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FIFA 13 Wishlist: What’s Yours?

fifa13 logo FIFA 13 Wishlist: Whats Yours?

Yesterday, EA Sports released UEFA Euro 2012 to FIFA 12 users on the major gaming systems, which means more gaming goodness to have over the summer. But as we wear out FIFA 12 and Euro 12, let’s start looking forward to FIFA 13.

So far, this is what’s known about FIFA 13 (per Wikipedia):

FIFA 13 will follow FIFA 12 and is expected to be released in September 2012. It has also been announced that the game will be compatible with Kinect and PlayStation Move. It is also possible that the Wii, PSP, PS Vita, iOS, Nintendo 3DS and Windows will also be included. There will be no version for the PlayStation 2, as it was previously stated that FIFA 12 was the console’s final FIFA game. Czech Republic and South/Central American Leagues will be included in FIFA 13.

If you could make a wishlist of what you would want be included in the next game, what would it be?

My list (and yes most of it focuses on aesthetics) is as follows:

1. First and foremost, I would love to see more dynamic commentating similar to what you find in 2K sports games. I think that as you play the game, the commentary could reflect on what you did in prior games and talk about it in the game you are playing.

2. Cut out so many shots that bounce off of the goal posts.

3. Make AI players more reactive to shots. So many times have I shot and had balls volleyed back only for my AI player to just stand there and not react. And by the time I have switched over to put the ball back, the opportunity has been missed all in a matter of nanoseconds.

4. A deeper management mode. How about killing FIFA Manager and incorporating the full game into FIFA?

5. More stadiums…’nuff said.

6. More realistic and dynamic day, afternoon and night effects. Is it just me or does a 3pm kickoff in August look the same as a 3pm kickoff in December and January? It would be nice if during the game as it ‘gradually’ gets darker, it shows in the game. EA does marvelous shadow and light effects in the Madden games. Why not here?

7. As with any EA owned game, better implementation of the ESPN usage and stat overlay.

8. Where is the sweat and dirt? Can we have players look a lot less clean after 90 minutes?

9. What are the chances that EA can pry the UEFA license away from PES?

10. If possible it would be nice for some of the other North American CONCACAF Tournaments to be included.

So, these are some of the things I would like to see, what are yours?

Also, are you playing the Euro 2012 game and if so what are your thoughts?

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