FIFA 13 Wishlist: What’s Yours?

Yesterday, EA Sports released UEFA Euro 2012 to FIFA 12 users on the major gaming systems, which means more gaming goodness to have over the summer. But as we wear out FIFA 12 and Euro 12, let’s start looking forward to FIFA 13.

So far, this is what’s known about FIFA 13 (per Wikipedia):

FIFA 13 will follow FIFA 12 and is expected to be released in September 2012. It has also been announced that the game will be compatible with Kinect and PlayStation Move. It is also possible that the Wii, PSP, PS Vita, iOS, Nintendo 3DS and Windows will also be included. There will be no version for the PlayStation 2, as it was previously stated that FIFA 12 was the console’s final FIFA game. Czech Republic and South/Central American Leagues will be included in FIFA 13.

If you could make a wishlist of what you would want be included in the next game, what would it be?

My list (and yes most of it focuses on aesthetics) is as follows:

1. First and foremost, I would love to see more dynamic commentating similar to what you find in 2K sports games. I think that as you play the game, the commentary could reflect on what you did in prior games and talk about it in the game you are playing.

2. Cut out so many shots that bounce off of the goal posts.

3. Make AI players more reactive to shots. So many times have I shot and had balls volleyed back only for my AI player to just stand there and not react. And by the time I have switched over to put the ball back, the opportunity has been missed all in a matter of nanoseconds.

4. A deeper management mode. How about killing FIFA Manager and incorporating the full game into FIFA?

5. More stadiums…’nuff said.

6. More realistic and dynamic day, afternoon and night effects. Is it just me or does a 3pm kickoff in August look the same as a 3pm kickoff in December and January? It would be nice if during the game as it ‘gradually’ gets darker, it shows in the game. EA does marvelous shadow and light effects in the Madden games. Why not here?

7. As with any EA owned game, better implementation of the ESPN usage and stat overlay.

8. Where is the sweat and dirt? Can we have players look a lot less clean after 90 minutes?

9. What are the chances that EA can pry the UEFA license away from PES?

10. If possible it would be nice for some of the other North American CONCACAF Tournaments to be included.

So, these are some of the things I would like to see, what are yours?

Also, are you playing the Euro 2012 game and if so what are your thoughts?

76 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Wishlist: What’s Yours?”

  1. I’d like to see more tactics involved! Ask full-backs to overlap, forwards to drop deep to create space, players to play physically, etc… this would make your team play the way you want, especially in a career

    1. While I’m totally on board with this, I think there’s an issue with kit sponsorship that might make this difficult.

  2. All those are great ideas. I especially want to see a deeper manager aspect to the game. Being able to scout and develop youth programs in 12 was fun but take it a step further! Other than that I would just like to see a lot of glitches be fixed. I constantly have plays where 3 minutes later the ref stops the game and cards my player that is all the way on the other side of the pitch. EA bragged last year on how they were going to make throw-ins smooth with gameplay…half the time my player just stands over the ball or drops it and then there is the cutscene cause too much time has passed.

    On a last note.
    Tune down Real Madrid, Barcelona, Spain stats. They are absolutely absurd. Sorry.

    WAIT. One last note. 😛
    PLEASE .. PLEASE… give Head-to-Head a filter system. I do not wish to play against someone using Barca EVERY SINGLE game. It get’s quite old and for my ruined my online experience. If by luck I wasn’t paired with a Barca opponent then it was a Real Madrid opponent.

    1. The “WAIT. One last note” is absolutely on my list. Using barca is a token of players who are afraid to use anything but the best. I’ve stopped playing online as a result of them. If I could filter out those people, my experience would be a lot better.

    2. I’m there too…Barca and Madrid are the two most frequent opponents out there and it’s ridiculous. It’s bad enough in the lower divisions but it’s even more frequent in 1 and 2.

  3. I think stamina needs to be more dynamic. A player shouldn’t need a week to recover their stamina. Plus, I’d like to see stamina increase a bit more at halftime. Another cool feature would be if stamina increases a bit after you score a goal… Similar to an adrenaline boost. On the other hand, if you’re having a stinker then you lose stamina quicker.

