Despite Winning Champions League, Chelsea Not Winning Admirers

Following Chelsea’s victory in the Champions League final, Europe’s collective media has fallen over itself to praise the character and resilience of their performance on the night, as well as their run in the competition which saw them topple Napoli, Benfica and Barcelona. While they are right to marvel at the improbability of their victory and their resilience, this is to forget the fact that Chelsea adopted some very negative tactics which is the antithesis of all that is good about the beautiful game.

Although the grit and fight displayed by Chelsea has to be admired, one has to lament the fact that football is now played with such a negative approach. Gone are the days when teams would just try and put as many past the opponent as possible. Teams going out and playing with reckless abandon and a childlike enjoyment of the game are truly a relic of times past.

At the 1982 World Cup, Brazil set the tournament alight with their exquisite, attacking football which mesmerised onlookers. They were expected to win the tournament because they were capable of the best play, yet were eliminated by eventual winners Italy. The Brazilians played gorgeous football but ultimately didn’t get the job done and are considered the best side to have not won the World Cup. After the match, Brazil captain Socrates declared that ‘To win is not the most important thing. Football is an art and should be showing creativity…You have to enjoy doing the art and not think, “Will I win?”.’ That encapsulates what football is really about and one can only wistfully imagine what the game would be like if everyone shared that philosophy. By all means, applaud Chelsea’s spirit and doggedness, but also feel disappointed by their lack of creative ambition.

Against Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Roberto Di Matteo’s side simply sat back deep in their own half and defended for the entire match, hoping to at some point nick a goal here or there (which they did). To do this is to admit that you are the inferior team, and that the only way you can win is to ‘steal’ it from your opponents against the run of play. This is anti-football. Bayern, to their credit, approached the game in a positive manner and tried to force the issue, and should be commended. Although they lost, Bayern entertained us. The same was true against Barcelona. In both legs the Catalans, although not at their best, enjoyed the lion’s share of possession and had virtually all of the chances. Yet Chelsea somehow, inexplicably got through. Those who love watching football must have wished they could have seen Barcelona in Champions League final, not the West Londoners.

Professional footballers are supposed to love the game. If this is true, then why do some of them not play the game the way it is meant to be played? The joy of the game is to express yourself and to be creative with the football, to do things that amaze and inspire. There are no children who dream of one day reaching the pinnacle of club football, only to hold on for dear life and wait for penalties. It’s a cowardly way to play and there’s no glory in it. Why emulate the hard-nosed rigidity of Stoke City when you can play a beautiful, fluid game like Arsenal or Real Madrid?

I wish I could end by at least saying that the club deserves the honour of winning the Champions League, but I don’t want to lie. Captain John Terry is a case study in good things happening to bad people. Aside from the racism, marital infidelity and general foulness of his character, the thing that sickened me on Saturday night was how, when his team won the match, he whipped on his Chelsea shirt, complete with ‘Terry #26’ on the back, and celebrated with his teammates as if he had just scored the winning penalty himself. How he can just disregard how his thoughtless sending off in Barcelona could have badly cost his team is beyond me. It is also hard to feel happy for the rest of the team, most of whom are only playing for Chelsea to satisfy their own greed and self-interest. Watching the Chelsea players during the trophy presentation was a laughable experience, as they jostled for a prime position at the front, and then proceeded to grab the trophy off one another so they could have their special moment with it. Although at least now Roman Abramovich has finally got his hands on the prize he coveted for so long. My heart is warmed by the thought of him looking back on his team’s triumph this summer, while he sails the seas on the world’s largest yacht, purchased with his ill-gotten gains.

So, although they won it all, Chelsea haven’t covered themselves in glory. The great tragedy in this is that they have taken their place in next season’s Champions League at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur, a team many consider to have justified inclusion in the competition.

