applied to the front. Cheer for your favorite Czech players like Tomas Rosicky and Petr Cech with this jersey. 100% polyester. Imported.

Browse Czech Republic home shirt selection.

Czech Republic Away Shirt

Coming soon

Denmark Home Shirt

Get into Danish Soccer.

Browse Denmark home shirt selection.

Denmark Away Shirt

Inspired by Demark’s success in 1992, this is the official away jersey of the Danish Football Association.

Browse Denmark away shirt selection.

England Home Shirt

England’s new official team jersey.

Browse England home shirt selection.

England Away Shirt

The New England Away shirt 2011/12 manufactured by Umbro is a complete change in style, colour and takes understanding of the Three Lions history.

The main body of the football shirt is crafted from an innovative polyester/cotton moisture management fabric to keep players cool on the pitch, while the arms are built from a flexible material to aid movement. Another innovative feature is the 360º pivot armhole, which offers total movement without any restrictions. The England crest and Umbro logo are embroidered on the chest.

Browse England away shirt selection.

France Home Shirt

From the nation that invented ‘panache’ comes the team that can ignite a game in a single, stylish moment. France has made blue the color of elegant creativity, the spirit that runs through the veins of each player and fans of Les Bleus. France has a new coach and a new jersey from Nike.

Browse France home shirt selection.

France Away Shirt

Support Les Bleus anywhere anytime they’re away.

Browse France away shirt selection.

Germany Home Shirt

Show your love for Germany when you’re wearing this official home jersey from adidas!

Browse Germany home shirt selection.

Germany Away Shirt

Show your support for Die Mannschaft with this away jersey from adidas. This ClimaCool jersey has the adidas logo and German national team badge applied to the front. The green color harkens back to the old school Germany away jerseys, including the one the team wore when they won the 1972 European championship almost 50 years ago! 100% polyester. Imported.

Browse Germany away shirt selection.

Greece Home Shirt

Get ready for Greece when you’re wearing this new, official home jersey from adidas! This ClimaCool jersey has the Greek National Team badge embroidered over the left chest with the adidas 3-Stripe logo embroidered over the right. “UEFA EURO CHAMPIONS 2004” is printed on the inside of the collar and a small Greek flag is applied to the back collar. Cheer on the blue and white of Greece with this great new jersey from adidas! 100% polyester. Imported.

Browse Greece home shirt selection.

Greece Away Shirt

Get Geared Up for Greece!

Browse Greece away shirt selection.

Ireland Home Shirt

Support the Irish and go Green.

Browse Ireland home shirt selection.

Ireland Away Shirt

Official Ireland National Team Away Jersey by Umbro. Made of 65/35 polyester/cotton.

Browse Ireland away shirt selection.

Ireland Third Shirt

Support the Irish and go Green – Like Umbro’s other jerseys created for national teams, Irelands new away jersey was designed with a nod to heritage, identity, performance, effortless function and a tailored fit. This soccer specific design takes into account how the body moves with playing the game. It also designed to look just off the field as it does during the 90 minutes. The black is a breakaway from Ireland’s white. Extremely soft textured fabric offers comfort and breathability. It feels great next to the skin whether you’re cheering or playing. This is a result of the polyester blend. This official jersey looks and feels like cotton but is extremely efficient and effective at controlling moisture.

Browse Ireland third shirt selection.

Italy Home Shirt

When you buy this amazing jersey you will automatically get the PUMA Liga Soccer Ball – 30259 – absolutely FREE!

Browse Italy home shirt selection.

Italy Away Shirt

Show some support for Italy when you’re wearing this Italia Away Jersey from PUMA.

Browse Italy away shirt selection.

Netherlands Home Shirt

Cheer on the Netherlands in this home jersey by Nike.

Browse Netherlands home shirt selection.

Netherlands Away Shirt

Get excited over your Oranje!

Browse Netherlands away shirt selection.

Poland Home Shirt

Represent Poland in this home soccer jersey by Nike.

Browse Poland home shirt selection.

Poland Away Shirt

Support the Polish National Team and show your pride in the Red and White with this Nike Away Shirt for 2012/13.

Browse Poland away shirt selection.

Portugal Home Shirt

Cheer on Portugal in this home jersey by Nike.

Browse Portugal home shirt selection.

Portugal Away Shirt

Show your support for the navigators of Portugal with this official away jersey from Nike.

Browse Portugal away shirt selection.

Russia Home Shirt

Root for the Russian national team when you’re wearing this official Home Jersey from adidas.

Browse Russia home shirt selection.

Russia Away Shirt

Andrei Arshavin and the Russian National Football Team are ready to make some noise.

Browse Russia away shirt selection.

Spain Home Shirt

Support your World Champions!

Browse Spain home shirt selection.

Spain Away Shirt

Unique for Spain, their new away jersey has been designed with sash – a staple of soccer culture. This jersey has a faded sash in the Spanish National Team’s classic blue shades. Campeones de Europa is printed inside the collar. After an unprecedented string of success the Spaniards are ready to reassert their dominance over Europe. Spanish team badge, championship star and adidas logo are embroidered on the front. 100% polyester. Imported.

Browse Spain away shirt selection.

Sweden Home Shirt

These Scandinavian giants perform well year in and year out, so let your Sweden pride shine through!

Browse Sweden home shirt selection.

Sweden Away Shirt

Represent Sweden in this official away soccer jersey by Umbro Performance.