    1. I totally agree. I got to division one in head to head seasons but felt i couldn’t use any other teams besides bayern or man city for fear of relegation because everyone uses the same teams and I won consistently with them. Even when I would use 4 and 4.5 star teams, I would get matched up with 5 star teams because no one wants to use weaker teams (a.k.a. not real madrid, barca, spain)

  4. 1 – More stadia
    2 – Commentary better clued into game, if you’re playing the second leg and are up on aggregate, that should be the score the announcer is discussing.
    3 – Maybe another term besides “bobble”. Poor effort.
    4 – Def the CONCACAF Champions League, which means adding the USL and lower pyramids to the game.
    5 – After playing for a bit, you can sort of game the manager part with transfers. The values may need some tightening up if you can sell high worth/high wage players and then buy similarly ranked players in the A-League you can “Moneyball” your way to titles pretty quick. This should be harder. But similarly if I saved money it should carryover from preceding season, budgets are blank if resigning with same team.
    6 – The email forced click through is annoying. You know what the email will say by the subject line, dont make me read it if I dont want to, and dont auto delete it.
    7 – During the transfer deadline, the squad info goes away. I want to know my contracts; squad composition before I add that 1 Mid too many.
    8- If the player is on a free transfer, why do I have to submit a bid to a team?

    1. “if you’re playing the second leg and are up on aggregate, that should be the score the announcer is discussing.”
      they did that in fifa 11, but im not sure about fifa 12

  5. More team quality diversity, maybe make the teams out of 10 stars instead of 5. There’s no way Barca and Spurs should have the same number of stars. I hate getting that matchup when I pick Spurs in H2H.

    And definitely tone down the best teams a little. Especially Ronaldo, hes not THAT good.

    Other than that, H2H seasons are awesome, can’t stop playing, thiiiis close to getting promoted to division 1.

  6. The ability for your virtual pro to be called up to their respective national team and to play in friendlies and full international tournaments needs to be added.

  7. Get rid of all the BS when you fire up the game. Do the EA sports in the game screen then right to the main menu. So annoying to sit through the Rooney animation, then hitting start, then hitting A before you get to the menu every time I turn it on.

    Also ability to customize menu default would be a nice option. Have ability to set whether you wanted to go directly to load career, ultimate team, h2h, etc.

  8. one thing I would change is that in career mode after 4 or 5 seasons, the quality of young players starts to drop dramatically.

    i’m in my 6th season and the best player in the game under 20 years old is only rated 66, and he came from my academy.

    why can’t other clubs produce quality young talent once all the “stars” in the game are past 30?

  9. I don’t think EA actually expects you to play 6 manage mode seasons before the next release is supposed to come out. I’ve run in to glitches as well where I had won the league 3 seasons in a row, plus the European cup. So next season you’d expect the board to want the same thing when setting out your objectives, right?

    Not so..they were perfectly happy for me to finish mid-table next season. It’s corrected itself in my most recently started season but it’s just one of those little hiccups that makes you go, “what?!”

  10. Too many throw-ins go straight to the opponent online. Another complaint I have is the inability of playing an early cross unless the player has the trait. Without the trait, playing an early cross sends the ball straight out of play or right to the goalie, which makes no sense. Other than some minor issues, 12 has been great. Can’t wait for 13!

    1. that should be done. really….i miss playing with talent like ronaldo(de lima), henry, zidane, at their prime. and they should also include iconic teams…e.g. the arsenal sqaud/team that went unbeaten 49 games, the 1970 brazil worldcup winning squad.

  11. To the comment above about Board expectations – you can lower their expectations by setting your lineup with reserves before advancing to the review meeting. Expectations seem based on last starting XI. Saw it after I had locked up title and played all my reserves to get playing time in season ender. :)

    1. Ah that could explain it. I didn’t expect that there would be any correlation there. If I remember I’ll have to try that out next season. Thanks!

  12. I just want improvements for Virtual Pro (Pro Clubs and Pro Ranked Match). Ability to customize your Pro Club jersey and stadium.

  13. Drop the scripting/momentum first. How about no keepers who are unstoppable until the 45th and 90th minutes when a ball can roll right past them? How about no super sensitive penalties? This game has a lot of stupid glitches to address before anything else is on the table.