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  1. “Chelsea not winning admirers?” Ha. More like, “I did not like that Chelsea won the Champions League so I’m going to whine about it. Playing conservative, counter-attack football did not cause Messi to miss a PK. It did not cause Robben to miss a PK. It did not cause Bayern to lose in penalties. No, Chelsea played how they needed to play in order to win. While Socrates may have a different opinion, most people, clubs, teams, countries play the game to win the game. Chelsea played a style that gave them a chance to win, and win they did. Get over it.

  2. So basically what you’re saying is, even though you know you’re outmatched by a club, you should still go out in attacking style and just give away free goals because the game is more beautiful? Not only that, but Chelsea dealing with 4 players suspended from their starting 11, I call it, you do what you have to do to win. I usually agree with most of your blogs, but this one is short sited and naive. If anything your blog sounds more like a poor sport response rather than an objective observation.

    1. Blogs aren’t supposed to be objective observation. They are forums for subjective opinion. And if you were a regular reader here for the few weeks spanning Chelsea’s win over Barca through the CL final you’d know that almost every post regarding Chelsea was an exercise in cheerleading for them.

  3. Bitter much? A team goes out there, defends an onslaught of pressure with two back up center back (one which re-aggravated an injury 20 minutes into the match), finally cracks, then gets an equalizer minutes later, and beats a team on penalties. Why don’t you just write about how Barcelona has spoiled everyone with their champagne football and compare the two very different Champions League victories? Chelsea played defensive and scored when they needed to. Not very attractive, but it worked.
    As for Tottenham, they were in third with a ten point gap between themselves and Arsenal at one point. They let it slip away. If you feel so bad about it, let’s leave Spurs in the Champions League and steal a CL place from a tiny league elsewhere, that seems fair enough.

  4. I’ve no probem with a team setting itself up in the best manner that it can to win matches. That is the tactical side of football, and is massively underrated by fans.

    Any team that faces Barcelona will lose, virtually 100% of the time if they attempt to play Barcelona at their own game. It would be suicide to do so. So Chelsea are smart to use different tactics there.

    However, the way they approached the final was pathetic in my opinion. It’s one thing for a league 2 team to come to Stamford Bridge and park the bus in order to try and win – that’s expected given the discrepancy in their relative wealth and squad.

    But this is CHELSEA. They have the 4th most expensive squad in the world. They’ve invested more money in the past 10 years than any club except Manchester City. This isn’t some lowly underdog, this is an oil-fuelled behemoth, and they should be playing accordingly.

    Plucky underdogs, they are not.

  5. Seriously? According to this article Barca should have been in the final because they played pretty football. If that’s the case the we shouldn’t award points for wins, but instead go solely off of how many goals are scored in a season. the object of a game is to win. If you can do that in an eye-pleasing fashion, more power to you.

    Was Barca the better team in the semi’s? Absolutely. Did they deserve to win? Not at all. If football is only about the “Beautiful game” then get rid of coaches, tactics and strategy. And to say that professional footballers have to play a certain way is nearsighted. Messi plays football that inspires his team and usually brings about wins. Chelsea decided to stop him from being “inspirational” and thus shut down the supposed best team in the competition.

    This is just blatant hating on a team that overcame a pretty horrific league season, according to their standards, to pick up a European and Domestic Cup. I’ll take a team, and coach, that can find a way to win over someone who plays fashionably every single time.

  6. Wow, this post is complete garbage. Some of the saltiest most bitter writing I’ve ever seen.

  7. And lets not forget to mention that Chelsea was playing Bayern at their home stadium. It may have been a Cup final, but there was sure a lot more red in the stands versus blue.

  8. Oh, I thought the purpose of a game was to win. Thanks for setting us straight. What a terrible waste of a post.

  9. I don’t like Chelsea, but it really is not their job to set up in a way that makes life easier for their opponents. And frankly, both Barcelona and Bayern had plenty of chances to win, but did not finish, so that is on them.

