Nominate the Best Premier League Footballers and Managers for the 2012 EPL Awards

We’re getting ready to launch the fourth-annual EPL Awards next week, which recognizes the best of the 2011-12 EPL season, but we need your help.

In the categories of best footballers and managers, we want to make sure we haven’t left any glaring EPL footballers or managers out, so please take a minute or two and peruse the list of nominees (no login or password is required):

If you have any recommended changes, either post them in the comments section below, or make the edits to the spreadsheet. Please note that we’re looking for objective suggestions based on how well a manager or footballer has done all season. A player who has been out injured for most of the season, for example, may not be a wise selection even if he is your favorite footballer.

More details about the exciting launch of the 2012 EPL Awards will be announced soon, including the nominees for the best soccer podcasts, blogs, websites, video games and much more.

Thanks in advance for your help in scanning through the list, and providing your feedback. The deadline to share your suggested edits to the lists of best Premier League footballers and managers is midnight ET on Sunday, April 29.

17 thoughts on “Nominate the Best Premier League Footballers and Managers for the 2012 EPL Awards”

    1. Thanks, but both are already on the list. Right now, we’re looking for anyone who forgot to include, or someone that doesn’t deserve to be listed.

      The actual voting will begin next week :)

      The Gaffer

    1. Thanks Kautzie. With several hundred footballers, it’s always easy to overlook one, so thanks for catching him being left out. I’ll make sure he gets included. An honest oversight, not a lack of respect for him on my part, I can assure you.

      The Gaffer

  1. Manager of the year should be Arsene wenger 4 his turn around within four months from 17th position in Epl. Robin Van persie player of the year.

    1. As much as I love Wenger I can’t agree with this. Our slow start was all his and the boards fault. If they would have pulled their finger out and done their summer business in a timely manner we would not have had that bad start.

  2. In terms of my team if you include Walters and not Crouch for top striker it just smacks of ignorance. Crouch has been the main man this season Walters has been a cart horse.

  3. Looks like a comprehensive list to me.

    It is really difficult to pick the best as teams and players run hot and cold over the course of a long campaign. I thought MON would be a serious candidate for best manager, but Sunderland has gone off the boil. I was also thinking it might be time to give Leighton Baines a shot in the England squad over Ashley Cole- But Cole was great against Barca. Tough choices.

  4. Walters has been a threat and in general, Stoke City’s Dirk Kuyt… but Peter Crouch is the player that allowed Stoke City to perform well in the Europa League and survive in the EPL.

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