Nominees for 2011-12 PFA Player of the Year Award; Evaluating Who Should Win

Earlier this week, the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) announced the six players nominated for their Player of the Year award. There are some surprises and there are some no-brainers. But who deserves to wear the crown for the best player of the 2011-2012 season?

Here are the six players, considering their chances:

David Silva

If the award would be announced at the midway point of the season, Silva would have it locked up in his closet already. Such was his form, the 2010 World Cup winning Spaniard was in irresistible form. His fluid style of play, buzzing in and out of the opposition’s half was the dynamic reason City were unstoppable in scoring goals. Yet, his second half of the season, there is no doubt Silva hasn’t been as effective. He cuts a tired figure out in the field. Was it his fault for City’s collapse? They haven’t looked the same without him pulling the strings. Or is it Mancini’s mistake to use him without break and thus burn him out at the season’s end?

Joe Hart

A surprise choice in the nominations; more so, as City captain Vincent Kompany was overlooked. No doubt that he’s had a fantastic season, but it was the unbreakable defense in front of him that helped City to where they are now. Hart has contributed with some stunning saves throughout the season, but he has had some howlers, but which keeper hasn’t? Problem is other keepers have had better seasons, such as Swansea’s Michael Vorm and Newcastle’s Tim Krul. Would be real shock if he won the award, considering no keeper has ever won it.

Sergio Aguero

The Argentine has also been nominated for the Young Player of the Year award and that’s what he’ll probably take home on Awards night. The expensive Argentine (£38million), was in devastating form when City were rolling, but his form waned dramatically when City were falling. Yet there is no doubt the importance of this man to the Sky Blues line up with Mancini admitting after the 3-3 draw with Sunderland that ‘If we’d had Aguero we would have won.’ 21 goals in his first season in English football is a great return for Maradona’s son in law.

Wayne Rooney

Another spectacle year from Rooney, who has taken the mantle from Cristiano Ronaldo as United’s best player. Another 24 goals and four assist has helped United clawed their way back to the summit of the Premier League. It not just the numbers that have spoken, it’s merely Rooney’s presence alone on the field that does it. Defenders have struggled to contain him when he’s been on full flow. Can easily claim his second Player of the Year Award to add to his 2010 trophy.

Robin van Persie

The favorite for the award and who could doubt it? He is the sole reason Arsenal is in third place and back in Champions League contention. After their dreadful start to the season, it was the Dutchman who lifted the Gunners out of their rut with a stunning run of 14 goals in 12 games, including that famous hat trick at Chelsea. All the other nominates have high calibre players around them, Van Persie doesn’t. He even has 10 assists to his name such is his importance to the team. Is also favourite to take out the Golden Boot with 27 goals so far this season. Surely he can’t lose?

Scott Parker

Last year’s Football Writers’ Player of the Year is back amongst the best after another stellar campaign. His positioning in from the back four is the reason Tottenham have been more resilient this season. His hard work has given licence to Luka Modric to be the creative hub of the team. In any other year would be a shoe-in for the award but after Spurs’ mid-season collapse it would be hard for him to take award.

And the unlucky ones to have missed out:

  • Tim Krul,
  • Fabricio Coloccini and
  • Demba Ba.

The Magpies are having a stunning season, surprising ever critic and supporter out there. Their success has been down to these three men, whose consisted displays have launched Newcastle into Champions League contention. A shame not one of them got nominated.

Who do you think should win the 2011-12 PFA Player of the Year Award?

26 thoughts on “Nominees for 2011-12 PFA Player of the Year Award; Evaluating Who Should Win”

  1. Scott Parker is a great player, but more a grafter and a punching bag. Not deserving to be on this list with the others. Any of the Newcastle players mentioned could replace him.

    Out of the rest of the player, RVP seems the obvious choice, but you cant vote for him because he’s a complete jackass. David Silva would have taken it if the season ended in 2011. My choice goes to Wayne Rooney. The complete footballer again this year.