  14. Fifa12 is near perfect I love it. Every game has its glitches etc. and updates try and fix them. The players and teams are based on live performances and I think the 41 goals in La Liga this season is enough alone to justify why Ronaldo is as good a he is.

    No doubt, some players are over or underrated but again, updates fix that. I think if there is something I’d like EA to work on it would be toning the finesse down a bit or making the keepers a bit more capable of saving them.
    Other than that this is the best FIFA yet and it is improved year by year so I trust EA to do a great job with FIFA 13.

  15. I dont understand why Fifa’s latest manager modes are so crappy.
    Fifa 10, had a nice recruitement feature, but it gave a way great players too often, the search was too slow and overall there were a lot of bugs on the mode, also almost no trades were made among the teams. Players improved by almost nothing
    Fifa 11, for some reason i cant figure out why didnt implemented the recruitement, new players appeared magically and it had many other issues, this mode was even worse than fifa 10. Still the player improvement seems missing, but a little better than before. Anyway the manager mode on this fifa is the worst of the last 3.
    Fifa 12, good recruitement feature, but almost impossible to create a good team with them because the improvement level is almost nothing!, i dont know what Fifa is doing but they suck at this. The worst part of this is that many users had they Season data file corrupted for some reason, yeah it sucks too.

    I think fifa needs to improve more on this mode than any other, some better online club pro features, and of course it could also use improvement on the playing, but i think most of this is already very good.

    To Conclude: Manager Mode sux!, do it better!

    1. I agree that the scouting/recruiting is sub par but my biggest beef in manager mode is getting experience for those youth players that do have potential. Honestly, are there no lower level teams that want to take my players on loan?! I’ve got a bunch of 16-17 year olds rated 70 or better and I can only get one or two out on loan at the beginning of the season. And forget about the January window, there even less interest at that time!

  16. OH also, we need the damn let second manager set the starting line up, this feature would be great i hate having to look the line up to see who is tired and whos not to play. its just stupid that they had this on fifa 10 and left it out from there on

  17. ever since they changed the celebrations, they seem a bit off… when do you ever see a player like steven gerrard or john terry do some crazy dance moves and smack the ground in joy?

  18. The thing that annoyed me above all else, was the ridiculous demands of players to play games in career mode, when they’ve just played 3/4 games in a row! And Messi and Rooney suddenly saying “My time at this club has run its’ course” etc etc and then the board forcing you to sell the player or selling him without your own consent! It’s just ridiculous, I understand that EA are trying to implement players becoming disgruntled with a lack of games, but Messi leaving Barca in the first season?! It’s utterly ridiculous, I gave up on Career Mode on FIFA and have since just played tournament modes before getting bored and switched to PES, despite its’ lack of teams and everything, PES’ presentation of European competitions is brilliant and makes FIFA’s European modes look silly.
    The gameplay is much improved from previous FIFA titles, the Youth system is a good start, but flawed because player development is pretty much non-existent. I also agree with the celebrations, as mentioned above, EA need to go the same way as Konami and just make them into little videos so that you can’t make Ronaldo do “The Robot” >.> <.< yyyehhhh….

  19. 1) A rematch button for ALL game types! Whenever we get a group of four friends on Team Play on Xbox Live we can’t play 2 v 2 and have the option of hitting rematch after the game is over. It kicks us out of the group and we have to send new invites. Huge annoyance!

    2) The ability for two people to play online using their gamer tags from the same Xbox. This would seem to be an obvious feature which should have been included in the first FIFA rollout but
    I understand times are tough.

    3) The ability to change jersey colors from within a game in head to head seasons. So tired of playing with the same color jerseys!

    4) Head to Head seasons for doubles. 2 v 2 seasons.

    5) The ability to control off the ball runs whith the right thumb stick.

    6) 2 v 2 online friendlies

    7)All South American clubs and national teams.

    These are in order from most critical to less critical.

  20. My Wish List

    1) Take away the ability to score finesse shots every time after cutting inside.

    2) On Ultimate team. It really annoys me how many times I get paired up against someone with an all English team worth about 20k, and it walks all over my team worth 400k. People say it’s the chemistry but I have 100 chemistry as well. Players who are lower rated should play like they are lower rated!

    3) Make Career mode more in-depth. Have all teams produce young talent instead of just the player, and make the player growth better.