    1. I think the last line was a dead giveaway of his support for Spurs. “The Great Tragedy”. Pathetic.

  10. Its very obvious that the witer of this piece wrote it with a lot of bias in his mind.What was the motive behind playing the final? To win isn’t it? Many years from now when the question ‘who won the champions league in 2012’ is asked who will remember it was won playing negative football? You also called Terry a racist despite the fact he’s yet to be convicted for it,what happend to the statement ‘innocent until proven guilty’? (I am black by the way) who are we to judge anyone? You say Roman’s wealth is ill-gotten, have you gotten proof to substantiate that? I think when we write we should learn to be open-minded and objective before we start to judge someone or something.

    Thank you.

  11. Even if I’m not a Chelsea fan, Chelsea deserves a hearty congratulations.
    I don’t like John Terry but if we want model citizens to win titles, probably no one deserves to win title. I don’t really like both Bayern and Chelsea, but winning CL is difficult. Congrats to whoever wins it !

  12. I get why the Chelsea fans here are annoyed with this post, but the author’s suggestion that Chelsea didn’t win many admirers is probably true. If you are already a fan of Chelsea or one of those people who will cheer on whichever team is representing the “Barclay’s” Premier League, then you aren’t going to be swayed by the suggestion that there are a lot of people out there who would rather see free-flowing attacking football. I don’t have a problem with the way Chelsea played. It got the job done. But if you’re a neutral, chances are you aren’t falling over yourself to praise them or be converted to liking them. It was an ugly match. They shouldn’t have been considered underdogs either. Despite so many shots Bayern were largely inept.

    1. Thanks Mr Clampdown for the different perception you gave this issue. Altho we all know the writer was biased,he still had that little message,you summarised,to tell.

    2. “there are a lot of people out there who would rather see free-flowing attacking football”.

      A lot of people used to think the Earth was flat but they weren’t necessarily correct, were they?

      1. Interesting comment from a guy whose team often plays free-flowing, attacking football.

        And the Earth being round is a fact. Th type of football you prefer is opinion. I know, tough one to figure.

  13. Seeing John Terry sulk in the corner would have been much better.

    This article is a case study that morons should write.

    Campeones campeones ole ole ole!

  14. You are nothing more than a Spurs fan who is still bitter about not being in the CL next year. Tottenham don’t belong at the top table, never have, and never will. So quit whining. As for Chelsea’s triumph, the Chelsea teams of 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009 all deserved to win the CL so this one makes up for all the disappointments of the past and is long overdue. You have nothing to say, and we will celebrate this victory until the next one because it is FULLY DESERVED. What’s Tottenham been up to lately? (Other than trying to keep their best players against their will)

  15. The only problem I have with the admiration of Chelsea from the English media is…this is the same English media who were sick to their stomach with the way Greece won Euro 2004, but now when an English team does a similar tactic, they are in love with it.

  16. I really enjoy EPL Talk, I do. That said, I’m an Arsenal supporter and find this to be complete and utter garbage. I’m going to forget this post ever happened.

  17. What a complete load of bullcrap! As Herman Edwards said…”You play to win the game!” There is nothing more glorious in sport than to have an aging, depleted squad do what they have to do to win the trophy that has eluded them. Winning ugly is still winning.

  18. This post was completely ill conceived, and very disappointing. First, the idea that teams should seek to play beautiful football rather than win is ridiculous. The ultimate goal for any team is to win, and some adopt systems which appeal more to a mass audience than others. The concept that the type of victory that Chelsea achieved is new or especially low-brow is also factually incorrect. We have seen many teams over the years win in this fashion, most recently Inter in 2010. It is a false narrative that the best teams always play the most beautiful football. The idea of “parking the bus” is not new, nor is it solely the providence of lower league teams. Mourinho may have coined the term, but that type of play has been around since the game began. Additionally, Chelsea could have been far more cynical and aggressive in their approach, but they chose not to be. Good examples would be the Netherlands in the most recent World Cup, and Inter in 2010.