Browse Sweden away shirt selection.

Ukraine Home Shirt

Official Ukraine National Team Home Soccer Jersey by adidas.

Browse Ukraine home shirt selection.

Ukraine Away Shirt

Support the Yellow-Blues of Ukraine with this official Away Jersey from adidas! This ClimaCool jersey has the Ukrainian national team badge applied over the left chest and the adidas 3-Stripe logo embroidered in the center of the jersey. Wear the same kit as Andriy Shevchenko with this official jersey! 100% polyester. Imported.

Browse Ukraine away shirt selection.

Which are your favorite shirt designs? Share your opinion in the comments section below! Which ones do you love or hate?

36 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Shirts: Official Home and Away Jerseys For All 16 Teams”

  1. I picked up the Holland shirt in Bordeaux a few weeks ago – always loved orange and that’s the best Dutch kit I have ever seen.

    I really like the Spanish away shirt as far as the fancier designs go. For the traditional look, you can’t beat the three Lions (home and away.)

    But the Les Bleus home look is very classy, too. Looks great in person. I seem to remember the logo and crest being in gold rather than silver, though.

  2. Thanks everyone for catching the mistake regarding the France shirts. They have now been updated so they’re the new ones!

    The Gaffer

  3. Croatia home looks like a breakfast cereal box, but I like it. Sort of Stoke in checks. 😉

    Also like Portugal away.

    1. We Croatians put checkers on anything haha, I hate the away shirt though, much prefer the Euro 2008 away shirt

      My favorites: Germany home, both Greek shirts, Netherlands away

      Not a huge fan of Poland’s shirts, lack creativity, look too much like Turkey

  4. I said it before, and I will say it again – ad nauseum. Eire, by putting a sponsor on their replica shirts, are cheating their paying customers – shame on the FAI.

      1. 3 is a mobile phone operator. They’re not allowed to have those in the tournament though are they? Last time I checked all kit sponsorship (apart from manufacturer badge) was banned so UEFA could protect the interests of the main event sponsors.

      2. Gaffer, as per Paul, it’s been hiding in plain sight. If the actual shirt does not have a sponsor, why should someone spend 50 pounds for a shirt with a made up one?

        This has been going on for over 20 years, starting with “Opel.” Does the FAI need the money that badly? Can’t they wait until the inevitable day when sponsors are allowed on national shirts? They are already creeping up on training gear, it’s only a matter of time.

        1. It’s hiding in plain sight, but I didn’t notice it the first time. And now that you mention, I remember you pointing it out at that time. But then when I saw it again, I didn’t remember you pointing it out the first time.

          If it is going to have any impact, it’ll only be in Ireland since I don’t think many people have heard of ‘3.’ I certainly haven’t.

          Once the games kick off, though, we won’t be seeing the sponsors name on the shirt. I guess they are hard up for cash, to answer your question :)

          The Gaffer

  5. Got nowhere else to put this but are you guys getting the ‘Soccer Aid’ match over there at all? Just kicked off now live on ITV1!

      1. its for a great cause, Robbie Williams is still a plank, although they are playing more attractive football than the regular based england outfit. lol

        1. And yeah, Robbie Williams is still a plank haha

          As for playing more attractive football than the ‘proper’ England… “New manager… same s*it England” is a term I used yesterday. Oooh controversial! 😉

    1. We haven’t heard anything about it over here, but I did see a video on YouTube from Umbro promoting the event.

      As far as I know, it’s not on television here.

      The Gaffer

    2. Watching this and hearing the words, ” Mike Myers to Sedorff” is just surreal, fun game for a great cause, shame its not on in the US.

      1. lol it’s crazy isn’t it! Funny having the cameras inside the changing rooms as well, watching Sam Allardyce and Kenny Dalglish giving their half time team talks. Just imagining old Fergie doing the same in a normal match!

      2. Was the best in the last one a couple of years ago when Woody Harrelson scored a penalty and the commentator shouts something like “Woody from Cheers has just scored!”

        Apparently it was down to him that the likes of Ed Norton are involved as well. He loved the cause so much that he got on the phone straight away when he was in the US to round up a few people for this one. Shows how good the cause is when you’ve got Hollywood A-listers joining in too. Great turnout too, plus they’ve raised over £2 million so far. Government are matching whatever is donated by the public also!

    3. Aside from Ramsey bringing the chippy vibe was a good natured game

      £5 feeds a child for a week, £20 immunizes 20 kids against killer but preventable diseases.

      Shame they didn’t put it on fox soccer or ESPN instead of womens college softball between Georgia and LSU… Nw its time for The Quakes Vs Kansas City on nbcsports

  6. Martin Keown missed a sitter of a header in true arsenal style to put england level, although, he was being marked by Will Farrell

  7. Always a fan of what the Croats do. Some hate the checks, I think it’s unique and looks great.

    Adidas kits, generally, looking a lot worse than the Nike counterparts. That Denmark home shirt looks like something they’d sell at Ross.

    The Ireland Celtic numbering looks cartoonish as hell.

  8. I think my favorite is Spain’s away shirt. But I really do like both England shirts, the simplicity looks classy. I also like the Greek shirts.

  9. BTW – Overall, the best batch of shirts since I can remember. Even the Eastern European ones, which adidas usually finds a way to ruin, are fairly restrained. If there is one that slightly annoys me, it’s the Dutch away.

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