  2. 1 vote for Silva? (mine) LOL… I guess we know how many Arsenal fans have voted. did anyone else watch any Man City games, Silva was the gear box of that side. Robin Van Dirty showed his true self in the defat to WIGAN.

    1. Dust…I think the key word in your post is “was”. Silva was dynamic the first half, but has been a “good” player at best recently. RVP reflected his manager in the Wigan game…a very poor post match snub.

      I am miffed that Dempsey wasn’t listed as a candidate…but even the Toon biased author didn’t list him as a “missed out.” In my biased view he is a better candidate than Scott Parker.

      Makes me wonder if someone is still upset about having some tea thrown into Boston harbor. :)

    2. yes, RvP and Caldwell got into a tiff at the end.
      yes, they did not shake hands at the end.

      why is this ALL RvPs fault?
      regarding the tiff was it not possibly RvP saying he would stand his ground and not be bullied like Caldwell had *just* done to Rosicky? surely the Captain should be standing up for his teamates, no?

      regarding the non-handshake, I love how the commentator was saying how RvP was refusing to shake Caldwells hand while the live video being aired at that exact same time showed Caldwell brushing off RvPs extended hand, TWICE.

      yep, RvP was the one solely at fault for everything…

      1. Yes, RvP extended his hand….his left hand while he was walking and looking away…not a very magnanimous gesture!!! RvP wasn’t solely at fault…but he is the captain and he is looked up to by the younger fans and he needs to set a better example…as does the Arse…I am tired of his act of always being the victim.

        I don’t know what it is about EPL managers…they must have had difficult childhoods or something. Most of them act as if the world is against them and they are constantly being persecuted!! (See: King Kenny) :roll:

  3. How do you leave Dempsey out of the list of players who missed out. 22 goals in all competitions from primarily the midfield position. Doesn’t that deserve a mention. I think that is the biggest snub. More than any of the Newcastle players mentioned.

  4. RVP may seem to be d favorite but I think I will give it to wayne Rooney becos he has been more consistent than anyone other person dis season and he has 24 goals to his name, 3 behind RVP and I still believe he can turn out to win the golden boot dis season becos of his consistency

  5. Silva has had a out of form spell for the last 6 or 7 games which could count him out.
    Scott Parker, Joe Hart both can be counted out.
    Aguero hasn’t had a loss of form like you say at all and has been petty much constant.
    Rooney has scored near enough half of his goals from the penalty spot many of these were only given because it was Man Utd, this should count him out but it won’t because he’s British and the media etc love him.
    For me it is between Aguero and RVP. RVP has 27 Premier league goals and 12!! assists, I can not see how it could go to anybody else, but he has been off the boil in the last 6 games. With the voting being done well before the end of the season it doesn’t matter if Aguero scored another 10 it has to be Van Persie’s no doubt. Which is the player teams would rather have though? Surely it’s Aguero, in his first year in the EPL and at the tender age of 23 he has 21 goals and 8 assists in the Prem. He will easily take the young player and there is plenty more to come from him over the next few years as he moves towards his peek, it‘s scary!

  6. The ones I can’t believe are Bale being nominated again and Oxlade for Youg Player of the Year. Oxlade played in how many matches 14 and Bale won it last year that would be like winning Rookie of the year two years in a row.

  7. I voted Rooney. His selfless play dropping back and scoring domination get the nod for me. RVP has had a brilliant season without a doubt but I feel like Rooney is the engine that drives United on the pitch.

    1. dumb dumb DUMB….selfless play? did you see the stats? RvP has 27 goals AND 10 assists, best player in the league this year hands down. Arsenal are mid-table without him. Player of the Year should go to the player that has performed the best for his team, and that is without doubt RvP. Once again i do not understand the Scott Parker obsession. He sits back, makes tackles. So does de Jong, so does Alex Song, so does Gareth Barry. He is an average player, get off his balls people….

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