    Second, the criticism of John Terry is absolutely based on what the author thinks of the man, not about this particular action. Should every player who is hurt or suspended not be allowed to celebrate with their team? Would Chelsea be anywhere close to the final against Bayern if Terry hadn’t been with them the whole way? The answer is a resounding “no” to both. Your criticism of Terry is about your own biases and the narrative you have created for yourself about him.

    Simply put, this post is a joke, and not up to the normal standards of EPL talk.

  19. If winning only matters why is everyone so upset? why does everyone feel so disrespected? why do you care what this article says?

    It’s because just winning isn’t the only thing that matters, you also want respect, and whether you like it or not the reality is the performances in the semi’s and the final mean that it isn’t a respected win.

    Of course tactics matter, of course winning matters! Stop being such homers show some bloody discernment.

    Ask yourself, are you honestly proud of they way John Terry behaves? he is YOUR captain. How about ivanovic? him punching a player in the kidneys isn’t right is it? but he was just trying to win right? what about the way stoke city play? you want discernment then right? I’m sure they were sining in german and spanish “boring boring chelski”. so i never want to hear another chelski fan ever sing that to another team.

    Whats the difference between Joey Barton and Ivanovic or terry?

    And stop with the the whole they showed “Heart” cr@p, like Barca and BM didn’t..Barca and Bayern showed heart and conviction and any number of other great positive qualities more in line with the spirit of the game. What Chelski did was cower in the corner and get lucky!

    How you win, how you compete does matter. Its not just giter’dun!

    You want respect and the majority of people in the football community from fans to players, managers and reporters that don’t respect the win, deal with it, because all that matters is the win. Right?

    1. Are you proud your manager had to admit in a court of law that he doesn’t know how to balance a check book or pay his bills?

      Are how about Spurs supporters chanting the most vile things in the world to Sol Campbell? We can overlook that right?

      It’s all subjective in the context you’ve alluded to. The difference btwn Barton and Terry/Ivanovic are the cups they’ve just won.

      1. What? Are you saying that Harry having a poor education and John terry being an adulterer, racist and dirty player are the same? You sound like a moron.

        All fan bases have a stupid element, just like Chelsea displayed at Wembley in the fa cup semi final during the moment of silence they didn’t observe.

        1. Oh right you know John Terry is racist. I forgot about that legal tidbit nobody else knows about except you of course.

          Have fun on Thursdays fella.

    2. right on point, dust. while chelsea did what they had to to win, their style of play certainly didn’t gain them any supporters from the neutral ranks. i’m more a fan of the game itself than any particular team, and bayern’s play was exciting to watch. unfortunately, i can’t say the same about chelsea. they may have played negative football, but congrats to them anyways.

      1. So the logic at work here is that Chelsea didn’t convert people who didn’t like them to begin with?

        Bayern missing chance upon chance was very exciting indeed. So was Drogba putting Chelsea on his back.

        1. as a matter of fact, it was exciting to watch that, bayern were actually playing attacking football. and you’re right, so was drogba’s goal, when chelsea finally came out of their shell.

          believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy football as a whole and don’t blindly support one team. they’re called neutrals and they don’t necessarily like or dislike any particular team. the style that chelsea played was not attractive but it got the job done.

          i’m sure they’ve earned respect from those folks (myself included) for the win, but certainly not for the way they played. i’ve never been a fan of the “parking the bus” tactic. make of that what you will.

  20. Double double super Chelsea won the double
    The Yids from the Lane won f’all again
    Super Chelsea won the double

    1. Easy on the yid reference, yid is a racist term arsenal fans used to throw at spurs fans because it’s in s Jewish area of london, it’s racist. Spurs fans decided to embrace it much like african Americans embraced the N word.

      But that doesnt mean its ok for you to start using it.

      So you are either ignorant for saying it and not knowing why it’s said, or your ignorant because you are racist, either one = stop, and think before you post.