    4) More creativity in Pro Clubs, let us create our own badge and jersey.

    5) Brainless AI’s. So many times I lose goals online due to my defenders running past the striker in the box, thus giving him a free header and a goal.

    6) More realism. In real life, when a cross goes into the 6 yard box, does the keeper catch and hold it every time? Of course not. So why is it that this happens in the game?

    7) More stadiums. Have stadiums for at least the top teams in every league. At least half of the premier league and some of the championship teams have their stadiums in the game, yet the Scotland national stadium isn’t even there.

    I think I covered everything, and other than that this FIFA has been relatively good.

  21. nice work man agree with everything you say. and its nice to hear someone making sensible comments and not just asking for be a ref and more teams although gameplay is prety solid they miss out crucial little things which could really up the game to the next level. its the small things that make the difference like it going from lights to dark during a match and more dynamic commentating that you mention. fifa has also really lacked in the atmosphere department aswell. whether you score a goal in the first minute or the last minute its the same reaction so they need to llok into increasing or decreasing the volume in stadiums depending on the situation. as for career mode or be a pro it is just awefull. nothing more then a souless chore ut has the pottential to be amazing if they wernt either totaly lazy or unimanagitive., anyway could be here all night only wanted to say nice work on the points you mention man

  22. I think for career mode there needs to be more in depth for scouting and training youth players. i.e more countries to scout and the ability to send scouts to the same countries. also more focus on specific talents like sprint speed or finishing. the youth squad should have the ability of focused training i.e you have a player who you would like to train as a CB you can focus on certain abilities like strength or such. also improve the ability to loan players out and to get them to improve so they can break into first team. as for career mode you should be able to set a couple of different squads and save them i.e you have your starting 11 play a game in the league then you have a cup game against a lower team you should be able to have a reserve or youth team squad that you just have to put in instead of having to switch players out individually. player growth for all players needs to be improved for all players like the young gunners have so much promise but only ever reach 80 i.e frimpong or coquelin.

  23. 1) Card Decisions – How many times have you been one on one and then completely wiped out by a keeper and he’s got nothing for the challenge. Or on the other hand given a straight red for a shoulder to shoulder challenge as the defender when in fact it was a great challenge. I think the referees need a bit of sorting out on the next game

    2) Keeper AI – Keepers still make really bad decisions and some stupid saves, which result in stupid goals. Where it is an improvement on Fifa 11 its still something which needs further work. Keepers constantly parrying the ball into the path of an opposition striker instead of tipping it wide to prevent the scoring opportunity etc

    3) Improved impact engine – Its a good addition to this years game but its cost me games throughout having Fifa12, when players land on top of each other and seem to take an eternity to get up, worst case was when my two CB’s decided to have intercourse and the opposition striker went on to score. I’m sure a few tweeks can improve that for next year

    4) Speed still overules strength – It’s been the same since early Fifa’s for the 360 and PS3 where by any fast player can disposess another player regardless of their strength, for instance Ronaldo, seems to be able to take the ball from just about any defender, simply because he has great pace. I’m sorry but there is no logic in it

    5) Quick or should I say slow throws – I thought the whole idea of a quick throw was to keep your attack flowing? so why half the time does it end up completely slowing it down. Oh yeah because players for some reason can’t often pick up a ball which is at their feet on the sidelines. Come on EA if your going to introduce something called ‘quick’ throws then at least deliver on your word.

    6) Contradictive commentators – The commentators in Fifa are never going to be perfect, theres simply not enough phrases that can be added to keep it fresh for every game you play on Fifa. But the thing I hate most is where commentators decide to credit you all game, then you go 1 or 2 down in the final few minutes and they start saying the other team has basically been the better side all game

    7) More responsive players – I understand EA worked on defensive aspects for Fifa 12 in terms of the positioning etc. But I think Fifa 13 needs to concentrate on the attacking AI, aspects like players coming to you when your in possession if you are under pressure rather than just standing there hoping you can dig yourself out, more options in terms of attacking movement and players making runs to give you more options to attack, and my personal favourite, when the ball is played into the box and for instance the keeper makes a save, it then rolls past an AI controlled player on your side and instead of grabbing a poachers goal like any forward with half a brain would it rolls past him or he makes a half arsed slide and completely misses it

