What Superstitions Do You Have When Supporting Your Premier League Club?

Are you superstitious? Are there certain things you do in the support of your Premier League club? Are there certain articles of clothing that are more lucky than others? Do you perform certain routines or rituals to help your team? If so, share them in the comments section below.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been less prone to being superstitious. When I was younger, I used to carry a lucky quarter in my pocket. Before cellphones, it started out as a practical thing … carrying a quarter with me to use at a pay phone in case of emergencies. But it ended up being a superstition that I had to have a quarter in my pocket.

Earlier this season, with a new Swansea shirt in my possession, I began wearing the white shirt of my favorite club every weekend while I was watching the game. It wasn’t that I was being superstitious. It was team pride. Supporting my club from afar. But after Swansea’s poor start to the season where they couldn’t score, I soon began consciously wearing other shirts. I still wear the Swans shirt now and again, but not nearly as much as earlier last year.

I don’t know if it’s me, or if it’s because I spent my childhood in Britain, but it seems that there are a lot more superstitious people in the UK than in the United States. Now I might be completely wrong with this, but a lot of friends had eccentric quirks and rituals they performed in Wales that I haven’t seen in America. And from watching Sky Sports News, there’s occasionally a story or interview about a footballer who talks about some of his superstitions — whether it’s putting on his socks in a certain way, or going through specific rituals. To get a good idea of the extremes that some footballers go through, read this story about Pepe Reina’s pre-match superstitions. And the article mentions one of the most famous superstitions, too — Liverpool players touching the “This Is Anfield” sign as they’re heading down the tunnel before entering the Anfield pitch.

What soccer-related superstitions do you have that you’d like to share with the readers? Post them in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “What Superstitions Do You Have When Supporting Your Premier League Club?”

  1. If you played sports in the US you would know that players are very superstitious expecially in baseball.

    I am a bit superstitious, lately I have been wearing my Super Frank t-shirt under my black with grey pinstrip Chelsea jersey from 06-07 and when I started wearing it we had a turn around under RDM but I wore it the day before we played ManCity thinking we were playing on Tuesday and not Wednesday and we ended up loosing to City. I haven’t made that mistake since and we haven’t lost but we did drew vs Fulham when we really needed the win.

    1. I played soccer in high school in the States (as well as assorted sports in PE class), but I never played baseball. But that’s interesting to know about the superstitions there in that sport.

      The Gaffer

      1. Baseball is something i remember everyone having a superstition about. When its tied and in the last inning you turn your hat inside-out and backwards.

        As far as when i played soccer, the biggest thing i remember was the number on my shirt. i always wanted 12, but my coach and other players always forced me to wear 9. I always thought that was a stupid superstition.

  2. I always try to go through the same turnstile (number 19). Wear purple boxer shorts on a match day, I don’t shave on a match day. I don’t get my hair cut during an FA Cup run, Samson like powers emanate from it (which ties in nicely with Delilah), I ended up looking like Rory McCllroy last season and got some stick for it at Wembley.

    I never watch a penalty being taken, I look past it to the reaction of the stand at the opposite end of the ground that holds both home and away fans so you can still see the outcome.

    1. that is some funny stuff.where are your seats?enjoy your postings on match day keep us informed and good luck to your lads for the rest of the season.

  3. Hell, I can do this club and country. I have a Fulham FC fleece that I got several years ago for Christmas. The first time I wore it, they won. I wear it every week, dirty or clean…summer or winter. It doesn’t matter that’s its worn out and has shrunk a bit (or I’m getting fatter, probably a bit of both)

    For country, I have a U.S. Soccer scarf that I’ve worn for every match since the late 90’s.

  4. I played American Football in High School. I had a great game once during my JV season and after the game, realized I wore my socks inside out. So, I wore them that way through my senior year.

    My dad was a baseball coach for many years. He coached youth all the way through high school & American Legion. He would always coach third base when his team was up to bat. When heading out to the coaching box at third base, he would tap it 3 times with his foot. Also, when he would go out to talk to the pitcher, he would jump over the baseline because it was bad luck to touch the baseline for some reason.

  5. I always play the game of my team on FIFA first on harder difficulty and try ridiculously hard. I once had Fabregas take a penalty to win it for Arsenal before the Barcelona game. The crazy thing is that that ACTUALLY happened (only for a draw though)

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