      1. Considering how stupid most of your posts are I’d say you should consider your own advice Dusty boy.

        So tell me, Europa League next year, you booked your tickets for the final?

          1. If you even had a hint of substance to any of your posts you would be bearable.

            You’re just a bitter of the highest degree.

            Why else go out of your way to post on a Chelsea story in which the author and your silly initial comment isn’t even close to being logical on any level.

            But yeah, I’m sure you tell other Spurs supporters to not use Y*ds either. Right.

  21. Chelsea employed the tactics that gave them their only chance to win. That plus the smiling munificence of the football gods gave them their greatest night. Of course the football gods are capricious too. I’m looking forward to watching the wheels come off the bandwagon in the months and years ahead. It began today with Drogba deciding he’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than play a supporting role in the rebuilding project that’s coming to Stamford Bridge.

  22. “I wish I could end by at least saying that the club deserves the honour of winning the Champions League, but I don’t want to lie. Captain John Terry is a case study in good things happening to bad people. Aside from the racism, marital infidelity and general foulness of his character, the thing that sickened me on Saturday night was how, when his team won the match, he whipped on his Chelsea shirt, complete with ‘Terry #26’ on the back, and celebrated with his teammates as if he had just scored the winning penalty himself”

    Oh my. Tell me Mr. Holier-than-thou how do you feel about Gareth Bale diving antics? Does it make fully confident that Spurs deserve to be in the CL because they “play the game the way it is meant to be played”?

    “It is also hard to feel happy for the rest of the team, most of whom are only playing for Chelsea to satisfy their own greed and self-interest”.

    I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s begin with Spurs manager Harry Redknapp – what an example of dedication to the teams he has managed!

    “My heart is warmed by the thought of him looking back on his team’s triumph this summer, while he sails the seas on the world’s largest yacht, purchased with his ill-gotten gains”.

    Have you joined the 99% crowd? Could you elaborate on the “proper” way of becoming a billionaire? Perhaps gambling or real estate development?

    1. Abramovich admitted in court that he bribed government officials and paid off gangsters to build his presence in the oil and aluminum markets.

      So, yes, being a real estate developer or gambler would indeed be a more honest way of becoming rich.

      1. So with Walmart bribing government officials in Mexico where does it them in your perking order? And how is bribing …uhm lobbying to get taxpayer funded subsidies a more honest way of becoming rich in real estate development business?

        1. Sure. I didn’t realize Walmart owned a Premiership club. Also, I don’t shop at Walmart because they are a horrible organization (and we don’t have any in NYC).

          How you feel about him being the owner of your club is up to you. I’m just pointing out that he is indeed wealthy through unsavory ways, because you and someone else here suggested otherwise. Personally, I’m glad he doesn’t own the club I like … but then again, I’m a lifelong fan of the NY Rangers and absolutely loathe James Dolan.

          1. “I didn’t realize Walmart owned a Premiership club”

            Maybe not Walmart directly but the guy married to Walmart money does.

            “I’m just pointing out that he is indeed wealthy through unsavory ways, because you and someone else here suggested otherwise.”

            I did? Can point me were I stated that? My point is that there is no honest way to make billions. However, bias or ignorance may make you think otherwise.

          2. I think one can argue that last point, Andrei. I don’t necessarily agree, but I get where you’re coming from.

  23. The insight of this article is that the author doesn’t like Chelsea. One sentence could’ve done the job.

    Footballers are paid to win football matches. Should footballers not be excited about winning a trophy? Why even knock the Chelsea players for how they acted on the podium? That’s just pure bitterness.

    If you want a utopian football universe buy a Playstation.

  24. Let’s face it Chelsea’s fortunes improved after John Terry was sent off against Barcelona. He did them a favour. Yet after they won, he pushed his way to the front, bizarrely wearing his kit, for all the celebrations and photo ops. In fact he appeared in so many photos in the English newspapers they started photoshopping him holding the cup during the moon landing, alongside William and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding waves from Buckingham Palace and when Nelson Mandela was appointed President of South Africa. Brilliant!