    8 ) Decrease the efficency of the finese shot – Once you have a handful of games under your belt and you get to grips with the new aspects of the game, the finese shot seems to become everyones fall back, its far far to easy to just cut inside and curl the ball beyond the keeper. When in real football you rarely ever see a beautifully curled shot hit the far corner of the goal, even Arjen Robben doesn’t hit it that sweetly everytime, and it seems to be his trademark for Bayern

    9) Regular Downloadable content – It doesnt make any difference to the overall performance of the game but it would be nice to see updates every few month allowing you to download new boots for the players to wear and hairstyle changes etc, I know EA strive for the most realistic football experiece I think little things like that would bring that extra realism to the game

    10) More Classic choices – Why for a start are the likes or Pele, Maradona, Gert Muller missing from the Classic side and instead lesser known Classic players on in their places? I think the ultimate bonus for me personally would be the introduction of Classic Club teams, such as Madrid, Barca, United & Bayern, which offer players chance to play as the Galacticos for instance. I think for EA to come up with the best past 22 players for each of the Europes most successful sides and create them as Fifa models would really make a lot of players of the game happy

  24. improve the amount of glitches on ultimate team and make the ratings alot more realistic also improve the refs coz their s**t abilty to ,make your own boots and kits make the packs cheaper on ut and change the TOTW it gets boring just seeing like van persie cabye ba and players like that and when the season is over make a TOTY for every league like what you did on fifa 11

  25. Please all footy fans, check this out! I have followed fifa nad pes for years, but honestly, as we all are wating for that one game to excite us, none yet have really excited me, i seen this clip and was like WOW!!!!! Its all about goal, goals and goals, obv gameplay, graphics etc are all expected but goal element is the most important, fifa, after half a season…bores me! check this out, it is patched so how come game makers cant do this! watch it from about half way through it gets really good! Enough said.

  26. Big change needed with Pro clubs points awarded, my team has 5200 points we get like 10 points for a 3-0 win and then if we lose 1-0 we lose like 50 points, simple, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and -3 points for a loss.

    + Having the ability to edit what your AI players on pro clubs look like and their names, I once had a guy that had black skin colour and bright ginger hair called “KUNT”, I don’t want that on my team.

  27. Id would like to see more leagues in fifa 13 such as blue square premier league.More international teams managers on the sideline shouting orders to players physios running on to pitch for injured players better fans songs police as well as stewards around the ground.Players gettin muddy like in the real game players warming up before the game press conferences after the game and reporters.Better referees and proper names like howard webb.And better training.

  28. id like to see that there would be the Jupiler league, the Dutch second league. and also make that you can make you’re own team wich you can take players of other teams when you start your team and to make you’re own stadium.


    1.) The WELSH NATIONAL TEAM should be in fifa 13 we are third oldest national side in the world

    2.) More international sides like Bosnia/Herz, Serbia, Ukraine, Iceland, Ghana, China, Iran, Senegal

    3.) Blue Square bet premier league and WELSH PREMIER LEAGUE

    4.) When you play at 5pm the first half is day at the second half its night.

  30. What I like when playing fifa is to dribble, and control the ball the way I want. When I control the players with high dribbling att. and ball control, some of them are great to control, like Ibrahimovic, Kaka and Lavezzi, but when I play Pastore, even though he has good attributes and has the Flair trait, he seems very stiff and hard to control, in Fifa 11 that problem wasn’t there. Pastore seems to have a hard time accelerating, worse than those with the same speed/acceleration attributes, and that disappoints me.

    When I dribble I most just control the player, using his great ball c./dribbling attributes, not many skill moves used, that way I can feel how good they are on the ball, fluid and effective, they move the way I want to, highly effective to use on tight spaces, but when I use Ronaldo or Neymar (High Speed/Acceleration/Dribbling/Ball control attributes), they are fast on a straight line, but when they turn, they are fast, but moves too much, like if I move the player to the left(while he is not running), he will turn fast (which is good), but he will also bring the ball to the left too much, which ends up on the opponents feet, and that is usually the problem when dribbling in tight spaces, you don’t see neymar having trouble dribbling with alot of defenders surrounding him.