    Look Chelsea played the Italian method of smash and grab. Defend for your lives and hit them on the break. It’s tedious, however, the Italians have won two World Cups using this method so who am I to argue. Normally I hate everything about Chelsea but as each game wore on I found it exciting. The archetypical underdog scenario. Barcelona became boring and predictable with their intricate ball control, trying to score by passing the ball in the net and a smug Bayern Munich became frustrated and simply annoying. Of course most of the sensible world loves to see a German team lose ESPECIALLY on penalties. So well done Chelsea just for that.

    The author has it wrong, real free form enjoyable football ended after the wonderful 1970 Brazilian team destroyed Italy. Didn’t John Terry make that all important pass for Jairzinho to smash it home or was it Pele?

  25. Like someone said earlier….Chelsea won the CL, but did not win much respect.

    Personally, I’d rather watch any club “play to win”, rather than “play to not lose”.

    What’s sad is that this final got so much television coverage; and all the non-soccer fans who watched it, and probably thought, “how boring… that blue team just sits back and defends.” Sure doesn’t help converting people in USA.

    1. ‘Personally, I’d rather watch any club “play to win”, rather than “play to not lose”.’

      Ummmm….when you play to win, you’re playing to not lose.

  26. I thought the great trajedy (or comedy, from a lot of our points of view) is watching the Spurs complete, utter and patheic collapse the last third of every single season. Have fun not watching your team in the UCL next year you sad sad Spurs fan.

  27. I thought Ashley Cole amazed and inspired in his defensive play. If you’re only watching for beautiful offense, you’re missing half the game.

  28. I live in Miami and I can tell you that non football fans found the penalty shootout quite exciting. And I follow most BPL teams on twitter and Chelsea recently surpassed the 1 million follower mark, so somewhere they are winning hearts. Maybe the hearts of non fans who found their comeback story inspiring?

    Is it just me or did anyone else feel for Schweinsteiger after that miss? I’m a Blue and still felt for him, poor lad.

    And I really hope this article was to draw attention and not the true feelings of the author. If it is…shame on you sir.

  29. Chelsea played the game they needed to play, the disappointment was Bayern was the team that did not execute. You are right they dominated possession and play and they failed on countless attempts to win the game Chelsea was giving them. It’s about execution of the style and the winning team executed while Bayern blew countless opportunities. Bayern Munich lost the Championship on their own merits.

  30. “Why emulate the hard-nosed rigidity of Stoke City when you can play a beautiful, fluid game like Arsenal or Real Madrid?”

    As soon as I read the first paragraph I began waiting for the reference to Stoke. So predictable. Every team can not play a fluid game and I reject the idea they should try to or even that it is the right way to play. We can all enjoy the beauty of a fluid passing team like Swansea, but the right way to play is the way that gives you the best chance at a result for you, not the other team. Horses for courses. (and, no, I’m not a Chelsea fan)

    Speaking of negativity, I don’t believe I have ever read a more stridently negative article on EPLTalk. You win by a country mile. (there’s a positive for you)

  31. I thank Chel$ki for taking the gloss off Shi*ty’s PL victory.
    Keep the trophies shiny, rentboys and berties. They are coming home next year :)

    1. your club is full of ‘rent boys’ and you won nothing this season.fergie wont be around for ever,he’s an old man..,..

      1. Sir Alex Ferguson does a lot of things but one thing he doesn’t do is lose consistently.

        He’ll have United ready next year.

  32. An absolutely wretched article (and please, don’t try to sully my subjective opinion by suggesting that I write an article in response!). You know what the first draft, written immediately after Drogba’s PK, said? &$#@ Chelski! But it was rewritten several times to take the edge off.