    One of the biggest annoyance in dribbling with no skill moves (I don’t really care about the players speed, only his ball control, dribbling and agility, not a speed dribbler) is something I would call “auto-dribbling”, sometimes when I’m about to make a move near the defender, the player suddenly moves on his own, like trying to avoid the defender, even though that is not the way I’m trying to do, he just simple charges to the side of the defender, and mostly then ends up to the dribbled defenders teammate, that way it’s annoying trying to dribble with patience when the player keeps suddenly charging to the sides, which complicates things.

    The last thing I don’t like is the notorious ‘Tactical Defending’.
    I don’t know the real reason for the tactical defending is, because it creates highly unstable defense. When I first started playing fifa 12 with my friends, at start, controlling the ball was good, but when I lost the possession, I couldn’t really mark my opponent, which is usually Ronaldo or Messi (fast players), and the options left when defending are not many, against fast players, like when I try to approach the attacking player, the defender really can’t come straight to the attacker and challenge him like in ‘Legacy Defending’. So you have to either press X or just run up on him to challenge the attacker, and here comes the problem, when I just press X, the defender stand near the attacker, so when the attacker gets close, the defender will take the ball, but when the attacker goes to the sides and tries to overrun the defender, my options are poor, I will have to try and make contact so I can bump him by pressing O, that usually ends up getting dribbled, so what I’m saying is that the Tactical Defending is pretty much useless when going against the fast players, since there isn’t many fast defenders in the game/world.
    I’m not saying to dump the Tactical Defending, but to leave the choice to the player, whether he/she chooses Tactical or Legacy defending, since the Tactical Defending is the only option in Head-to-Head seasons, where people choose Anzhi or Santos, where you can play Eto’o and Neymar to overrun the defense, and that has become pretty apparent weakness in Tactical Defending.
    I know that in Legacy Defending that you don’t have to do a lot more, but defending isn’t complicated in real life, nor should it be in the game, me and my friends play fifa a lot, and we each have our own style, one of my friends prefers to play with Tactical defending against me, who plays with skills, and not priorities the speed, and plays with Legacy defending, when facing fast players, since he also has come to realise that, against speed Tactical Defending is useless, and against skills legacy defending is useless, which is interesting to know… 😛

    So my greatest wish is to be given the option to choose between tactical and legacy defending, in all modes in fifa, because it’s the players choice and style to choose what he prefers.
    And of course better control of the great player (players with high ball control and dribbling)
    thanks :)

  31. edit boots
    UEFA champions league
    create new kits after each season
    and be able to create stadiums
    better player faces

    If you make theese changes I would really be looking forward to fifa 13

  32. 1. I love the variety of leagues that fifa offers. However it would be far more exciting to see other leagues such as the chinese superleague and the turkish league.
    2. I also really enjoy that players have a specialities and skill types that they can develop. For example areal threat and speedsters etc. These types make the manager mode really exciting. So keep that up and look into ways to make it more appealing.
    3. Youth players in the beginning can really seem meaningless since hardly any teams are ready to offer them contracts for a loaned period. This can make it pretty fraustrating as none of these players are good enough to make the first team
    4. Manager mode should also be about taken national teams and attending tournaments. if that doesn’t go well then managers should be able to juggle to clubs
    5. Would also like to see player national selection and the real uefa licensing
    6.More countries such as Ghana and chille

  33. 7. Of course having the japanse league would be awesome. Managing teams in countries like that really do inspire and exite people

  34. They should add the Scottish 1 2 3 divisions to give us more choices and so you can get relegated and not just stay in the same league every season.
    If you get fired you should be able to get a new club instead of quiting it and starting all over again.

  35. Some leagues that are really out there which not many ppl wud think of like Japan, Thailand, Argentina, and also maybe add some more Asian teams and make an Asian Champions League campaign, and/or an American Champs. Lg. Its boring when u are on manager mode of a team from a different continent and all you have is the league…football dont revolve just around Europe..some creativity basically 😛

  36. The one thing I really want to see is better player development! I loved the whole scouting and youth academy in 12 but those young players take way to long to develop! Sometimes they don’t even develop! Same goes with players already on your roster after like 5 seasons I would like some sort of improvement! But I guess what I want to see is maybe implement the same accomplishment system for my player used for every player! Maybe not on such a huge scale but something along those lines!