    I’m not a fan of any particular team. I just love watching football. I don’t care what style. Inside most matches there is something to see and enjoy. Yes, even Stoke can be enjoyable, if you allow it. However, as with most dogmatic responses, you will never be able to enjoy matches that fall outside of your little “antithesis of all that is good about the beautiful game” mindset. How elitist and, ultimately, self-defeating for one who professes to love football! I feel sorry for you.

  33. If winning is all that matters stop being so upset why do you care, that the win isn’t respected.

    Be proud of your fabulous display of football, that “allegedly” had more heart than any other team known to man, a legendary performance, f how you win doesn’t matter..or so you all keep saying.

    I respected the Man Utd win and the Liverpool win, the barca win, but not the Chelsea win or the inter milan win. Hhhmmm

    1. You’re bitter. And it’s amusing. Nothing the likes of you lot say can diminish it. CHELSEA ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.

    2. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Tottenham gets some heart and supporters who don’t leave en mass at the 80′ minute of a semi-final match . Spurs two bob no hope small club. Back in the shadows.

  34. “Those who love watching football must have wished they could have seen Barcelona in Champions League final, not the West Londoners.”

    God forbid. I’d rather see Nottingham FC than to see Farca in CL Final.

  35. Wow this article is a total mudsling. Didn’t Inter beat Bayern almost the same way. Don’t Remember the game perfectly but I remember Bayern having the bulk of possession with Milito hitting them on the break twice. After that Jose Mourinho was praised for his brilliant style. Chelsea did take on more pressure then I am used to seeing but this is hardly a new style of Champions League football. This is how almost every away side plays and every Barca opponent home or away. I will admit its a real bummer for Spurs fans because one kick of the ball made a 10 month league campaign virtually meaningless but any true supporter would gladly watch their team win the Champions League by any means necessary. I doubt anyone at Chelsea is sitting back saying, “Man we should have pushed forward more. We may have lost, but we would have gained a bunch of respect.” And just because they are paid a lot at Chelsea does not mean they don’t want to win. Players get paid at all the top clubs. Their is usually a reason they pick Chelsea over another big club. And the reason they go to big clubs is money and to WIN.

  36. We have the cup,you sorry a** whinner…for all those who hate Chelsea HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA all the way to the European Cup(in the trophy cabnet).WE DONT CARE IF YOU HATE US!!!!!!

  37. Another thing,I wont defend JT but I do think its funny how he gets under people’s skin.Thats it,bite down on that hate,taste good ya….LOL

  38. Ludicrous article…and I’m a Liverpool fan. Di Matteo basically adopted the rafa way Liverpool used for their triumph …if you don’t have the quality of players all over the pitch,then needing to look at the best way to win is essential. It’s also a reason why man utd have struggled in Europe,really with the amount of qualifications try should have a far better record but fergie doesn’t change his gameplan for Europe…many mistakes made.

    Full credit to doesn’t matter how you win it! Just look at Spain in the world cup,everyone expected them to play free flowing exciting football,it didn’t happen…the manager had a gameplan to win the tournament and it worked.

  39. This type of argument is why the world is becomming a very bad place to live in. “Oh we shouldn’t play to win, just play to have fun and make things look good”. What type of rubbish is that? Nature has survival of the fittest (or most adaptable) at the very core. Chelsea adapted their style of play to beat teams who in theory should have been stronger. They CHANGED their tactics to overcome the opposition and win and people are now being critical of that because they didn’t like the way it looked? Seriously? People should take a look at the same Chelsea team who went out and beat Spurs 5-1. It you want to see exhibition football then go and watch some testamonial matches or friendlies. If you want to see a team WIN a COMPETITION then stop complaining and admire the team that showed great tactical ability and adaptability to beat the opposition!

  40. Playing for the “art” of it can go out the window when there are €50 million at stake. I am sure if it were a Saturday pickup match it would have been more balanced. The laws of the game are simple, score more goals than your opponent. If you want a competition with style points, go watch ice skating.