  37. Something i really want to be introduced is custom throw-in set peices. For example if you have a giant thrower you cant use that to its full potential because you just lose the ball from lack of options

  38. I would love for fifa 13 to include player stats goals,assist etc.. to rollover from year to year in carrer mode so you could keep track of your teams year to year stats as well as keep up on other leagues players and what there doing from year to years .Also this would benift your decision making during transfer time . i.e maybe someone has had a few non productive years and he becomes cheaper .Pretty much adopt the madden football sires and the way they keep stats and roll them over as well as implement them in the career modes pricing and story for players

  39. 1. Create a Stadium
    2. Change the kit at the end of a season
    3. Better Goalkeepers, they save shots that they shouldnt and let shots through that they should save!
    4. Better Celebrations, Cant see someone like Terry or Giggs doing a backflip
    5. Better development, Im playing in my 8th season and my best player is only 75 overall (i play for man utd)
    6. Better Filters for online, sick of versing barcelona or Real Mardrid
    7. Last but not least, How about do an NBA style and have interviews after a game which afflict your popularity

  40. All my ideas are bout career mode
    1. Better player growth for youth players- some guys you sign might have amazing potential and go up by 3 or 4 ovr all in a few games if you give them whereas others only grow maybe 3 ovr all over 30 games- cos in fifa 12 youth players barely grow so it is a waste of money spending 7 million on a scout

    2. More realistic commentary

    3.Champions league, europa league, world cup, CONCACAF, AFCON, the euros, world cup qualifiers and things like that even olympic football( if u a manager you lose players at these events and if u a player u can be called up to national team for them based on how good u are

    4. Your VP or created player – if they are under 18 or sutin you can alter their height midway through a season. Within reason a player can’t suddenly grow 12 inches or sutin( these are growth spurts) youth academy prospects can have them as well if they are under 18. The computer does this tho. Only happens to some of them tho!

    5. You can tell one of your players to hit the weights to bulk them up and improve their strength( you see a noticable difference after a while). Or other training like sprint speed training or finishing training etc

    6. More hairstyles- the mario gomez 1 I like that and other good ones( the new ones in fifa 12 were good as well

    7. In career mode u can change your strip every few seasons

    8. More realistic transfers- sick of seeing the same players moving every few seasons between big clubs this doesn’t happen. Big clubs rarely sell to each other. Stop making teams get bought by “foreign investors” every season. Maybe every 5or 10

    Plz take my ideas into consideration. It would make fifa a much more enjoyable experience

  41. bring on the argentinian league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of the best players in the world come from Argentina and it would be nice to be able to play as more argentinian teams and with the youth products the teams have

  42. Hi, I think they should add the following
    Turkish, Greece, Ukraine and romanian leagues as these are rated the top leagues according to UEFA.

    I would like to see more teams added to the rest of the world. A few more south american teams preferably.

    I also hope they sort transfers, especially when a team gets relegated from the premiership to the championship, there are not half enough players out of contract at the end of the season, the players prices should drop an dclubs relegated should be forced to sell to generate revenue due to loss of premiership status. plus, if promoted to the premiership you should automativcally be given about 10 million in revenue to spend as winning the championship in fifa 12 only entitles you to 1 million extra cash.

  43. My wishlist for a future FIFA title hopefully some are in 13 but hoping for most in FIFA 14

    1. More National Teams. Specifically More teams NOT from South America and Europe especially CONCACAF. There plenty of great African national sides out there so not including Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana so not having them in the game is really a big flaw. Also only Mexico and the US for CONCACAF. How is the CONCACAF Qualifying round in career mode supposed to work assuming there even is one? Where’s Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador?? More Asian teams as well would be great only South Korea for all of Asia is a joke. Japan, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are all teams that should be included.

    2. Not require a payment to get extra Commentary languages. I would enjoy playing with German or Italian commentary once in a while. Also if English has two teams Spanish should as well. With a Mexican team (the already available option) and a Spaniard team of commentators.

    3. Speed the game up a little bit. Is it just me or did FIFA 12 seem extremely slow in comparison to FIFA 10?? (Sorry I never played FIFA 11).