  41. People arguing on the internet.. I don’t even know why I even indulge in it myself sometimes.. 99% bickering, 1% someone proven wrong.

  42. What a terrible bias article. First of all Chelsea had the best team on the planet for a period of 3 years and due to bad luck and other circumstances (ref so terrible it had to be fixed) that they missed out so if you want the best team argument we should have won the trophy on that basis alone. Second the argument that football is about attacking and flair is one of the most ignorant and amateur opinions in football. You’ve played football the hardest thing to do is score goals yes (which chelsea did btw every single time they had to) however everyone knows mentally it takes less energy and discipline to make runs forward than to track back and cover runs in Defense. It takes huge amount of discipline, will, concentration to follow every run, close every gap, read every angle that could be opened before it is found to stop teams. Finally – if defending is so easy and any team can go out and do it why when Napoli were up 3-1 all they had to do was defend well for 90 mins they couldn’t, why when Barca were up 2-0 vs a team with 10 men all they had to do was defend for 45 mins and they couldn’t do it, why when Munich were up at home the announcer screaming the fans rocking the stadium and they just had to defend for 10 mins they couldn’t? I thought defending was so easy. People forget how dominant this Chelsea team was – when Iniesta scored his extra time winner (a game which should’ve been closed if Overbo wasn’t a hired joke) it was their first shot on target…think about that the greatest team on earth didn’t manage a shot on target until the 90th minute. People also forget in Chelsea’s double year when the won the Premier League and FA Cup under Ancelotti we outscored Barcelona in total goals that year, had 4 or 5 games where they scored 7 or more. Chelsea at their prime was the ultimate team not in the sense that they were the best but they were set up that no team had a very favorable record against Chelsea (as in there was no team that had Chelsea’s number other than Liverpool but we gave it back to them in the later years). Barca with the greatest team in history couldn’t beat us in the last 8 games, Man UTD with their great teams of Tevez, Ronaldo, Rooney would always find themselves in a battle, Liverpool at their prime with Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano always gave us a tough time but we gave as good as we got. Chelsea in its 8 years has had so many different ways to win. Chelsea can adapt and play against any team in the world and give them a fight and at the very least win 5 out of 10 times with any team in the world. When at their lowest through sheer determination, will, mental strength, and obvioulsy luck (that had desserted us for years) got exactly what they deserved – the champions of europe

    1. No, Chelsea is not the best team in the last 3 years. This year, Man City is the best (and this comes from a United supporter). Last season, United beat them fair and square. Two seasons ago, a disputed penalty cost United at Stamford bridge.

  43. What a load of rubbish, I’m not even going to entertain a response so I’ll just do this…neh neh neh neh! Campion campione ole ole ole!

  44. To the author of this article.. I fear for JT because of people like you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty. I am in a wheelchair and people call me spastic and the like all the time but unlike all of the UK I haven’t lost all perspective and don’t want people charged for being foolish. The next thing it will be a Capital offence as your nation baths in a ex-empire sense of guilt inducing hysteria. Racism sucks but so do heavyhanded punishments that don’t reflect the crime. Anyway your article is so funny as the very thin veil of attempting to sound professional gives way-to absolute drivel.

  45. I could literally get off on spurs’ fans tearing up about us winning the champions league. If you think your club will win by playing “beautiful football” (something spurs wont come close to knowing about without modric and bale) then by all means good luck with it and watch the same amount of success it gives you as it has the last 40 years. Go for it on thursday nights in Champions League Junior which for some reason you guys don’t take seriously coz you think your better than that but that’s where you belong. You couldn’t even win that. Im going to enjoy watching next champions league seeing all the teams hitching about our defensive tactics, employ the exact same methods against real Madrid, Barcelona, bayern etc. Your post is beyond f**king ridiculous and makes no sense as you surely know by now. If you can’t appreciate defense, resilience and determination to win a game then you don’t know the first thing about football and should reconsider what you do with your time.

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