    4. Increase GK AI. Like a lot of people said before me: the goalkeepers are really stupid. Parrying the ball straight at the foot of an opponent for a volleyed goal. Or fumbling in an attempt to pick off an aerial ball leaving a sweet wide-open goal for an opposing forward.

    5. Referee A.I. like someone else said before me some of the referee calls are abysmal. It seems that slide tackles aren’t allowed at all in FIFA 12. I would go into the slide challenge win the ball cleanly but on the follow through the attacker would fall over my challenge and I would get a yellow. Yet some defenders would run right through my player and get the ball after sliding through my player’s legs and it’s a clean tackle in the ref’s opinion.

    6. Improved player control. If you’ve ever turned on the handball ref decision option on FIFA 12 you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of the handballs are ridiculous like when a lobbed is played short and bounces in front of my player and instead of doing what any real life player who has ever played soccer even once would know move your hand out of the way and control with your thigh.

    7. Also I’d like to hear the crowd a lot better. The crowd’s have always played second fiddle to every other aspect of the game. I loved the add custom chants option in FIFA 12 but they should improve on that. I’d like to hear the increased intensity of the home crowd when you play your rival. I’ve noticed, Liverpool vs. Fulham crowd noise is no different than Liverpool vs. Man Utd. I’d also like to hear appropriate crowd behavior to recent events. Such as if your star players snubs the team and signs with a rival, I’d like to hear a deafening roar of whistles and boos whenever that player gets the ball. (Example: Man Utd. vs. Arsenal at the Emirates when RVP gets possession I’d like to hear the hatred the gooner fans now have for him)

    8. Like many others said: Changing Kits at the end of season, or at least being able to download the new set of kits being released for the new season from XBox LIVE, PSN, etc. I’d also like to see the sponsors come back like in FIFA 10 (or was it FIFA 08? I forget) and when you get a new sponsor depending on how much they contribute their logo should be able to be placed on the center-front of the jersey (adding even more “freshness” to kits every season).

    9. I’d also like to see more Leagues added like a lot of others. South American leagues would be great, Argentinian, Chilean, and Colombian Leagues should be included.

    10. I’d also like to see (and this might tie in to the whole ‘crowd’ thing) but I’d like to see the crowds making beautiful designs in the stands like in real life during the stadium entrance. This will obviously be reserved for huge teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. If I’m confusing anyone this is what I mean:

    That’s about it I can’t think of anything else.

  44. Where is the African Club of Century “Al-AHLY” ???!!!! , you should add it instead of other South African Clubs or with them .

  45. I love manger mode just one this I don’t like how player have all black boots and it’s really ugly if your don’t to have them wear black boots put white unkle straps on them and Croatia league please

  46. I think there a lot the that ea could add to FIFA 13, full can compleat customization of virtual pros and even the option to creat a celebration/ dribbling sequence, as well as being able to train your pro/ players in career mode to boost they’re stats. Most importantly I think that they should make a virtual pro career choice in witch you start off as a free agent, train get better get signed to a low ranking team, play matches keep boosting your stats, get offers from higher ranked teams until one day getting a call from you international team and getting to play for them. Also they should have a world cup tournement it’s amazing that they don’t smh

  47. I agree with most comments here. Especially the changing kit sponsors. That would be something special.
    The number one thing I want in the game is budget adjustment.
    They let you decide the teams budget when you created a team, why not let you edit the budget for a team in the lower leagues to create a new dynasty. Or maybe just a team in the premier league. I’d love and support this move!

  48. I get really annoyed when your playing against someone ether on head to head or in ultimate team and you go 2 or 3 goals up early days and they just don’t carry on playing because they think that we might quit the game because of how boring it is when your playing a game against no one with still 80 minutes left on the clock. FIFA 13 should make that he player still playing able to declare that the other person isn’t playing anymore. I think that the best way I think this can be possible is to go into the pause menu and have a icon that says opponent left. Then if they don’t press any button for 10 seconds they lose the match.

  49. In manger mode they should add interviews like they do in real life, interview you and ask questions that’s soothing I like oh n add more nationals like Salvador

  50. More leagues and more players on career mode, with the feeling that a new promising star is playing in real life and have the choice to play them on the game would be great.

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